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Best Orange Essential Oil of 2020

Orange essential oil has emerged into the spotlight in recent years, as more and more studies confirm its wide ranging therapeutic and practical effects. Long dismissed as alternative wishful thinking, we now know that it can help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, congestive heart failure, indigestion, sore muscles, stress, depression and perhaps even ADHD. Just to name a few. In this review guide, we’re going to take a look at the best orange essential oil products on the market. And then we’ll look at its many uses, benefits and frequently asked questions people have about this remarkable natural oil.

1. Healing Solutions – Sweet Orange Essential Oil Therapeutic Grade

Healing Solutions

Key Benefits

  • Includes eyedropper for safe dispensing.
  • Has an invigorating orange scent.
  • 100% pure oil distilled in good manufacturing practices (GMP) facility.
  • FDA certified and guaranteed Kosher.

Healing Solutions sweet oil leads off our list for a couple of good reasons. First, it’s produced in a good manufacturing practices (GMP) facility. And we love to see that. And second, it has one of the most appealing and refreshing scents of any of the oils we tested. And just for good measure, it’s also certified Kosher and comes with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

It’s pure and potent, and has something else that we like to see in this type of product: an eyedropper. Why is that important? Because this type of oil is very potent and it’s important that you don’t overdo it. The eyedropper allows you to measure single drops accurately, rather than trying to guess with a spoon or some other method. And let’s not forget the affordable price.

2. Sun Essential Oils – Sweet Orange 4 oz Bottle

Sun Essential Oils Orange

Key Benefits

  • 100% pure essential oil, no fillers.
  • Large 4 ounce
  • Comes with pipette for accurate dispensing.
  • Ideal for aromatherapy.

Sun makes an entire range of essential oils, and the one thing they have in common is that they are all highly pure and extremely potent. This particular oil has a light, refreshing scent that makes it ideal for aromatherapy. If you’re just looking for a way to lighten up the atmosphere in the house, it’s great for that as well.

Of course every producer believes (or at least claims) that their oil is the best, most aromatic and effective. But if you read some of the customer reviews regarding this particular oil, you might start to think there’s something to that. Of course, whether it actually smells the best is a subjective thing. But there’s no doubt the product is pure and has a wide array of potential therapeutic uses. It also comes with a pipette for accurate dosing. A big plus when you’re dealing with such a potent product.

3. Diffuse Essential Oils – Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Diffuse Essential Oils Orange

Key Benefits

  • Eyedropper included.
  • Completely undiluted therapeutic grade oil.
  • Amber glass bottle is resistant to UV light.
  • 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

There are a lot of essential oils that claim to be “therapeutic grade.” Some of them, however, are diluted with carrier oils and/or other fillers. So, how do they get away with it? Because the term therapeutic grade doesn’t actually have any official gravity. Basically, it’s a marketing term used to set one oil apart from another.

Does that mean that the term is completely meaningless? No. But there are high-quality, highly effective therapeutic grade oils and there are those that are not so effective. This is one of the high-quality effective oils. What makes it such is that there are no fillers of any kind. No carrier oils, no water, no anything that interferes with the efficacy of the product. So put a few drops into the diffuser and enjoy the full range of benefits a top therapeutic grade oil has to offer.

4. Handcraft Blends – Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Handcraft Blends

Key Benefits

  • 100% pure therapeutic grade oil.
  • High quality glass eyedropper for dispensing.
  • Absolutely no additives, thinners or isolates.
  • Produced and bottled in the US.

Each oil on our list is here for a reason. This one because A) it’s 100% pure and B) because it receives almost universal acclaim from users. We can see why people love this particular oil so much. It has a wonderful smooth texture to it, the smell is light and refreshing, it is subjected to rigorous 3rd party testing and it’s bottled right here in the US in a GMP certified facility. All of that adds up to an effective, dependable product you’ll reach for again and again.

But that’s not all. The amber colored bottle also filters out most ultraviolet light from the sun. So if you leave it by the window by mistake for a while, the quality won’t suffer. Also, there’s an eyedropper that helps ensure you get the doses right. And the eyedropper is genuine, long-lasting glass and not cheap plastic. Finally, there are no additives of any kind added to the mix. So all you get is pure, natural sweet orange essential oil.

