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Review The Best Body Shaper 2020

Every woman wants an attractive body.

Why not spice things up a little bit with an article of body shapewear?

Some women may have well found internal peace about their appearance, but there are still some that don’t feel beautiful in their own skin.

Body shapers have been created to help give you a more natural shape, and is an option that could help to a certain degree.

If you’d like to cover up those minor imperfections and give your body a more natural shape, a women’s body shaper added into your closet arsenal of attire might give you just the confidence boost you need.

Many women like using shapewear to enhance their professional apparel and shape their body into a specific contour for that extra pizazz-az. Or, to help with weight loss reduction, or with post-pregnancy to help the body tone and firm back up. These garments are even worn for extra warmth in colder climates, too.

And yes, there is shapewear for women, but also for men- they’re made for both genders, but we’re just going to focus on the female ones.

What is a Body Shaper?

You don’t necessarily have to spend a decade of your life being a gym rat to get that toned body you’ve been after. A body shaper allows you to hide away body fat you might otherwise be conscious about.

It’s as easy as selecting the right article of shapewear for your needs, the type of fabric you want, and remembering to choose the proper size in your search for the right piece of women’s shapewear.

Let’s move on to some shapewear for women items to consider when browsing for one of these nifty lingerie-style garments to add to your wardrobe.

Types of Body Shapers:

Typically, body shapers cover the hip area and have low cuts under the chest area, to still allow the wearer to use a bra.

However, there are different types of them – some models may be formulated only for the waist, while others may be made for the legs, or the upper sides near the pectorals.

Corset: There are models out there that have more of a body shaper corset design, but just know that they don’t “suck in” quite as much as one would that covers the hip area. There are also trainer corsets that will give your figure an eye-catching silhouette.

Waist: Body shaper waist corsets are great for cinching in that extra tummy fat you may have from pregnancy or from holiday overeating.

Work-Out: Body shapewear options for your workout include items like workout bands to increase your amount of perspiration, toning shorts and shaping leggings.

Shaping Camis: This type of bodywear is designed for use everyday use to reduce muffin tops and any lumps.

Panty Shapers: Another option of shapewear is panties/slips that can be worn under everyday clothing or under professional wear.

Facts to Consider when Choosing Body Shapers:

In your quest to select the perfect shapewear for women for you, you may also want to consider the fabric that’s been used for the product.

Types of Fabrics:

The type of fabric you choose for your shapewear is key and plays a huge role in the quality and overall experience of wearing your new garment.

Shapewear fabric is generally made of nylon and spandex. This is ideal to wear if you live in a colder climate and need a little extra body heat, as it helps the body retain heat and stay warm.

Nylon and spandex are the most popular materials, but cotton and microfibers are also great alternatives. Cotton provides a soft and cooler feel, and helps with moisture absorption if the body begins to sweat. If you struggle with body odor, microfiber helps combat that.

Latex is also a common material that body shapewear is designed with that is elastic yet firm. Nothing outbeats its compression and sheer durability – just remember to not wash it in the washing machine.

If you’re allergic to latex, there are also latex-free liners that have a hypoallergenic design and that wick away excess sweat you might have during a workout or hot sunny day.

If you’re planning on wearing silk underneath your shapewear, you may want to select seamless shapewear for that invisible look. It’s important to consider not only the fabric of the shapewear you’re investing in, but also the type of fabric on the clothes you’re wearing underneath.

Comfort is essential when it comes to fabric that’s going to be touching your skin all day long.

Thickness of fabric:

If you’re going to be wearing your new undergarment in the heat of the Summer, it’s not recommended to wear thicker style ones, as you may sweat bullets.

If you opt for a thicker one, set it aside for winter or if you’re one of those that are on a weight loss mission.

Again, it’s all about comfortability, so buy according to the season you’re in.

What else to consider before buying shapewear for women?

-Target areas: Contemplate your target areas, and go with a garment that accentuates that part of your body.

If you’re looking for full body shapers, consider the sizing. For example, the top section of your body may be larger or smaller than the lower half, so you may want to potentially buy separate shapers, thataway you could pair it with the bra of your choice. It’s just little things like this you want to think about.

-Compression Level:

The higher the compression, the more exciting the results. With less compression, you’ll have more flexibility. Examples of shapewear that has a high compression level include cinchers, cincher underbust corsets, girdles, and hosiery apparel.

-Is it seamless or not?

Is having a seamless design important to you? If an invisible finish is a look you’re after, then consider a women’s body shapewear that is seamless.

-Is it a zippered closure?

The positive side of a zippered closure is that it’s easy to put on. It just might be slightly visible underneath your clothes.

Now, if you don’t have a zippered closure, it will be more discreet – it might just take a few extra minutes to get dressed and get it fastened.

