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10 Best Husband Pillow Ranking And Buying Guide

A husband pillow is a perfect addition to any home. Children, teenagers, and adults can all reap the benefits of this comfortable cushion. Downtime has never been more comfortable than with these husband pillows! The lumbar support, the long arms, and the head support make watching TV in bed or just sitting up in bed will make you feel like you’re in heaven.

But in order to be completely comfortable, you have to choose the right husband pillow for you. And with so many different models available, all with different add-ons, choosing just one can be an overwhelming task. We believe you shouldn’t be stressed when looking for any items — let alone a pillow designed to bring you comfort and support!

In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about husband pillows. Why are they called that? And what makes a good reading pillow? Are there any specific features you should be looking for? Keep reading to find out the answers to these and many more questions and to see the top 10 husband pillow products!


Why is it called a husband pillow?

Have you ever wondered why they’re called husband pillows? We know we have! After all, this is an odd name to give to a pillow with arms, right? Actually, the story behind why it got its name is a pretty interesting one!

When they were first sold, these cushions were advertised as reading pillows. They offered comfort and support to people half-sitting, half-lying on a bed or couch. This was perfect for people who read a lot but don’t like the backache that usually came with it. And so the name reading pillow appeared — and it is still to this day another name for this product.

However, some people started realizing that reclining on this kind of pillow felt a little like resting against the chest of a husband. Whether this is true or not depends entirely on who you ask! But the fact of the matter is that the name stuck, and here we are today…


Who should buy a husband pillow?

Getting a husband pillow is a great idea for anyone who spends lots of time in bed or on the couch. They offer great neck and lower back support, and so they help you feel more comfortable even after you have spent hours sitting down.

Elderly people and those on bed rest after surgery are the perfect candidates for one. But they’re not the only ones! Using a husband pillow for nursing is also very popular. People who like playing video games in bed and those who like reading in bed can all benefit from getting one.

In short, anyone who wants to feel more comfortable and supported when sitting or lying down can get one of these amazing pillows.

Despite the odd-sounding name, they’re super versatile and will please just about anyone out there. If the term husband pillow gives you the heebie-jeebies, feel free to use another name! Reading pillow or bed rest pillow are also popular names.

Child resting on husband pillow and doing math


Investing in comfort: why buy a husband pillow?

What makes this pillow different from all the other cushions out there? Why get a reading pillow when you already have decorative pillows around the house? Well, there’s a very good medical reason to do so…

Bad posture is a huge problem in America today. We spend most of our time sitting down (in the car, on the couch, at our desks, etc), which takes a toll on our spines. Remember hearing your teachers and parents scold you for not sitting up straight, for slouching, and for not standing up completely upright? They were right — these habits wreck our backs and cause a lot of unnecessary (and painful) problems.

According to the National Institute of Health, 80 percent of Americans suffer from back problems caused by bad posture. The result of this? When we hit our forties, we’re plagued by chronic back pain nothing can really fix.

It’s bad enough to be chained to a desk all day sitting on an uncomfortable chair. But at least when you get home to relax, you can minimize the negative impacts of a bad posture. The next time you’re watching a movie in bed, think of the way you’re sitting. Is your back straight? Do you have lower back support?

A husband pillow takes care of all this for you. Resting on one is incredibly comfortable and good for your spine. It’s the perfect mix of comfortability and a correct posture!


How to use a husband pillow?

Using a husband or reading pillow is really easy. The reading pillow was designed to support one’s back completely and to offer arm support. So there is really no way to not use it right. Simply sit down, prop the reading pillow behind your back, lean back, and rest your weight on it. You should immediately feel comfortable. If you don’t, then you need to find a better bed rest pillow — more on that later!

You can use reading pillows for a number of purposes. For instance, pregnant women find this pillow with arms very comfortable (and comforting) for sitting up in bed. The same can be said of mothers who are breastfeeding. People who are ill and must stay in bed all day also love them — hence its other name: bedrest pillow! You can also use it if you’re watching TV in bed or playing video games.

In a nutshell, if you’re sitting up in bed, you could probably use a backrest pillow to fix your posture and make you feel more relaxed and comfortable.


Everything About Husband Pillows: Materials and More!

Leaning back on a reading cushion should feel like lying down on a cloud. After all, the whole purpose of using reading pillows is to have comfort and support. So, it’s important to find the best bedrest pillow for your back and needs.

But since there are so many different kinds of reading pillows, knowing which one to choose can be difficult. There are memory foam pillows, pillows with a velour cover, pillows with a detachable neck roll, and just about anything you can imagine. They are all different and offer unique pros and cons. Which one is the right one for you?