5. L&I Apothecary – Orange Essential Oil


Key Benefits

  • No additive, fillers or artificial ingredients.
  • Certified organic by the USDA.
  • Therapeutic grade oil for multiple purposes.
  • Sourced and bottled in the US.

L&I Apothecary has a well-deserved reputation for producing high-quality essential oils from a variety of different sources including lemon oil, peppermint, bergamot and more. Their orange essential oil is certified organic by the USDA, and that alone is worth the price of admission for health conscious individuals. Certified organic means there is no chance the maker slipped any chemical additives or pesticide-riddled orange peels into the mix.

That organic certification also explains the price which, while not extravagant, is nonetheless twice what some other orange oils cost. But it makes sense. Because organically grown oranges cost a lot more than standard commercially grown oranges. The ultra-high quality of this oil means it will fit whatever bill you want it to fill. That includes aromatherapy, massage, relief from digestive distress and much more. Just don’t try and cook or bake with it. Or otherwise ingest it. Because while it’s organic, it’s not food grade.

6. Artizen – Essential Orange Oil

Artizen Orange

Key Benefits

  • Glass bottle is impervious to UV light.
  • No carrier oils or other thinners added.
  • Pure and potent sweet orange oil.
  • Lifetime replacement or refund guarantee.

There’s a lot to like about this Artizen essential oil. It’s sweet and gently fragrant. Pure and completely free of carrier oils. You get 2 ounces of potent 3rd party tested essential oil from pesticide-free orange peels and nothing else. No tricks or gimmicks. No artificial scents to make it more appealing. It doesn’t need them. It smells great just like it is.

The bottle here is a beauty. Designed to block harmful UV rays from the sun. That’s important because if you expose any type of essential oil to direct sunlight for more than a few minutes, it’s going to start to break down and give up its effectiveness. Artizen oil also comes with one of those eyedroppers we covet so much that ensures accurate dosing. And just to apply a nice juicy cherry on top of this cake, there’s also a lifetime replacement or money-back guarantee.

7. Now Foods – Orange Essential Oil

NOW Foods

Key Benefits

  • Produced in USDA certified facility.
  • Ideal for aromatherapy.
  • Cold pressed from orange peels.
  • From a trusted name in dietary supplements.

Now Foods has been a standout company producing all types of vitamin and mineral supplements for many years. They’ve recently branched out into essential oils, and their orange oil is right up there with the best of their product line. This oil is cold pressed and produced in the company’s GMP facility right here in the US. It’s subjected to rigorous quality control checks and is certified both cruelty free and vegan.

The scent of this oil is particularly satisfying. Light and slightly sweet, it lingers for some time after the diffuser is turned off. And when rubbed into the skin, it becomes the aromatic gift that keeps on giving. Vegans who may be reluctant to take advantage of the health benefits of essential oils will have nothing to worry about here. And those concerned that a producer may have slipped some carrier oils into the mix, can also rest easy knowing the USDA is keeping watch and making sure there’s no shady business going on.

8. Sky Organics Orange Essential Oil (1oz)

Sky Organics Orange

Key Benefits

  • No chemical additives or fragrances.
  • 100% oil, never diluted.
  • Sourced from artisanal farms.
  • Cold-pressed in the US.

We looked at and tested a lot of different oils before we settled on our final 10. And one of the things we insisted on was that they all be pure orange oil and not some diluted pretenders. Here is another 100% pure oil, this time sourced from multiple small artisanal farms. It has a delicate scent that lends itself to massage or aromatherapy applications. And it’s one of the more potent oils on the list. So just a drop or two will serve you well in most cases.

If we have an issue with this product, it’s that the marketing claims you can add it to your baking recipes etc. But there is no indication on the bottle itself that it is “food grade.” A follow up with the company confirmed it is, but that lack of clarity seems like a pretty significant oversight we’d like to see cleared up. The oil itself is chemical and additive-free, and is also guaranteed to be vegan and cruelty free. A solid product and a reasonable price.

