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Ranking The Best Kids Motorcycle Gloves Of 2020

What Are The Best Youth Motorcycle Gloves Currently On Sale?

Kids motorcycle gloves come in a variety of materials and styles – but they also vary in quality. If you’re looking for the right product to keep your child’s hands protected while they’re learning the ropes on their first motorcycle, then we’ve got you covered.

If you’re going to have a spill on a motorcycle, the chances are that you’re going to land on your hands first. Instinctively, your hands will rush to protect the rest of your body and break your fall – and it doesn’t matter whether you’re riding on-road or off, or at high speed or low, your hands are going to make contact with the ground whether you like it or not, and that’s why the right pair of gloves can make the difference from a minor bruise to a major scrape. Every motorcyclist knows this…but unlike adult riders, children don’t have the same selection of incredible riding apparel to choose from, and they’re often left to ride in a pair of old gardening gloves at worst, or a pair of cheap and cheerful “no name brand” gloves at best.

Child Riding A Small Motorcycle

Sure, wearing something is going to be better than nothing, but giving your kids the right protection can give them the confidence they need to become better riders, and give you peace of mind. A slow speed spill can be enough to cause a nasty injury, and a bad experience could be enough to put your kid off riding a motorcycle for good – which might turn that $500 minibike you bought into a really bad investment. With the right gear and under the right supervision, however, you could raise a rider that shrugs off the minor spills, has the confidence to ride at their best, and will be a better motorcyclist for it. Investing in the right gear from day one will pay off in the future – but which gloves are the best kids motorcycle gloves?

Gloves Are Gloves, Right?

Right? Wrong! Thanks to the magic of the internet and cheap labor costs, there’s a lot of garbage out there for sale that look the part, but sadly don’t act the part. A pair of gloves with a rubber logo sewn on to them and titled “kids motorcycle gloves” are going to be the first few pages of results from any cursory internet search, and they’re not going to be of any use to you. The prices are attractive, and cheap enough that they’re probably worth a gamble…but don’t be fooled. At the end of the day, you’re not going to be wearing them, and your hands aren’t going to be injured in the event of an accident. Most young riders aren’t going to be able to tell the difference between high-quality and poor-quality gloves until the damage is already done, so even if they’re happy with their new gloves, you’re not going to know how tough they are until it’s too late.

Kids Motorcycle Gloves: Styles

Unlike adult riding gear, kids motorcycle gloves come in a limited range of styles. Since your kids aren’t going to be riding at high-speed on the nation’s highways, or commuting through start-stop winter traffic, most manufacturers have limited the choice to either textile or leather gloves, and they’re usually styled towards off-road riding too. This is because the vast majority of young riders cut their teeth on the rough stuff, and usually don’t transition to asphalt until they’re older.

Kid's Motorcycle Gloves

Textile gloves are better suited for kids who are going to be learning to ride in an off-road environment – where they’re likely to come off at relatively slow speeds and on to grass or soft mud. Modern textile motorcycle gloves are abrasion resistant, offer excellent impact protection, and come in water and wind resistant configurations to help keep your child save and comfortable without hindering their dexterity.

Leather Motorcycle Gloves For Children

Leather gloves are a better choice for children who are riding as passengers on the back of an adult’s bike instead. In the worst case scenario and the unthinkable happens, thicker leather gloves are going to offer the best protection against asphalt in the event of an accident. Unfortunately though, leather motorcycle gloves are hard to find in kids sizes, thanks to a lack of demand and higher manufacturing costs. They do exist though, and if you plan on getting your child acquainted with the road, either riding on asphalt or as a pillion, leather hand protection is worth seeking out.

What Do We Recommend?

Cheap or expensive? Easily replaceable gloves or a pair with a lifetime guarantee? These questions have obvious answers when you’re talking about adult riding apparel. Children’s equipment, however, is a different story altogether. Kids have a tendency to outgrow everything you buy them, and in no time at all. They also have a habit of losing things too. With those thoughts in mind, you can see the appeal of buying cheap gloves and replacing them often rather than paying over the odds for quality products that won’t fit in a year’s time. But you don’t want to equip your kids with sub-standard safety gear either, do you? It’s a conundrum, but we’ve taken a look at the market and given some of the most popular options a thorough examination to help you find the right compromise. So without further ado, here are out top 10 kids motorcycle gloves that offer decent protection and at affordable prices.

