Hillary Clinton Criticized Because of Her ‘Future Is Female’ Slogan

Hillary’s “the future is female” statement from her latest speech has not only provoked a heated debate between her supporters and critics alike but has also landed her into a virtual lesbian separatist history text – probably without having the slightest idea concerning the story behind the future is female slogan. The former secretary of state casually cited the phrase in a video launching the 2017 MAKERS conference, a yearly event organized by AOL to bring together female leaders for “a bold agenda” creation, as stated on their website.

On the video aired Monday, Clinton said that regardless of all the hurdles on the way, she’s still confident that indeed the future is female. Just see how women with astounding energy, put together a march that excited millions of people across our country and throughout the globe last month. Clinton’s use of the phrase ignited an outbreak of passionate tweets from conservatives who yelled sexism, while it attracted praise from the advocates of women’s rights – some who even ridiculed the conservative outcry.

The 1970’s reanalyzed. The phrase that Clinton used relives from the 1970s lesbian separatist culture, and the conservatives that are criticizing it now will be surprised to know ‘the future is female’ phrase is enjoying an active second life today.

In 2015, the slogan became re-popularized by Otherwild, a lesbian-owned lifestyle brand, which produces a range of T-shirts and other items that feature the future is female in sharply clear lettering against a plain background. Otherwild owner Rachel Berks told NBC News that it was strange to hear the words coming from Clinton’s mouth.

Rakowski, who oversees a renowned Instagram account with over 70,000 followers, explained that It’s ridiculous to hear Clinton say ‘The Future Is Female.’ She never imagined that what she revived in the depths of the internet would be such a great cultural sensation.

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