Donald Trump’s Attacks On The Media Are Coming To Fruition

As far as Donald Trump’s brief political career is concerned, he’s been consistent in one area, which is: The media is biased, bad and just horrible people. According to the fresh polls from Gallup, it indicates that the Republicans who contributed to his rise in the primaries in 2016 now share the same view as that of Trump’s about the media.

Over six out of 10 people are of the opinion that the media has one party favored more than the other. That’s a sizeable increase compared to the 48% figure in 2003 when Gallup asked this question. The growth in the percentage is as a result of Republicans having an increased opinion that media is biased towards one side with self-identified Republicans totaling to 79% depicting the media as being biased. This is high compared to 2003’s 59%.

These numbers don’t come as a surprise as around two-thirds of the individuals that got polled reiterated that the media highly favored Democrats. Only 22% were of the opinion that the media favored Republicans with nine out of 10 Republicans saying that the media had a bias towards them.

Donald Trump was born and raised in the media/political environment, and that’s why he’s prospered. With many individuals during the campaign in the mainstream media rolling their eyes at his constant attacks on the media stating that journalists are biased people; it was a thought that many of the persons he was targeting were already sharing.

A point to note is that while the Republicans lead the biased campaign against the media, Democrats, on the other hand, don’t believe that the media is balanced and fair. According to the Democrats who say the media favors one party, 40% say the bias is against Republicans while 43% reiterate it’s against Democrats. That’s a 50/50 stalemate.

The growing mistrust in the media by people is part of a bigger trend that Gallup has recorded in regards to the decrease in faith in almost every institution in America. Every year, Gallup carries out a poll that gets people views on the trust level of 14 key institutions which might include the Supreme Court, Church or even television news. 32% of the people in 2016 said t their confidence was high in the 14 institutions. The last decade saw 10 out of the 14 entities examined by Gallup loose in terms of trust. Among the 10 losers were Congress, banks, organized religion and obviously the media.

Even though Trump didn’t invent the public’s distrust in the media, he surely capitalized on it.  With such high numbers, you can expect to hear more comments on the dishonesty of the media presenting what is referred to as “fake news”; this is at least until Trump’s term in office ends.

Source: CNN

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