Child Riding A Kids Motorcycle

Top 10 Best Kids Motorcycle Gloves

#01. Youth Radar Tracker Gloves by Alpinestars

Youth Radar Tracker Gloves by Alpinestars

In first place, we’ve got the Youth Radar Tracker gloves from Alpinestars. Alpinestars have been manufacturing specialist protective gear for motorsports and action sports since 1963, and really need no introduction. The Italian firm has since gone global and now makes protective clothing for a wide range of disciplines from surfing to NASCAR, and from mountain biking to premier class motorcycle racing. Naturally, if you want to give you child the best protection possible, you should look to the best manufacturers. Alpinestars make protective motorcycle gear for the likes of MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez, and other world class riders like Andrea Dovizioso, Jorge Lorenzo, and Dani Pedrosa. If it’s good enough for them, it should be good enough for you!

Unfortunately, Alpinestar’s top level GP gear isn’t available in Youth sizes and wouldn’t be affordable anyway. Luckily, they have a line of specialist youth products that are certainly more wallet friendly. The brand’s Radar Tracker gloves are lightweight, durable, and offer excellent protection without compromising comfort or flexibility. Built from a single piece of Spandex for the most part, and equipped with Clarino palm protection, reinforced thumbs, and sporting an innovative stretch insert adductor that maximizes hand movement and lever controls, the Radar Tracker gloves are comfortable, tough, and incredibly affordable. Our favorite feature has to be the slip-on nature of the glove that does away with conventional Velcro or other fastenings. They slip-on, but they stay-on, so you get none of the usual wrist chaffing that occasionally accompanies other gloves.


#02. “Jet” All Season Youth Gloves by Furygan

“Jet” All Season Youth Gloves by Furygan

France’s Furygan is one of our favorite motorcycle apparel manufacturers. First founded in 1969 by French motorcycle enthusiast Jacques Segura, the company specialized in making tough and durable gloves for a range of disciplines – in fact, the name Furygan actually comes from the fusion of the words fury and gant which is the French for glove (like gauntlet). Though the company specialized in motorcycle apparel, it also expanded to include cycling and skiing too, and these days you can find their products all over the world. Just to show how good their products are, Furygan actually supply the French army, building special gloves for infantry and sniper divisions. How about that, huh?

Furygan’s “Jet All Season” gloves have been a firm favorite for many grown-up motorcyclists ever since they first came on the scene, and Furygan have decided to scale down their top-selling glove and produce special versions for kids. Strong, waterproof, and comfortable, these short gloves are some of the most premium on the market. Built from polyamide, the Furygan Jet All Season Kids glove also comes with an ultra-comfortable brushed knitted inner layer with a fully waterproof lining and extra padding for cold protection, tough abrasion resistant palms, a hard-shell knuckle protector made from thermoplastic polyurethane, padded fingers, and some cool extras like night-time visible reflective details and a very comfortable elasticated wrist fixing. They’re some of the best kids motorcycle gloves on the market, if not the best.


#03.  “GP Youth Gloves” by Troy Lee Designs

“GP Youth Gloves” by Troy Lee Designs

Troy Lee Designs manufacture some fantastic action sports apparel, and have been a key player on the American-made motorcycle and mountain bike gear scene since the company was founded back in 1981. Troy Lee himself was a successful motocross racer who developed a talent for painting helmets and dreaming up awesome designs. He was so talented at the latter that he gave up on racing to develop and design motorcycle apparel full-time for professional motocross racers. These days, TLD manufactures products for beginners and professionals alike, and they have a fantastic Youth selection. For an affordable price, you can buy a great set of kids motocross gloves that have been built and designed by Troy Lee, who has built gear for the likes of KTM, Honda, Suzuki’s MotoGP team, and many, many more exciting outfits.

The GP Youth Gloves that we’re focusing on here aren’t the cheapest in the TLD line-up, but they’re not the most expensive either. In our opinion, they offer the healthiest balance between protection and value – and they look cool too. Built around a two-way stretch spandex body, the GP Youth gloves come with some advanced protection that includes Airprene padded knuckles, Biofoam protection on the top of the hand, Clarino padding on the palm, soft sonic-welded TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) finger armor with silicone applique, all secured in place with a Velcro-backed TPR fastening. Troy Lee Designs has a history of excellence, and the price really doesn’t adequately reflect the quality of their products.