9. doTERRA – Wild Orange Oil

doTERRA Orange

Key Benefits

  • Rich in antioxidants.
  • Bottled in the US in a GMP facility.
  • Light refreshing aroma.
  • No artificial ingredients

Don’t get fooled by the name. doTerra Wild Orange is not actually sourced from the peels of wild oranges. The “wild” in this case is just a marketing term. As long as you understand that, you’ll be free to enjoy the many benefits of this outstanding essential oil. doTerra oils are notable for their purity and potency. And this is no exception. You’ll be able to use this for just about anything from massages to aromatherapy to acne treatment and more.

doTerra essential oils are cold-pressed in a good manufacturing practices facility in the US and are cruelty free, additive-free and devoid of fillers and pesticides. Once again, however, we have an oil that claims to be suitable for human ingestion, yet it doesn’t state that on the bottle. Because of that, we have to urge caution when it comes to use of this product. Maybe you’ll have better luck reaching them for clarification than we did.

10. Plant Therapy Orange Sweet Organic Essential Oil

Plant Therapy Orange

Key Benefits

  • Cold pressed to USDA standards.
  • Tested by aromatherapists.
  • Made from pesticide-free oranges.
  • Great for aroma or massage therapy.

The final item on our list of the best orange oil comes from a company called Plant Therapy. This is another cold-pressed oil that’s 100% pure and produced in small batches in order to ensure quality control. Production is also purportedly overseen by professional aromatherapists. And given the delightfully clean scent, we have no reason to doubt that claim. The facility where the oil is produced and bottled is also under USDA supervision, which adds to our confidence level.

There’s no confusion here about it being edible or not. Like most essential oils, it’s not. And that’s fine considering how many therapeutic and practical uses you’ll find for it, even if you can’t put it in your morning coffee or muffin batter. The final product here is extremely potent, so we’d advise that you start with just a drop and see how it goes before increasing to the standard 2 or 3 drops most manufacturers advise. Aside from that though, it’s all good.

Buying Guide

Some of the Reasons People Use Orange Essential Oil

To the uninitiated, orange essential oil – (botanical name) citrus sinensis – seems like the kind of thing that might be useful only to a masseuse. But people all over the world actually use this oil for a variety of reasons, including:

To Reduce Anxiety

A few drops of this oil in the diffuser will help create a more relaxing atmosphere and enable you to melt away some of the anxiety that seems such a big part of the modern world. Research on adults suggests that it may help alleviate some symptoms of PTSD and help sufferers sleep better. And research done on children indicated that it can help them deal more effectively with the stress and anxiety of visiting the dentist. Just remember, however, that this is not a magic pill. And that if you’ve been prescribed medication to deal with anxiety and depression, orange oil is not a substitute.

To Treat Acne

There is a mountain of anecdotal evidence that indicates this type of essential oil can play a role in helping to reduce the frequency and severity of acne outbreaks. How can it do that? Keep in mind that orange essential oil has natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and that both of those can be effective in dealing with conditions like acne. But this type of essential oil is too potent to be applied directly to the skin as is. So you’ll need to blend it with a carrier – like olive oil – first. Once it has been appropriately diluted, you can apply it to your face and it should help kill the bacteria that cause acne and reduce the swelling associated with acne outbreaks.

To Relieve Pain and Discomfort After Workouts

Orange essential oil is known for its ability to relieve anxiety when used in concert with a diffuser. But its calming benefits don’t stop there. When blended with a carrier oil and used after a strenuous workout, it can also help reduce cramping, general muscle tightness and fatigue. Orange oil applied directly to the skin this way is absorbed into the muscle tissue and produces the same calming effects on the nerves there that it does when inhaled. It’s just a different, and in this case more direct, method of getting the oil to the problem.

As an Alternative to Commercial Mouthwash

Who knows what’s in many of the commercially available mouthwashes on the market today? Reading the ingredient list can require an advanced chemistry degree. If you’re tired or wary of putting a laundry list of chemicals whose names you can’t pronounce into your mouth every day, try using this type of oil instead. As we mentioned earlier, it possesses natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. And that’s just what you need to achieve a nice clean mouth and fresh breath. Just add a few drops to a glass of water and use it as you would a standard mouthwash. Just be careful not to swallow it as that could lead to some unpleasant side effects.