Classic Memory Foam

The classic memory foam reading pillows are some of the most comfortable out there. This foam material absorbs your body heat and adjusts its shape to your body.

Memory foam husband pillows make sitting in the same position for hours on end even more comfortable. Your spine, shoulders, hips, and head can rest in a comfortable position, reducing the risk of joint pain.

There are a couple of disadvantages, though. Firstly, these pillows are heavier than regular reading pillows. Secondly, they trap in body heat. If you live in a warm area, this may not be the best for you. But if these two points are not deal breakers for you, investing in a classic memory foam pillow is a great idea!

A woman presses down on memory foam and leaves a hand print


Shredded Foam

If you want all the advantages of a classic memory foam pillow but none of the disadvantages, then a shredded foam reading pillow is right for you.

This kind of memory foam bed backrest pillow retains your body shape without heating up. Since the memory foam material has been shredded, there is more space for the air to circulate. This is the main reason why the shredded foam reading pillow doesn’t heat up as much as traditional memory foam pillows. They are also more breathable, meaning that they don’t smell as bad.

Remarkably, a shredded memory foam reading pillow still aligns your spine and corrects your posture. On top of that, you can also control the height and firmness. Take out or add as much of the shredded material from the fabric case as you want to adjust it to your needs.

The main downside of the shredded foam reading pillow is that it is not made from natural, biodegradable materials. While some kinds of foam are more eco-friendly now, there is still a long way to go on this front.

Small chunks of shredded memory foam are displayed on a table


Feather Pillows

Feather-filled pillows have been popular for several centuries now. It’s no wonder — they’re soft and let your skin breathe. If you want maximum comfort, buy feather stuffing and make a husband pillow by yourself!

Their biggest selling point is how refreshing they are. They don’t warm up and stay cool all night long. No more waking up in the middle of the night to flip the pillow and get the cool side. Another bonus of feather reading pillows is their softness. You sit back down and feel like you’re resting on a cloud.

There are only two faults with these the feather backrest pillow. Firstly, they’re not animal-friendly, as they come from ducks. Secondly, because they’re so soft, they won’t correct your posture and won’t be very supportive.

A pillow has feathers coming out of it through the seams


Down Pillows

A down lazy husband pillow is very similar to feather pillows, but they’re even more comfortable and luxurious. If you want extra comfort, then buying down and making your own husband pillow is the way to go.

Feather pillows are made from the coarser feathers of a bird. Down husband pillows, on the other hand, are made from the softer inner plumage of a bird. This is why they’re so unbelievably soft and comfortable to lay on.

If you get high-quality down and use enough of it inside the fabric case, it will adjust to your body’s shape and offer support. Your spine will be aligned, reducing the risk of back pain.

The only downside to these cushions is their price point. They are much more expensive to make than other backrest pillows. Other than that, they are not recommended to people with allergies, as the down could trigger a reaction.

A down feather is shown to the camera


Polyester Fiberfill Pillows

One of the cheapest and most popular pillow fillings on the market is polyester. It’s pretty easy to find at most retail stores. If you are on a tight budget, look no further than a polyester husband pillow.

This pillow’s biggest selling point is how cheap it is. When compared to down or even shredded memory foam husband pillows, this one is a steal. Secondly, these pillows are very lightweight. If you need to transport your reading pillow, polyester makes this task much easier.

Of course, products this cheap don’t come without a downside. The biggest problem with a polyester bedrest pillow is its hazardous environmental impact. Benzene, formaldehyde, and toluene are all nasty chemicals used to make these pillows. The filling also tends to clump up, shortening the lifespan of the pillow as it becomes uncomfortable relatively fast.

A clump of polyester fiberfill is shown to the camera before going into a husband pillow


Let’s Go Shopping! What to Look for in a Husband Pillow

When you look for reading pillows on Amazon, you are shown more than 7.000 products. So how can you tell the best husband pillow from the “meh” and bad reading pillows? You surely can’t go through every single review or even try out every individual pillow.

To help you in your search for comfort when sitting up in bed or watching television, here are a few things to watch out for. The perfect husband pillow will check off all these boxes.


Lumbar support

Most of America’s back problems stem from poor posture. That’s not only because we spend plenty of time sitting down. It is also because the chairs and couches we sit on don’t give us any lumbar support. So we slouch down to rectify that (even though we shouldn’t).

All reading bed pillows should give you complete lower back support. When resting on one, you should feel totally supported, from your neck all the way down to your lower back. If you read reviews saying that specific bed pillow doesn’t offer back support, forget about it.



Most reading bed pillows come with armrests, but not all. Some even have detachable armrests so you can change the pillow to your needs. But, in the end, armrests are super comfortable. They let you rest in a comfortable position without your shoulders bunching up and getting tense.