Other Tips to consider when selecting shapewear for women:

  • Stick to your normal size. Some women tend to size down for extra firmness, but this can just cause unwanted bulges, discomfort, and can even make you look bigger. Many that have negative comments to say about shapewear just aren’t wearing shapewear that fits them. So, verify you have your correct measurements prior to shopping online.
  • The higher the nylon content, the more the product will alter your shape.
  • High-quality waist trainers are just another term for cinchers.
  • Know that you may be losing anywhere between 3-4 inches from your waist.

Without further ado, here are the best body shapers we could find on the market:

Best Body Shapers

We have selected seven of the best quality body shapers for women out of the many models available, and have highlighted the pros and cons of each. We chose a variety of models made from different materials, for different body parts, and ones that will cinch up the area around the waist. Let’s hop on over to this list to save you some time:

7. Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear High Waist Brief Firm Control

Women's Maidenform Shapewear

Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear is a more affordable option one of that highlights curves for that hourglass figure, and is one of the best stomach enhancing solutions out there.

The high waist gives it a sensual look and it’s also discreet as can be, providing you with a perfect fit, too.

It’s made from silicon so it won’t roll down and is formulated with a 2 supply mesh liner, making it easy to wear all day long with utmost comfortability. This is also made of nylon, elastane, and cotton.

Flexees Maidenform waist trainer comes in many colors including beige, black, and white, as well as a variety of sizes.

Note that if you’re in between sizes, it’s recommended to go down a size for best compression, and also not to machine wash it to prevent damage.

The Maidenform has adjustable straps so you don’t have to wear a bra underneath and lets those ta-ta’s breathe.

Also, these may feel a little tight in the beginning, but with time the garment will lessen and expand naturally. But, if you’re in need of a reliable piece of shapewear that will also give you the booty lift you’ve been looking for, consider this brand.


  • Comes in many colors
  • Has 2-Supply Mesh Liner
  • Made from silicon material to prevent the shapewear from rolling down
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable


  • Can be a little tight at the beginning
  • It can be slightly uncomfortable when going to the bathroom

6. Huluwa Summer Corset

Huluwa Summer Corset

One of the best body shapers, the Huluwa summer waist trainer corset is an effective body shaper that is perfect to wear on a hot Summer afternoon.

This shaper for women feels good on your skin – it’s made from nylon and spandex, giving it nice elasticity while allowing for the skin to breathe.

A plus is that this one is affordable and won’t break the bank, if you’re trying to pinch pennies and are still looking for one of the best quality women’s shapewear.

Plus, this company offers a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product.

Huluwa offers some of the best body shapers after delivery of your newborn.

This one can be worn after having a baby – it offers the support and compression your body needs to swing your body back into shape post-delivery. It also helps relieve lower back pain, and provides midsection support, while improving your posture.

If you need to order this one in a jiff, the handling time is just one business day.


  • Durable
  • Great for hot summer days
  • Very elastic and feels nice on the skin
  • Can’t tell you’re wearing it underneath your clothes
  • Offers a comfortable fit


  • It’s not recommended to wash it in the washing machine

5. Fajas Salome Colombianas Body Shaper

Fajas Salome women's body shapewear

Fajas Salome Colombianas body shaper promises a comfortable fit that will have you forgetting you are even wearing shapewear.

One of the best body shapers for stomach, the Fajas Colombianas is made with the very elastic fabric of elastane and the durable material of polyamide – this shapewear comfortably contours to your body.

This gem is designed to be worn underneath clothes while providing an invisible and seamless look, and improving posture and waistline at the same time. Plus, it won’t roll down, giving you the peace of mind that it will stay in place all day.

This women’s body shapewear is easy to put on with a zippered closure in the front and features adjustable shoulder straps to make the fit as custom as possible for your body type. This makes it easy for postpartum support when you need to easily be able to get dressed into your clothes.

The waist trainer Colombiana is available in the old school colors of white and black, and in 5 different sizes.


  • Made from highly elastic and comfortable fabric
  • Beneficial for post-partum recovery
  • Zippered closure in the front for ease of use
  • Tight fit (in a good, cozy way)
  • Durable shaper for women


  • A bit pricier than other brands

4. Gotoly Curves Adjustable Straps Body Shaper

One of the best body shapers on the market, the Gotoly Curves Shaper

The Gotoly Curves Shapers Adjustable Straps Body Shaper is an underbust corset bodysuit that’s designed to be discreet and comfortable to wear.

This magical option will also reduce your waistline, giving your body a sexy shape.

It has a zippered closure on the front and adjustable shoulder straps, hook and eye closure on the inside, and an open bust design that you can adjust to be however tight or loose you want it.

