Mark Zuckerberg On President Trump’s Immigration Ban

Tech leaders extend a glad hand to the new president of the United States, but not Mark Zuckerberg. He faces him head on and called out Pres. Trump for his views that are considered as un-American. Trump demonize immigrants but Zuckerberg has remained tactful as he praised the positive comments and policies that the President has offered regarding the subject.

According to the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, he is also concerned about the possible impact of Trump’s executive orders. This country needs to be safe but it must be done by focusing only on those who pose as an actual threat. According to him, our doors must be kept open to refugees or to anyone that desperately needs our help. Zuckerberg went on by saying that he is glad that Trump said he is going to do something for Dreamers, the immigrants that have been brought to the country at a very young age. The CEO of the social media giant, Facebook, said he will be working with the team of so they will be able to find solutions to the current problem of immigration.

Mark Zuckerberg posted on his Facebook account that he is glad that the President has tremendous belief in the country and to its citizens. He also said that Trump is commendable for saying that Americans must continue to benefit from the people who have great talent and are coming into the US. He ended his Facebook post by saying that the United States of America is a wonderful nation of immigrants and that we, not just the tech industry but the American people, can benefit greatly when brilliant minds from all over the world work, contribute, and live in the United States. Business moguls cooperate with the President in order to protect their businesses, but Zuckerberg’s oppositional perspective seems to be vital to the success of his company.