Only some reading bed pillows come with a neck roll cushion, but this may be a feature you want to seriously consider. A neck roll gives you head support and relaxes your neck completely. People who sit at a desk for long periods of time usually build up a lot of tension on their necks. So, a bed rest pillow with a neck roll is very good for your health.



The most popular husband fillings are polyester, shredded memory foam, and memory foam. We’ve gone over their pros and cons earlier on in this buying guide. Out of those three fillings plus feather and down, which one did you like best?

This part is completely up to you. There are many things to consider when picking a filling. Is it within budget? Does it suit your needs? What are your deal breakers for a reading bed pillow?



When it comes to size, there’s not a lot of room to go wrong. You want a pillow that is big enough to snuggle your body but not too big that you get lost in it. You also don’t want a small enough pillow that you feel squished.

There are reading bed backrest pillows of all sizes. You will find a small reading chair pillows for children, an extra large husband pillow for extra comfort, and everything in between. It’s a matter of trying out different-sized pillows before committing to one.



Don’t overlook this step. Choosing a good cover is actually important if you don’t want to end up with a sad-looking, foul-smelling reading bed pillow.

Since you’re going to be spending a lot of time resting on this pillow, it’s inevitable that it will absorb a lot of body heat and sweat. So, after a few months, it’s best to clean it.

This is why choosing a washable fabric cover is important. Choose a cover that you can remove and put it in the washing machine or one you can wipe down with a warm, damp cloth.



Lastly, look for the design of the pillow. This is all about the aesthetics and obviously doesn’t impact your relaxation time as much as the other factors. But it’s still important to think of! Choose a cover you like that goes with the rest of your living room decor. If you can’t find one you like, you can always sew one together yourself!


Top 10 Husband Pillows

Now comes the truly fun part — choosing a pillow for your home!


1. Linenspa Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

The Linenspa shredded foam reading pillow in gray faces the camera at a slant

The Linenspa husband pillow is perhaps the most popular available online. It is Amazon’s choice since it has so many positive customer reviews and is not too expensive.

The filling is made of shredded memory foam, which means it gives your back good support and corrects your posture. It doesn’t heat up too much when you’re resting on it and still offers as much support and comfort as you can wish for.

The Linenspa shredded foam reading pillow also comes with armrests. The next time you’re watching a football game or reading in bed, your shoulders can relax and ease all the tension they’ve built up.

The best part is that you can choose the size of your Linenspa pillow! You can opt for the standard size, the extra-large size with a neck roll, or for the simple extra-large size.

Its sleek design makes it fit in into any living room or bedroom. You can choose between a stone gray or navy soft cover, whichever matches your decor. Lastly, you will find that the handle is quite handy if you occasionally need to move your Linenspa shredded foam reading pillow from one spot to another.



– Sturdy armrests

– Plush, comfortable cover

– Tall supportive body


– The chemical memory foam smell can be too strong for some


2. Milliard Reading Pillow

The three sizes of the Milliard husband pillow are lined up one against the other

This shredded memory foam bed rest pillow looks very similar to the Linenspa shredded foam reading pillow. It also has glowing reviews and it is, all in all, a cheap husband pillow

There are three different sizes available: standard (18-inches tall), extra-large (24-inches tall), and petite (14-inches tall). Measure how tall you would like your pillow to be and order the best husband pillow for you. The armrests are also a great touch, which adds to the comfortability factor.

You are also given flexibility about how firm you want your bed rest pillow to be. There is a foam insert you can open to tailor it to your needs. Take out some of the foam to make the pillow more malleable or put more in to make it firmer.

Another great thing about the Millard cushion is its cover you can unzip. If you spill anything on it, simply unzip the velour cover and put it in the washing machine.



– Ability to customize the chair to your liking

– Supportive armrests

– Convenient zipped cover


– Can be flimsy for tall and heavier-set people

– No detachable neck roll for head support


3. Pillow with Armrests and Headrest

A gray husband pillow is tilted toward the camera with its armrests and headrest in place

If you’re willing to shell out a few dozen dollars more, then you can buy yourself the extra comfort that comes with this pillow.

This chair pillow is extra tall compared to the others available online. Standing at 31-inches tall, the full torso comfort you get from it is well worth splurging a little.

The detachable neck roll is also an added bonus. Since it fully supports your head, neck, and upper back muscles, you will feel good as new when you get up.

It has a shredded memory foam interior, meaning that it will adapt to your shape and correct your posture — not to mention make you feel like you are resting on a warm, soft cloud.

