Best Electric Kettle for 2020: 6 Reviews and Buying Guide

An electric kettle is a must-have for every house. It’s the best thing since sliced bread! If you want a piping hot cup of tea or just speed up your pasta supper, this appliance will make your life infinitely more convenient. They’re even easier to use than traditional stovetop tea kettles.

There are hundreds of kettles on the market today: cheap, expensive, modern-looking, sophisticated, compact, large—you name it.

Today, we’re looking at the best electric kettle gadgets of the year. We’ve taken dozens of parameters into consideration to come up with this ultimate buying guide. You’ll find the one for you in no time.


1) Best-Rated Electric Kettle: Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Portable Boiler

Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

If you’re looking for a trusty standard kettle sold at a reasonable price, you’ve found your match. The Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Portable Boiler is the most utilitarian appliance out there.

You can boil up to one liter of water with this device in only a matter of minutes. When you’re filling it up, check the water level inside through the window on the side. The measuring markers let you be precise and avoid wasting water and power.

The auto-shut off function also helps save energy. When the water starts to boil, the kettle will turn itself off. On top of that, it also serves as boil dry protection, preventing irreversible damage to the appliance.

This cordless water kettle device is compact. Only the base has a thirty-inch cord, and even that is easy to store. Moreover, it doesn’t take up much counter space.

All these features have convinced over 11,000 customers on Amazons. With an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5, this is the best electric tea kettle you’ll find for a reasonable price.


2) Best Cheap Electric Kettle: Ovente BPA-Free Electric Glass Water Kettle

Ovente Electric Hot Water Kettle BPA Free

The Ovente Electric Glass Kettle is another great pick if you’re on a budget. Costing under $25, it surprised us with how efficient and trustworthy it is.

The first thing you’ll notice is the glass side panels and the colored LED that lights up when you’re boiling water. This appliance comes in eight different colors, meaning you can choose both looks and convenience.

Within seven minutes, the Ovente gadget boils its full capacity: 1.5 liters. That’s an improvement when compared to a traditional stovetop.

As soon as the water finishes boiling, the kettle will turn itself off thanks to the auto shut off feature. This saves you energy and prevents overboiling.

Since the heating element is concealed, you’ll be able to clean the bottom of the gadget without a hassle. If you notice any limescale deposits, simply soak it in some vinegar for an hour and wipe it clean with a damp rag.

Additionally, there is also a removable feature at the mouth of the kettle. It catches any mineral deposits that have formed and stops them from falling into your drink.


3) Electric Miroco Stainless Steel Pot for Coffee and Tea

Miroco Kettle

The Miroco Stainless Steel Pot takes a no-frills approach: it has a minimalist design, no complicated extra features, fits every kitchen, and works great.

The interior is completely made of stainless steel. Thus, it retains heat better and keeps plastic away from your boiling water. Since it is BPA-free, it’s also a better option if you’re worried about the impacts of plastic on your health.

Since this tea kettle has a double wall, it keeps cool to the touch, even when the water is already boiling. This is a great feature especially if you have children in the house, as it will keep them safe.

Another great aspect of this product is how quickly the heating element boils the water. 1.5 liters reach the boiling point in just six minutes.

Lastly, the boil dry protection is also a plus. It prolongs the kettle’s lifetime, making purchasing it a great investment.


4) Chefman Electric Kettle for Tea with Temperature Control

Chefman Electric Glass Kettle

The Chefman Kettle looks pretty run-of-the-mill, but once you look closer, you see that it’s anything but.

Besides boiling water like all other similar appliances, this kettle will also brew your tea for you. The mesh tea infuser holds the loose leaves during the brewing process. When you’re done infusing, you can remove it easily.

There are five variable temperature settings on the handle of the kettle. You can choose which one best suits your needs. For instance, if you’re brewing Oolong tea, you’ll want it at 195ºF.

Moreover, each of the temperature settings triggers a different color LED, for easy temperature reading. For 195ºF it is yellow. This is perfect for tea fanatics who want to brew the perfect cup.

Another great feature is the keep-warm function. When it’s turned on, the kettle will keep the water at the same temperature over up to 60 minutes.

On top of all that, this model also boasts boil dry protection and automatic shut off.


5) COSORI Black Matte 0.8-Liter Electric Gooseneck Kettle 

COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle

If you’re willing to splurge on a kettle, you’ll want to go that extra mile for this COSORI model. It performs great consistently, has a beautiful design, and boasts awesome features.

Like the previous model, this one lets you choose one of five adjustable temperature settings. Each one is suited for a different type of beverage and the buttons are labeled accordingly. For instance, the perfect temperature for pour-over coffee is 205ºF—and the button for that temperature setting says “coffee.” What could be more convenient?

If you want to boil water now and use it later, you can do that too. The “hold temperature” feature keeps the water warm or even close to boiling for up to one hour.

The stainless steel interior and exterior are great quality and make the price well worth it. 