#04. “Assault” Youth MX Gloves by Shift Racing

“Assault” Youth MX Gloves by Shift Racing

Shift Racing make some of our favorite adult motocross supplies, so it only makes sense that we should also be fans of their youth items too. We’re too familiar with Shift Racing’s history and when they were founded but we do know that their equipment adorns some top class professional riders like Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Blake Wilson and Steve Caballero, and that’s more than enough to earn our seal of approval. Reputation is one thing, but if you hold one of their gloves in your hands, you’ll feel that you’re holding on to a quality product that’s worth more than the measly $17.95 you paid for it. Shift know how to manufacture good gear, and they’re definitely a brand to consider when you’re outfitting your young rider.

Unfortunately, Shift haven’t got any gloves in their contemporary line-up for kids, but don’t despair because their past season goods are easy to procure. Our favorite kids motorcycle glove from Shift would be their “Assault” line, which features Clarino palm and thumb protectors, a pre-curved articulated design, silicone fingertips for that extra lever grip, all wrapped into a breathable and sturdy lightweight glove. They tend to size a little smaller than you’d guess, so take care ordering. While we’ve got a link to an Amazon seller, you might get more sizing support from vendors like Revzilla or Chapparal Racing who also stock these, but that’s ultimately up to you!


#05. Answer Racing “Syncron” Youth Motorcycle Gloves

Answer Racing “Syncron” Youth Motorcycle Gloves

Like many of the companies listed here, Answer Racing also has a long and illustrious history: based out of Irvine, California, the firm was first founded back in 1976 and arrived with a mission to provide the best protective products for hardcore motocross enthusiasts. Specializing in everything from helmets to riding jerseys, Answer Racing haven’t lost sight of their original vision and still produce top quality equipment for serious racers young or old. With that in mind, Answer have a fairly comprehensive range of goods for young riders of all skill levels, but while we like their chest protectors and riding trousers, it’s their kids motorcycle gloves that really caught our eyes. They might not look like it, but these awesome gloves are for kids!

The “Syncron” glove from Answer Racing is a great choice for young riders. It feels good, it looks good, and it comes at an affordable price point. Built from multiple premium stretch panels that make for an almost tailored fit, the Syncron gloves feel great to wear but also offer excellent protection thanks to their durable synthetic leather palm supports and light palm padding, Amara cloth thumb guards, and tough construction. They also come with a soft rubber closure strap that doesn’t irritate or inhibit wrist movements, and they also come with finger mounted silicone finger grippers for optimum lever control. They don’t come with much protection for the knuckles or top of the hand, but that’s hardly worth moaning about for the price and the quality of the rest of the glove. These are definitely one of our favorites – and at that price, you can’t really go wrong.


#06. “Axxis” Youth Racing Gloves by Malcom Smith Racing (MSR)

“Axxis” Youth Racing Gloves by Malcom Smith Racing (MSR)

Technically, Malcolm Smith Racing has been trading since the late 60s but the company was officially founded in 1971 by racing legend and AMA Hall of Fame member Malcolm Smith. Originally, MSR was a motorcycle accessory business that imported and sold brake and throttle cables. These days, the company has expanded to making and selling riding gear too. With such an important name in the industry at the helm, you can rest assured that MSR’s products are some of the best in the business. There hard parts are fantastic, but we’re really impressed by the quality of their riding gear too, and the sheer diversity of what they’ve got on offer too. They cater for riders of all sizes, ages and abilities, and it’s the MSR Axxis brand of youth glove that we’re talking about here.

The MSR Axxis gloves are some of the finest kids motorcycle gloves on the market, and what sets them apart from the crowd is this statement that the company uses to describe their product: “Other gloves have padding, this one has protection.” And they deliver on that claim. The MSR Axxis is built on top of a vented stretched and mesh fabric that offers excellent air-flow, with Lycra box finger tips for maximum comfort. The protection comes in the form of a synthetic leather palm panel, double layers in the right places for added sturdiness, and cool pre-formed D30 knuckle protector. The MSR Axxis also comes with a silicone print on the fingers to improve lever control, and an easy to fasten pull-tab cuff closure. As youth motorcycle gloves go, the MSR Axxis series are some of the most advanced out there.