On top of all this, it gives you the freedom to adapt its shape to your liking. You can add or remove filling to make it more or less firm. Transporting it with you is also incredibly easy, thanks to its built-in handle at the top.

Lastly, you can remove the soft cover by unzipping it (so you can wash it in the washing machine) and you can keep things in the side and back pockets. You won’t be losing your remote control, phone, or magazines between the couch cushions anymore.



– Tall and supportive full body

– Adjustable firmness and detachable cover in 16 different styles

– Convenient side and back pocket


– The packaging isn’t the best

– Expensive price point


4. Brentwood Shagalicious Bed Rest

The pink plush Shagalicious bed rest pillow has a handle at the top

The Shagalicious bed rest cushion looks very different from other pillows available online. Instead of playing it safe with a soft suede cover in a muted color, it adds a bright pop of color to any room with its 70s-inspired design.

Measuring 18 inches tall, the Shagalicious bed rest pillow supports most kids’ torso and spine. The built-in armrests allow them to relax your shoulders and upper back muscles and ease tension.

The polyester filling is very soft and malleable, perfect for people who don’t like firm pillows. The built-in handle at the top lets you move the pillow from one room to another. And since it isn’t bulky, you could even take it with you when you go on vacation.

Lastly, you can only spot clean this item, unfortunately. Since the shag-like cover is more prone to collecting dirt and dust, this may be a dealbreaker to some.



– Small and easy to transport

– Unique retro design


– Only sturdy enough for children and small adults

– The cover sometimes sheds


5. Arlee Micro Mink Bedrest Lounger

The navy blue Arlee micro mink pillow is photographed at a downward angle

The Arlee Bedrest Lounger is a tall and sturdy polyester husband pillow. It has good reviews on Amazon and comes in three different colors you can choose from.

Its main selling point is how tall the backrest is. Even though the product says it is only 18 inches tall at the back, since it has less curvature than other pillows, it feels much taller. The backrest is also thick, meaning you won’t feel the hard wall behind you.

The sturdy top handle is a really nice addition. It resists wear and tear, so you can take your pillow with you from one room to another.



– Comfortable arm support on the sides

– Soft and comfortable filling

– Durable handle on the top


– Minimal lower back support


6. mittaGonG Backrest

Photo of the gray velour cover Mittagong reading pillow

The mittaGonG cushion is different from most pillows out there. It is wider at both the top and base and 20 inches tall. This may not seem like much of a difference, but it is.

The wider base and wider top offer more reliable support to your lower and upper back. Coupled with the study armrests on the side, this pillow is heaven for people with constant shoulder pain.

The taller back also means more neck support. While it doesn’t come with a detachable neck roll, you won’t need one. For most people, the pillow ends right where the skull and neck meet, giving it all the support your neck muscles crave.

The removable cover is convenient for washing day. Every time you need to clean the cover, just unzip it from the pillow and put it in the washing machine.



– Good support for your lower back

– Easy to clean with no hassle

– Supports your neck and head


– Has a chemical odor, but it should disappear after a few days

– Not a lot of colors to choose from in terms of design


7. BedLounge Classic Natural Cotton

Photograph of the sleek BedLounge classic husband pillow with a cotton exterior

If you don’t mind splurging on luxury, then the BedLounge classic is perfect for you. This pillow is customizable in so many ways. From this point of view, it beats all other cushions out there.

Firstly, its classic and modern design blends well into any living room or bedroom. You can choose which color you like best from 10 different options available. You are also given freedom of choice when it comes to fabric, as you can choose if you want a cotton, velour fleece, or microsuede cover.

Secondly, you can customize how tall the headrest is and how far apart the armrests are. Simple push them up or down, outward or inward, and that’s it. If you’re planning on sharing your husband pillow with arms with other people, having this much adjustability is a plus.

Lastly, the back of the pillow is hard and doesn’t let your body sink into it. Depending on what you want out of a reading pillow, this could be a plus or a dealbreaker.



– Adjustable model

– Removable pillow case for easy cleanup

– Modern design available in a variety of styles


– Expensive item

– Not as sturdy as you may expect from something this expensive


8. Springcoo Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

Photograph of the Springcoo reading pillow with its detachable neck roll on

The Springcoo shredded memory foam cushion offers good support to the lower back and neck. While it costs more than other similar pillows, the added bonuses may make it worth it.

The built-in detachable neck roll can be adjusted in terms of height to your liking. And if you don’t like the feel of it against your neck, just remove it and store it away.

The shredded memory foam makes the back of this pillow adjust to your body shape, offering you a customizable fit. The more you use it, the more comfortable it will be. Unlike other shredded memory foam pillows, this one is quite soft to begin with. If you want it to be firmer, buy shredded foam in bulk and stuff it as much as you want.

