Google Home Upgrades To Voice Shopping Like Amazon’s Alexa

Anyone who has had the opportunity to own an Amazon Echo will have some familiarity with The Google Assistant new features. The features will enable you to get your Home ordering daily essentials such as shampoos, toilet paper and much more from the Google Express Partners.

Your residence will determine the partners that will appear on your list with some being nationally available. Your location will also decide whether you’ll get same-day services, only 3-day or 2-day services or overnight services.

For you to purchase any item, you’ll have to say “Ok Google, order toilet paper.” Google states that the voice ordering feature might slightly differ with the one on Google Express homepage.

You’ll have to set up a payment method in the Google Home app for you to do any of these things and have the capability to purchase anything that ranges from $4-$100.

Shoppers will get free service charges up to the end of April 2017 when they order from Google home. This is a way of Google promoting the new service.

It’s important to take note that this feature can only be found on Google Assistant on Home. The enhanced feature is one of the missing pieces that Google Home lacked for some time. It’s similar to Amazon’s Alexa during its first days as it missed a lot of things, but as time went on, it adapted and was able to allow you order items from the company’s store. Not equating Google to Amazon, all that remains to see is the reception that this new service will get.