Hollywood Is Like ‘1930s Germany Says Tim Allen

According to Tim Allen (Comedian), “1930s Germany” depicts the Hollywood scene for traditional actors whose beliefs vary from that of everybody else. The Home Improvement icon said while at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show that one has to be careful these nowadays as they can get ruffled up if their belief is contrary to what others believe: stating that it was just like Germany in the ‘30s.

He continued to say that how it came about, he doesn’t understand and that if you’re not part of a particular group that believes something different to yours, they might have a problem with that. Allen has made his political views known before, with this not being the first time. During the elections in 2016, he did an ad narration for John Kasich (the-then president hopeful) and has also had some good things to say about President Trump.

Before admitting on the Friday in the interview to attending the President’s inauguration ceremony in January, the comedian showed hesitation. He said that he was among the invited parties to the inauguration and that he attended a veteran’s ball and also did a VIP thing for veterans, saying he went to visit both Republicans and Democrats. He later admitting to attending the inauguration.

In response to Allen’s comments, Kimmel said he was not attacking him in a light mood. In November, Allen told Megyn Kelly (Fox News host) he found it odd in Hollywood that people didn’t favor Trump due to his bully side, but at the same time one would get bullied if they showed the slightest support for him; which seemed to be hypocritical for him.

Source: People

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