#07. “Diversion” Off-Road Gloves by BiLT Racing

“Diversion” Off-Road Gloves by BiLT Racing

BiLT Racing is Cycle Gear’s own in-house economy brand of motorcycle gear, and if you’re not familiar with Cycle Gear, here’s some info: the company is the largest and fastest growing motorcycle parts and apparel retailer in the United States and has been growing in size and popularity since it first began trading back in 1974. To help keep costs down, and in response to a growing demand for cheap but reliable riding gear, the company spawned its own in-house manufacturing arm to help satisfy America’s riding public. BiLT Racing’s products are cheap to buy, but don’t be put-off by the low prices because the company’s products are built to high standards that satisfy safety requirements all over the world.

BiLT’s range of kids bike gloves is pretty limited, with only four styles in stock, but our favorite is the most expensive of the range, the “Diversion” off-road series. While BiLT do have cheaper items, we think everyone should be able to afford their most expensive offering, which retails for around $16.99. The Diversion gloves are built from perforated leather that’s reinforced with Neoprene stretch panels, which make for durable and comfortable gloves but with enough airflow to stop your hands from overheating. In terms of protection, BiLT have added an Amara cloth synthetic suede palm protector, braced with memory foam pads, and treated the knuckles with a formed carbon moldings to help absorb serious impacts. BiLT Racing have a reputation for good quality products, and for $16.99, it’s worth the gamble – if you were in any doubt.


#08. Carbon Fiber Youth Motorcycle Gloves by Tonsiki

Carbon Fiber Youth Motorcycle Gloves by Tonsiki

Surely you’ve all heard of the brand “Tonsiki,” right? Alright, we’ll level with you: they’re a no-name Chinese brand that makes everything from kids motorcycle gloves to drill bits and their reputation is dubious at best. They make a cheap product that plenty of people have bought, but how does it really rank? Coming in as cheap as $8.99 and boasting some of Google Translate’s finest handy work, what are these Tonsiki gloves really like and should you put them on your kids? (We’re not kidding about the poor translation. The design that makes the gloves “easy to fall off” is a firm favorite of ours.)

Built on top of a thin synthetic textile fabric mesh that breathes nicely and feels comfortable, these Tonsiki gloves come equipped with PVC plastic armor with rubber protectors and a Velcro wrist fastening. Are they carbon fiber? Absolutely not, but do they offer any protection? Yes they do. They’re obviously not going to do much at a crash above 50 mph on the highway, but for toodling around off-road at slow speed they will offer just enough protection to make the $9 expense worth it. They’re cheap, but easy to replace, and you won’t mourn their loss when they inevitably break. If you’re looking for a real high-quality product, move on – but if you want something cheap that will do the job, for a time, then these are fine product to throw your cash at. These aren’t recommended for real, on-road, motorcycling though. No way, Jose.


#09. “Element” Racewear Youth Glove by O’Neal

“Element” Racewear Youth Glove by O’Neal

O’Neal has been manufacturing top quality motocross parts, gear and racing apparel since 1970, so they know a thing or two about making top quality stuff. Originally, company founder Jim O’Neal made his money selling handmade custom parts to help convert standard road bikes into motocross machines, but overtime he expanded his vision to encompass all aspects of off-road riding and it was his line of riding and racing apparel that really took off. These days, you can find O’Neal products all over the world at over 7,000 retail outlets. When it comes to safety, there’s nothing like relying on a brand with a tried and tested track record, with a long and illustrious history – O’Neal ticks all of those boxes.

Currently, O’Neal has a decent selection of youth race wear with a small selection of kids sized gloves on offer. While the firm doesn’t offer a wide selection, all of its products are of the highest quality and priced more than fairly, so you get a long of proverbial “bang” for your buck. Our favorite O’Neal glove is the “Element Racewear Youth Glove” which retails for $19.99 and comes packed with cool features. Built around a vented mesh for optimum air-flow and comfort, equipped with stretched Lycra side panels for flexibility, and padded and stitched in all the right places, the Element is a tough and comfortable number. Couple that with pre-curved tailoring for an excellent fit, thermoplastic rubber armor, and Velcro fastenings, and you’ve got a serious but affordable kids motorcycle glove on your hands. Literally.