To Relieve a Sore Throat

The same bacteria that can cause gum disease and bad breath, are also behind sore throats in many cases. That means the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of this oil will also help relieve some of the soreness and discomfort associated with a sore throat. To obtain relief, just add a few drops to a glass of water, as you would do to use it as a mouthwash. Then gargle with it as you would with any standard OTC mouthwash. And again, just as with an OTC mouthwash, try not to swallow it or it may cause some unpleasant side effects including nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting.

As a Moisturizer

We mentioned earlier that this type of oil can be an effective treatment for acne. And that it can be used to help relieve the aches and pains that often occur after a strenuous workout. But many people have discovered that it also makes an outstanding addition to their moisturizer. Being naturally high in antioxidants, it soaks into the skin and immediately joins the battle against free radicals. Free radicals are the driving force behind oxidative stress that causes a breakdown in collagen and elastin. By neutralizing these free radicals, orange essential oil can help your skin stay plump, moist and youthful looking.

As an Air Freshener

While this type of essential oil can obviously be used for a wide variety of medicinal and cosmetic purposes, its simple ability to freshen up the air in your home shouldn’t be overlooked. There’s nothing sexy or dramatic about using it this way, but its mild citrus scent will leave your house, apartment or condo smelling fresh and clean. And will do so without producing the mildly disturbing chemical overtones you sometimes get from commercial air fresheners. Just place a few drops in the diffuser and enjoy.

To Treat Cardiovascular Conditions

Some forms of essential oils are safe to be taken internally. Be aware, however, that it must say “food grade” (or some equivalent) on the bottle for this to be the case. If you suffer from various cardiovascular conditions like high blood pressure or congestive heart failure, food grade orange oil can provide some diuretic benefits. Diuretics promote the expelling of fluids from the body. The most noticeable effect of this is that you pee more often. But while that may seem like little more than an inconvenience, it can actually help by facilitating easier blood flow and preventing edema.

To Help Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

While the effects are usually temporary, essential oils have been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite when massaged into the skin. Be sure, however, to mix it with a carrier like jojoba oil before actually applying it. Otherwise it could cause irritation. Orange essential oil is able to achieve this somewhat remarkable effect by soaking into and softening the outer layer of skin and stimulating blood flow. As a result, the unsightly bumps should be reduced. Although, as we said, the effect will likely be short lived.

What are the Benefits of Using Orange Essential Oil?

Perhaps surprisingly, there has been a lot of clinical research involving essential oils recently. And much of that research has bolstered what fans of essential oils have been saying for years. That is, that the health benefits of orange essential oil are many and real and should not be dismissed or overlooked. Here are some of the most important benefits.