The gooseneck spout isn’t just for looks. It lets you control the flow of hot water perfectly, which is handy for when you’re wetting a coffee filter or trying to brew specialty tea,

This is also a smaller model. Its capacity is of 0.8 liters, slightly less than any other model we’ve reviewed. If you don’t have much storage or counter space, this is a great kettle to consider.


6) Runner Up: Cuisinart PertfecTemp 1.7-Liter Cordless Kettle

Cuisinart CPK PerfecTemp Electric Kettle

Last but certainly not least there is the Cuisinart electric kettle. It is slightly more expensive than most models but it performs amazingly. Just look at the 5,000+ positive reviews on Amazon.

The biggest leg-up that this gadget has over the competition is the fact that it lets you control the water temperature. Whether you want to brew green tea at 175ºF or just boil some water, all you have to do is press one of the buttons on the handle.

On top of that, you can also keep your hot water at the same temperature for an hour, thanks to the “keep warm” feature.

Almost all of the kettle is made using stainless steel. This means the water stays warm for longer and that no boiling water comes in touch with poor-quality plastic.

Finally, the boil dry protection and auto shut off features will both prolong your kettle’s lifetime—and make this a more sound investment.


How to Choose the Best Kettle?: Buying Guide

Here comes the fun part: breaking down the components in most electric water boilers. If you haven’t found a model here that’s right for you, keep these features in mind when doing your own research. The best electric kettles will check off most of these boxes.

Kettle with cups of tea



First, think of how much water you’ll want to boil at once. We’ve seen boilers that can handle anywhere from 0.8 liters to 1.8 liters. That’s between 3.5 and 7.5 cups of water. Generally speaking, the larger the model, the steeper the price tag.



Next, consider what material you want your boiler to be made from. You’ll find appliances made of plastic, stainless steel, glass, and ceramic. They each have their own pros and cons:


Pro: Cheap and lightweight

Cons: May not be very durable and there may be some health risks

Stainless Steel:

Pro: Retains heat efficiently, lasts a long time and is completely safe

Cons: Heavy and scratches easily


Pro: Beautiful design and easy to fill with the right amount of water

Cons: Breaks relatively easy if not tempered correctly


Pro: Great design and safe for your health

Cons: Expensive and tends to crack if not handled properly


Simple Controls

Some models come with half a dozen added features. You don’t need them if all you’re looking for is a boiler that gets the job done. The most straightforward models are also the easiest to use, and they usually boast only a turn-on/turn-off switch and a button to open the lid.

If you’re looking for more advanced features, by all means, venture into the world of complex models! Adjustable temperature and keep warm settings are very useful if you want to brew a spectacular cup of tea or coffee.


Electric Kettle Design

When it comes to design, there are two options available: gooseneck and straight spout.

Gooseneck kettles are great for pouring tea elegantly and handy when it comes to making pour-over coffee. However, these models are usually more expensive and the gooseneck is fragile; if you hit it on the counter, there’s the neck chance it will break off.

Gooseneck Kettle

Straight spout kettles, on the other hand, pour a much wider stream of hot water. They’re not perfect for wetting coffee filters or stirring coffee grounds and you’ll end up with a mess. However, they do get the job done. Moreover, if you’re looking to boil water just so you can more quickly cook pasta or rice, this is a good model to turn to. Lastly, straight spouts are also much more durable and can withstand more wear and tear.

Straight Spout Kettle


Safety Features

Auto shut off is a must-have safety feature. When the water reaches its boiling point, the boiler turns itself off. Thus, you save money on electricity, prevent the kettle from overheating, and you’ll know exactly when the water is at the perfect temperature.

Another good feature to have is the boil dry protection. It stops the boiler from heating up when it detects the water tank is empty. That means you’ll save money in two ways: no wasting electricity if there’s no water to boil and no ruining a perfectly good kettle by overheating it.

Lastly, you may also want to invest in a boiler that has a double wall design. This keeps it cool to the touch, even when the water inside is boiling. If you have children around, this is an especially important feature to have.


Easy to Clean

To ensure your kettle keeps running for many years, you’ll need to clean it regularly. After each use, you should completely dry it to avoid rust. You’ll also need to remove any limescale deposits that build up at the bottom of the boiler.

This shouldn’t be a hassle, however. Boilers that have a straightforward design are the easiest to clean. They shouldn’t have too many crevices that are hard to reach. Plus, the lid should come off easily, too.


Final Words: What Is the Best Electric Kettle?

Taking all things into consideration, the best bang for your buck is the Amazon Basics one. It has the most basic features, which makes it easy to use. Plus, it’s easy to clean and easy to store.

If you don’t want to go too over budget but still want to try out some cool features, then the COSORI Gooseneck one is also a great pick. It lets you appreciate the quality of finer teas brewed at just the right temperature.

The Remington Russell will also be a good investment if you’re looking for a unique-looking and great-performing appliance. It works great and looks even better with its retro-inspired design. Plus, the temperature gauge gives you more control over how you brew your beverages.

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