#10. “Dirtpaw Youth Gloves” by Fox Racing

“Dirtpaw Youth Gloves” by Fox Racing

Fox Racing should need no introduction, but if you’re not up-to-date with the industry’s biggest names, then here you go: Fox Racing is an American extreme sports apparel manufacturer that was founded in 1974 that focuses on producing quality gear for motocross racers. Between then and now, Fox Racing has supported some of the biggest names in the motocross industry such as Ricky Carmichael, Rick Johnson, and the above mentioned James Stewart too. These days, Fox distributes to more than 50 countries worldwide and specializes in more than just motorsport, with surfing, BMX, mountain biking, and wakeboarding equipment also on their books too.

Despite the company’s impressive history, their modern products aren’t outrageously expensive, and their line of kids motorcycle gloves are very affordable for the build quality. At a touch under $22.00, the Dirtpaw youth gloves listed here come with some impressive features. The Dirtpaw comes complete with a padded front and knuckle, using a layer of Clarino (synthetic leather) to protect the palm, and with stretchy mesh finger gussets to maximize dexterity. Lycra is also used to give added protection and comfort to the fingers, and Fox have also added a silicone print on the finger tips to improve your young rider’s lever grip, which is an awesome touch. This glove comes in six different color options, and if you wanted our advice, we’d suggest buying the ultra-cool red color version.


#11. “iTrack” Textile Off Road Gloves By 100%

“iTrack” Textile Off Road Gloves By 100%

100% (or 100 percent) started life as a goggle manufacturer for motocross enthusiasts back in the 1980s, and it caused a storm. Thanks to the quality of the company’s products and their reputation for delivering excellent goods, 100% became one of the fastest growing motocross brands of the era. These days, the company has branched out and manufactures a wide range of motorcycling goods. There goggles are what they’re famous for, but their gloves are just as good. 100% have five very different styles of glove on offer, for motorcycle and mountain bikers, that offer excellent value for money and exceptional hand protection. What’s more, two of the brand’s glove styles are available in kids sizes too. Out of the two (the Airmatic and iTrack) it’s the iTrack that appeals to us the most.

The 100 Percent iTrack glove looks pretty simple in its construction but there’s actually a lot going on. It’s built from a polymesh material that gives it a lightweight but strong feel, but it comes with a sturdy and tough perforated stretch Suede palm protector, a 3mm thick padded foam thumb defender, with Airprene panels that offer excellent protection to the thumb and cuff regions too. On top of that, the iTrack gloves feature silicon printed graphics on the fingers and palm to give riders better lever and throttle control, too. Available in seven distinct colors, the 100 iTrack gloves are perfect for young riders of all skill levels…and as the company says: “If you aren’t giving it 100%, you will regret it!”


#12. DX 2 Youth Gloves by Cortech

DX 2 Youth Gloves by Cortech

Cortech is one of the fastest growing motorcycle apparel producers out there and over the years they’ve grown into a name you can depend on. Specializing in developing motorcycle gear that offers the best value for money without compromising your protection, and using race developed technology and feedback to create better road products, Cortech know a thing or two about making cheap gloves that really keep you safe. Working with world class racers like Moto’s Michael Aquino, Supersport rider Garrett Gerloff, and Superstock 1000’s Jake Lewis, Cortech are continually raising the standard. The Cortech DX 2 glove has been around for a while now, and it’s such a popular choice that it’s not going to go out of fashion anytime soon.

The original Cortech DX 2 glove first appeared back in 2011, and no matter what online store you’re visiting you can bet that the DX 2 is on the best sellers list. It’s affordable, tough, durable, strong, and comfortable to wear – and that’s why Cortech decided to bring their award winning adult glove to the youth segment. The Cortech DX 2 Youth gloves are no different from their adult equivalents, except in size. They’re built from a lightweight stretch material with Clarino padding on the palms bolstered with reinforced padding, feature Neoprene knuckle and wrist protection, and come with cool thermoplastic rubber finger and “top of the hand” protection. These are great gloves that offer decent protection considering their lightweight construction. And they come in loads of color options too.


#13. “Kinetic” Youth Motorcycle Gloves by Fly Racing

“Kinetic” Youth Motorcycle Gloves by Fly Racing

Fly Racing has been developing and manufacturing quality motorcycle products ever since the firm was first established back in 1998. For the past twenty years ago, Fly Racing specialized in making motorcycle handlebars and helmets, but in time it expanded to include a wide range of motorcycle apparel and protective goods which can be found in over 40 countries in the world, with a huge presence in North America. While their products are reasonably priced, Fly Racing aren’t about creating purely economic alternatives – they make good quality gear that retails for an appropriate price instead. And what’s even better is the fact that there’s a wide selection of Fly Racing youth gloves available out there.