  • Potential Anti-Cancer Benefits – Let’s be straight with you right up front: there have been no large scale human studies that have demonstrated a conclusive link between essential oils of any kind and cancer prevention. What there have been, however, are numerous animal studies that seemed to suggest that one of the compounds in this type of oil, (d-limonene), may help reduce the size of some tumors. There has also been some evidence to suggest that d-limonene may have a support role to play in human cancer treatment. That is, it may be able to act as an effective delivery method for other cancer drugs.
  • Bolsters the Immune System – The role orange essential oil may play in bolstering the immune system is indirect. That is, being a potent antioxidant this oil can be employed in various ways to help fight the scourge of free radicals. Free radicals are atoms that have an odd number of electrons. Because electrons want to be paired, these unbalanced atoms seek out healthy cells to steal electrons from. When they do, they cause cellular death, which can lead to a variety of health conditions ranging from saggy skin to cancer. When the immune system is overworked, it’s not as effective. By reducing the number of harmful free radicals, orange oil can reduce the immune system’s work load.
  • Promotes Proper Digestion – The digestive benefits of this type of oil are particularly notable for those suffering from IFB, ulcerative colitis or Chron’s disease. That is primarily due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties. Orange oil has also shown some promise as a muscle relaxant, and this can also help in relaxing the stomach and alleviating symptoms of various ailments. This is not to suggest, however, that you should start drinking essential oils. Instead, it is recommended that you blend orange essential oil with peppermint oil and a benign carrier oil, and then rub this gently over the stomach area and let it be absorbed by the skin.
  • Can Help Fight Infections – One of the most troubling health related issues to arise in recent years has to do with the increasing number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This has lead health researchers to scramble to find new ways to treat infections. In some cases, they’re finding that the antibacterial properties of essential oil can be of some use. In fact, it is now believed that the phytochemicals in orange oil are effective bacterial inhibitors. And may prove useful in treating various strains of staph, salmonella and E-coli.
  • It’s Great for Your Skin – Orange oil is loaded with antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. All 3 of those are important to maintaining healthy, vibrant skin. If you suffer from acne, this type of oil can help reduce inflammation and fight the bacteria that causes that acne. If you have dry-looking saggy skin, the antioxidants can soak in and attack the free radicals that are destroying collagen and elastin, thereby helping restore tone and hydration. And if you add a few drops to your nightly facial mask, it can soak in and help smooth out wrinkles and repair damage from the sun’s ultraviolet light.
  • It’s Great for Your Heart – The diuretic properties of this type of oil allow your body to expel the excess fluid that can build up in your blood stream and aggravate cardiovascular conditions. That excess fluid can also contribute to high blood pressure. There has also been tantalizing research that suggests the flavonoids in orange peels can also play a role in reducing blood pressure. Though more study is required to confirm that. Separate animal studies also suggest that this kind of oil can help reduce blood cholesterol levels. And that the inflammatory effects of high carbohydrate foods can be somewhat neutralized by some of the compounds in orange peels (which are what this oil is derived from).
  • It Helps Relieve Pain – There’s no mystery here. Orange essential oils relieve pain in the same manner as over the counter NSAIDs and aspirin. They all fight the inflammation that causes stiffness, reduced mobility, pain and discomfort. Whether you suffer from arthritis, have experienced an injury of some type or suffer from an auto-immune condition, inflammation is enemy number 1. Japanese researchers have also discovered that the d-limonene in orange oil can act to inhibit the response of certain pain receptors. Multiplying the pain relief possibilities of this type of oil.
  • It Can Help Fight Depression – We mentioned earlier that aromatherapy with this type of oil can help relieve stress and anxiety. And that’s true. But there’s also research that indicates it may be effective in relieving some of the symptoms of depression. In a 1995, Japanese study researchers found that depressed individuals who engaged in aromatherapy with citrus essential oils seemed to respond positively. Neuroendocrine hormone levels were normalized and several study participants were able to reduce their daily dosage of anti-depressant medication. The researchers cautioned that serious depressive states did not seem to respond as well as milder states of depression. But the fact that any depressed individuals saw improvement was a positive development.
  • It’s Great for Getting Rid of Ants – Who knew the same oil that could reduce inflammation from arthritis and help restore an upbeat mood, could also get rid of your pest problem? Organic farmers have known for some time that orange in its various states is effective in getting rid of ants. If you find that ants have infiltrated your home, fill a spray bottle with water and then add 10 or 12 drops of orange essential oil. Spray this directly onto the pests and onto the place where they are entering the house. It’s likely that they’ll find another way in eventually, so keep the spray on hand for when you need it.


How Should I Use Essential Oils?

There are several ways to use essential oil. The most popular is to put a few drops in a diffuser and breathe in the vapors. Some folks use is as a massage oil. Others mix it with a carrier oil and apply it to the skin for stomach or muscle relief.

What Is a Carrier Oil?

A carrier oil is nothing more than an oil that is not likely to produce any negative reactions when it’s applied to the skin. It’s used to dilute the essential oil which, by itself, is too potent to rub directly into the skin in most cases. Coconut and olive are 2 possible carrier oils.

Can I Eat Essential Oil?

Consuming any kind of essential oil is not advised unless it says “food grade” or “safe for human consumption” on the label. If it doesn’t, you should not swallow it under any circumstance, as this can produce side effects such as nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness and diarrhea.

What Things Should I Look For In Orange Essential Oil?

You should always try and get oil that is 100% pure and not compromised by additives or thinners. Many people also insist on oil that is derived from organically grown oranges. Although organic oranges tend to jack up the price of the oil derived from them. Look for some type of organic certification just to be sure.

How Often Can I Use Essential Oils?