There are also armrests at the sides, upping the comfortability level. They have two pockets in each, perfect for storing small things and keeping them at hand. They can fit a pair of reading glasses, a remote control, and a phone easily.

When it is time to wash it, simply unzip the soft suede cover and put it in the washing machine. It’s convenient and practical.



– Cover you can unzip that is easy to clean

– Side pockets are convenient for storing small items

– Adjustable detachable neck roll


– May be too soft without added filling

– Not the most durable pillow on the market


9. Brookstone Nap Bed Rest

Photo taken of the Brookstone husband pillow with arms, a cupholder, and side pockets

The Brookstone Nap cushion may very well be the most comfortable and convenient husband pillow with arms.

The elevated back offers support for your lower back, upper back, and neck muscles. While it doesn’t come with a detachable neck roll, you won’t need one. The back is very straight, which is a good feature for people who want to correct their posture.

It also has long and thick armrests you can use to ease any shoulder tension. In one of the side rests, there is a cup holder that holds mugs and tall glasses well. There are also side pockets on both sides of the pillow where you can store magazines, glasses, remotes, and a phone.

The soft cover is not removable, so you can only spot clean with a warm rag. The bright side is that the cover feels soft and nice against the skin.

Lastly, you can store the Brookstone cushion easily under the bed or inside a closet. Fold the back part forward and that is all: your once large pillow is ready to be stowed away.



– The elevated back provides support for your back

– Conveniently placed cup holder and side pockets

– Nice, soft fabric

– Easy to store


– You have to sit at a 90-degree angle

– Cannot remove the cover to clean it in the washing machine


10. Brentwood Originals Plush Bed Rest

Image of the blue, plush Brentwood Originals husband pillow model 2136

The last reading chair pillow on our list is a Brentwood Original. Unlike other pillows, instead of focusing on firmness, it markets itself as plush and very comfortable for your back.

The soft material on the outside is easy on the skin and doesn’t cause irritation. It is not removable, so you can only spot clean it with a damp rag.

The padded filling is very plush and comfortable. If you prefer soft pillows that feel like clouds over firm pillows that offer a lot of support, this Brentwood Original is perfect for you.

There is also a built-in strap on the top which is very sturdy and durable. It makes it easy to move the pillow around between rooms. The built-in pocket is also handy for when you want to keep certain items nearby. Pop them in the pocket and reach for them when you need them.

Lastly, this cushion measures 18 inches in height. This means that most adults should not have a problem using it unless they are taller than the average person.



– Super soft and comfortable materials

– Comfortable armrests

– Convenient pockets and handle


– Doesn’t offer a lot of back support

– A tall person may find the pillow too short


Caring for Your Backrest Pillow

The secret to making a bed rest pillow last for years is to care for it regularly. Every cushion comes with a tag detailing the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to caring for it.


How to clean a husband pillow?

After some time, you will need to clean your reading cushion. After all, resting on one for hours and hours on end leaves them dirty, smelly, and very tired. But can you wash a husband pillow? The answer is yes — definitely!

How to wash a husband pillow depends on the kind of cushion you have, though. Start out by reading the tag on your bed rest pillow and follow those instructions.

If your bed rest pillow has a cover that can be removed by opening a zipper, you have it easy. Simply unzip the cover, pop it in the washing machine following the manufacturer’s instructions, and you’re good to go!

If your cushion doesn’t come with a removable cover, then it’s best to get a warm, damp cloth, soak it in warm water, strain it, add some soft detergent and get to wiping. Make sure to really rub the areas most likely to get grimy. Once you are done, leave your bed rest pillow to dry in a well-aired room and that’s it!


How often to wash a husband pillow?

This depends on how often you use it. However, our recommendation is to wash it or clean it anywhere from two to four times a year. If you clean it too little, it will start to develop some less-than-pleasant smells and look dirty. If you clean it too much, you may wreck the stuffing, which will make it very uncomfortable.


Where to place a husband cushion?

These pillows can be placed anywhere. The most common places you will find them are on the couch, on the bed, or on the floor. If the filling of your pillow is made of traditional or shredded memory foam, avoid placing it in a humid spot, as that will deteriorate the shape of the pillow.


Getting one of these resting pillows is a great addition to any household. If you spend long periods of time reading, playing videogames, or watching television while sitting down in bed, you should think of investing in one of these items.

They lower the risk for back problems in the future and rectify bad posture, which is a big problem in developed countries. These cushions are perfect for pregnant women, elderly people, people with back problems, and anyone recovering from surgery.

Plus, since there are so many models to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect one for you!