Conor McGregor Says He Will Be Boxing Against Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor was the subject of discussion when the evening came to an end even though the night wasn’t centered around him. A simple request got it all started. St. Patrick’s Day was the day set to see Olympic silver medalist-Michael Conlan make his pro debut at Madison Square Garden; and who else would be the best fit to accompany him into the ring if it’s not the all-star McGregor?

Talking at Michael Conlan’s debut, McGregor reiterated that he was the guy who was going to take over boxing, assuring people that no one in the boxing realm knows what’s coming. He further stated that he would shock the whole world when he steps in the ring. He went on to say how confident, rangy, long and lethal he was with every hand and that the whole world would eat their words as he is boxing!

Well, these were just his comments, but he seemed to have taken the limelight from his requestor. McGregor achieved what he was meant to bring. Wearing a green peacoat and covered in the Irish flag, the 5,102 spectators were sparked into a frenzy by McGregor. The media was no exception to the frenzy as he passed on his message to Mayweather.

Mayweather announced last week that he would come out of retirement with the primary objective of getting into a ring with McGregor. Dana White (UFC boss) known to be the biggest hindrance to fights said on the Conan show that the fight was a go and he wouldn’t block the top-rated fight.

McGregor initially had kept calm and did what had brought him there (supporting Conlan) after questions about Floyd were brought to him while in the ring. He said that it was all about Conlan that night and that he was there to support him.

True to his word, he was supportive to Conlan during the fight and shouts of encouragement could be heard from him to Conlan on how to beat his opponent. McGregor threw the miniature flag he was holding in celebration after Conlan finally ended the show in Round three.

McGregor seems to command a large crowd as all eyes are locked on him. He could be soon heading to the boxing ring for a huge fight that would see the whole world stay awake to watch and pay millions to attend.

Source: USAToday

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