Our favorite pair of Fly Racing gloves for young riders comes from the company’s Kinect range, a selection of lightweight racing gloves that are super comfortable and offer plenty of crash protection. The Fly Racing Kinect gloves are built from a four-way stretch Lycra with a unique panel construction that offers a good balance of flexibility and comfort, with plenty of much-needed air-flow too. The real protection comes in the form of a reinforced double layer of palm protection, reinforced thumb defense, with soft-flex thermoplastic rubber features and silicone finger protectors too. A synthetic leather wrist closure is thrown in for easy securing, making it an easy to wear glove that doesn’t leave your hands feeling too sweaty after a hard ride. The “Kinect” series comes in youth sizes, but if you want something different, most Fly Racing gloves tend to have small enough sizes to fit young riders.


#14.  Skeletal Kids MX Gloves by Typhoon

Skeletal Kids MX Gloves by Typhoon

You can already tell by looking at these that they’re definitely not going to offer the best protection, the best bang for your buck, or anything that you’d usually consider to be a plus point. Typhoon are a budget helmet manufacturer/seller and while their low prices might seem off-putting, their helmets are DOT certified, so their gloves should be alright too, right? Sort of. They’re not in the same league as some of the other entries on the list, but they have their place: while they might not offer the best protection, they do have a cool colorful design, and that should inspire your kids to wear safety gear. These interesting skeleton finger themed gloves might make your kids want to wear them – and that’s important. If we can all instill a pro-safety-gear mentality in our kids from an early age, the less likely they’ll be to ride without later on.

And they’re not as bad as we’ve made out either. In fact, they aren’t as terrible as you’d think. Armed with a pre-curved cut, a nylon, spandex and polyester construction, reinforced knuckles with extra cushioning to help absorb minor impacts, and with a Spandex thumb for ultimate dexterity, they’re not that bad really. If you’ve got kids that are stubborn about putting gloves on, then these might be the ideal solution. However, if your kids are in need of real protection, try anything else on this list instead. Good for a quick solution, but not our number one choice at all.


#15. “Rival” Youth MX Gloves by Seven

“Rival” Youth MX Gloves by Seven

The price might be low, but the quality is high. Seven is a motorcycle apparel manufacturer that specializes in building tough, durable, and affordable motocross gear to help inspire a new generation of off-road enthusiasts. Founded by veteran racer James Stewart and designed in collaboration with Troy Lee, and other professional motocross racers that include Jake Weimar, Malcolm Stewart, and Axell Hodges, Seven has made a name for itself in the motorcycle gear and apparel industry for producing quality goods.

Unlike many of the big gear manufacturers, Seven has taken a unique approach by making kids a core focus of their business plan, rather than an afterthought. For a mere $13.99 you get a pair of their Rival range, which are some of the most impressive kids motorcycle gloves on offer. The “Rival” gloves boast a four-way stretch Q-span textile construction that provide optimum comfort and durability, layered with two levels of Clarino on the palms to help reduce abrasion wear, and secured at the wrist with soft Airprene cuffs with a sturdy Velcro fastening. They’re tough, fashionable, affordable, and most importantly, if you lose one or outgrow the other, a new set won’t break the bank.


In Conclusion: Cheap Doesn’t Always Mean Bad…

And good doesn’t always have to be expensive! Buying motorcycle gloves for growing kids might seem like a bad investment – and yes, they will grow out of them – but considering how much glove you can get for you buck, it’s worth leaning towards the more expensive end of the scale because there really isn’t anything much more expensive anyway, and when you’re debating that no-name brand for $12, consider that you can get a quality product from a brand that you’ve heard of for a few dollars more. Besides, your kid is inevitably going to take a tumble sooner or later, and a $20 set of gloves can be the difference between a quick recovery, or weeks of scabbed and scraped palms and fingers. If you’re a parent, you know which of the two scenarios is the more appetizing…

I’ve done a bit of work here and there in the industry – I’ve even ridden a few bikes for actual money but what it comes down to is this: I ride bikes, build bikes and occasionally crash ‘em too. I like what I like but that certainly doesn’t make my opinion any more valid than yours…

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