Clippers Closer To Carmelo Anthony After Losing To Warriors

The Golden State Warriors triumphs over the Los Angeles Clippers for the eighth consecutive time

Oakland, CA – After their latest humiliating loss to the Golden State Warriors on Saturday night, the Los Angeles Clippers plodded off the Oracle Arena Court. With a 144-98 score, it would have been easier for them to let go of this one and forget about it. They were, after all, playing without their star point guard, Chris Paul following his thumb surgery, and Blake Griffin, who is just back after recovering from a knee surgery.

However, Clippers didn’t do that. Their locker room inside Oracle was dead silent, and the quotes from the room were a real reflection of its mood.

“It’s humiliating; it’s like we just went through the motions.” Stated Griffin.

I can’t recall ever losing a game like this. This is the worst loss in my career.” Lamented J.J. Redick.

Bagging eight losses to the Warriors, (not counting the 50-point loss during the preseason in October) makes it certain; the chances of Clipper beating the Golden state soon are low.

Despite their loss, the Clippers can be quite a force. When the healthy Griffin, Paul, Redick, and DeAndre Jordan formed the main team, the Clippers would point to a leading start: when they had the league’s best record, second-best defense and second-best offense: and when back to its normal state, that’s what the team can look like. Truth be told, after the arrival of Steve Kerr in 2014, the Warriors have won all their matches against Southern California and are now 9-1 on Christmas day in 2014 (767 days and counting)

Rivers said, “Winning eight consecutive times {against someone} would give me a mental edge.”

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