As long as you don’t use more than is recommended at any one time, you can use essential oils every day if you wish. Some people would tire of them quickly, however, using them so often. But if you have a compelling health reason to do so, then by all means, use it every day.

Is Orange Essential Oil Safe for Pregnant Women?

There is no scientific data indicating it is not safe for pregnant women. However, it’s generally advised that pregnant women always air on the side of caution. So if you are pregnant and would like to use this type of oil for some reason, make sure you seek medical advice first.

Can I Administer Essential Oil to My Children?

Keep in mind that just 2 or 3 drops are considered a full dose for a full-sized adult. As such, you should be very cautious when administering it to children. That said, anecdotal evidence from alternative healers suggests it may be helpful to children with ADHD. But more study is necessary.

Can I Use This Type of Oil While Breastfeeding?

It’s considered generally safe to use essential oil while breastfeeding. Although some oils are considered safer than others for breastfeeding mothers. Those safe oils include lemongrass, sandalwood, tea tree, grapefruit, orange, lavender and geranium. Again, however, you should consult your doctor before using these oils, just to be on the safe side.

Will This Type of Oil Produce Weight Loss?

By itself no. But what it may do is help enhance your dietary efforts by allowing you to stay calm in the face of food cravings, deal with diet related insomnia, relieve your overall stress levels and help make more energy available for your workouts.

Is There Any Way to Know if I’m Sensitive to Orange Oil?

If you have questions about whether this type of oil is safe for you, do a skin test using a tiny amount first. Just a tiny drop rubbed into the skin of your arm or leg. Give it a few minutes. If you don’t notice any redness, irritation or other reaction, there’s probably nothing to worry about.

How Much Should I Use at One Time?

You should never use more than 2 or 3 drops of orange essential oil at one time. And that is true whether you’re using it in the diffuser or applying it to your skin. If you’re unsure, start with a drop and see how it works. Then increase gradually. But don’t exceed 3 drops at once.

Do I Need Special Equipment to Use This Kind of Oil?

Not really. You might want to pick up a diffuser if you don’t already have one. And having a good carrier oil on hand can come in handy if you want to apply it to your sore muscles or you have a stomachache that could use treatment. That’s it.

Can Orange Oil Help Prevent Hair Loss?

This is a hotly debated topic because A) there is no clinical data to support the idea and B) there are scores of people who swear it does. Our feeling is that if your hair is thinning and lifeless, you have very little to lose by trying it.

Where Can I Buy Orange Oil?

As you can tell from this guide there are a number of different brands available at Amazon. That said, health food stores sometimes stock this type of oil too. And you can often find homemade orange essential oils for sale at street markets. Although we’d advise caution unless you know the producer.

How Do I Make Orange Oil?

It’s easy. Just peel some oranges, chop them up or put them in the blender for a few seconds and then place them in a mason jar. Then cover the peels with vodka and seal the jar. Let it sit for a few days, shaking a couple of times a day. Then strain the liquid into another jar and let the alcohol evaporate. What’s left is citrus essential oil.

How to Make Orange Oil Cleaner?

Put a pound of peels into a bucket. Cover the peels with distilled vinegar and stir. Cover the bucket and put it in a cool dry place for 2 weeks, stirring occasionally. After 2 weeks, strain using a colander. Then pour the resulting liquid into a resealable bottle. Mix half an ounce with water in a spray bottle to use.

How Effective is Orange Oil for Termites?

Results are mixed. Some studies indicate that while orange essential oil has the ability to kill termites, it almost never kills off all the termites involved in an infestation. And it only takes 2 termites to get the colony going again. On the other hand, some homeowners swear by it.


Orange essential oil has come off the alternative medicine shelf and begun to demonstrate its real world medicinal and therapeutic capabilities. This is good news for those suffering from arthritis, auto-immune conditions, acne, thinning hair, IBF and a range of other conditions. The great thing about essential oil therapy is that there are no harsh chemical additives that might cause nasty side effects and nothing (except possibly the oil itself) that might cause an allergic reaction. It’s also cost effective, easy to administer and can even chase away some common house pests. Any of the oils on our list are certain to provide the health benefits you’re after. So don’t delay. Pick up yours today and start feeling better.

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