The Gotoly can be used to control your abdomen and back, and hide any waist fat you might have lurking around. This is also one of the best feminine undergarments to get that hourglass figure.

Since it has a lower cut around the chest area, you can wear a bra underneath it if you’re set on wearing one, or under your tank top to minimize any belly fat leftover from holiday treats.

If you’re investing in a body shaper for weight loss, this one is a good option, as it’s designed with thick material that makes you sweat. This body shaper is meant to increase body heat and aid in weight loss, so this would be a good purchase if you’re trying to lose a bit of weight.

One of the best body shapers for back fat, the Gotoly shaper for women helps in giving the tummy a flatter appearance, too. Women in reviews mention this as well.

A feature of this one is that it seems to be nearly invisible under your normal clothes, so feel free to wear as loud and as colorful of clothing as you’d like underneath – it’s for your eyes only.

This is ideal to handwash in cold water to extend the life of the fabric.


  • Zipper closure
  • U-type anti-droop breast design
  • Firm control over armpit and back fat
  • Pure cotton lining inside that’s very comfortable
  • Ideal for yoga, gym, sports, body shaping


  • It’s recommended to handwash to extend

3. Sunzel Women’s Body Briefer Smooth Wear

Sunset Body Shaper

The Sunzel Women’s body briefer smooth body wear is a popular option for many women.

One of the best body shapers that’s been designed with durable fabrics of nylon and elastane, you won’t have to worry about it tearing, and your skin will still be able to breathe.

It’s also very easy to wear -it can be worn under clothes – and, even with a bra.

The Sunzel smooth body briefer provides firm control over waist and abdominal area, smooths your body and gives you that extra flattering, curvy shape you want.

A feature of this shaper for women is the plush, wide-set straps that will stay in place. It’s also seamless, and has a hook and eye closure. It comes with instructions and a sizing guide to clarify any questions you might have.

To prevent tearing, handwashing is recommended.


  • A bra can be worn with it
  • Firm control around the waist and abdominal region
  • Easy to wear
  • Made from durable fabric
  • 360 degrees of firm control


  • Handwashing is recommended
  • Some users complain it has too many hooks

2. Bali Lace ‘N Smooth Firm Control Bodysuit

One of the best body shapers, Bali Lace N Smooth Shapewear


Bali Lace ‘N Smooth Firm Control Bodysuit is one that will give you a seamless and slimming look all over, targeting all your areas instead of just one.

This smokin’ body shapewear is made of nylon and spandex, with a cotton liner, and the material also features semi-sheer smooth material and stretchy, soft lace.

The Bali Lace ‘N Smooth features seamless and supportive underwire bra cups with double layer fabric, as well as adjustable straps that won’t stretch out. The bra straps are also padded and will not slide and cause the bra part to ride up in the back.

Another cool tidbit about this waist trainer is that it has a hook and eye closure “down under” for ease of going to the bathroom, and you won’t be stuck with any panty lines.

A plus for this one is that the design and style are aesthetically pleasing, so you’ll feel beautiful wearing it – and, the lace is so soft and comfortable to where when the end of the day comes, you might not want to take it off.

Some users have mentioned that the sizing can run a bit small, so you may want to consider purchasing a size bigger than you normally do. Also, if you’re looking for extra firm control in the midsection, you may want to opt for a different brand, as this one doesn’t give very firm support in that area.


  • Hook and eye closure for the crotch for easy bathroom accessibility
  • Seamless
  • Semi-sheer and smooth lace
  • All-over slimming
  • Features non-stretch straps that are fully adjustable


  • Some wish it had more firmness around the midsection
  • Some also say this Lace ‘N Smooth model runs a bit small in size

1. SHAPERX Camellia’s Women’s Seamless Firm Control Shapewear

Camellias bodysuit

One of the best body shapers on the market, the SHAPERX Camellia’s Women’s seamless firm control shapewear gives you a sensuous look.

Designed to slim the midsection with firm stomach control, this tummy control shapewear to accentuate your natural curves, the SHAPERX boasts a high waist cincher design to reduce waistline and that will also assist with popstpartum support.

This full body bodysuit shapewear is made of nylon, spandex, and latex, giving this excellent elasticity and durability.

A feature of this one is that it has three layers that give you a slim appearance while remaining breathable, sweat-free, and moisture-wicking so you can feel comfortable in it throughout the day.

One of the best body shapers after pregnancy – this shapewear can be used for postpartum toning. It presses down on the skin, while not being overly restrictive, and offers the support your abdominals need to bounce back to the shape they were once in before pregnancy.

Another feature of this Camellia’s seamless suit is that it provides the appearance of a lifted bust and improved posture, with a lessened back bulge.

The Camellia control shapewear bust bodysuit can be worn without a bra because the bust area has a lower cut, too. This is also one of the best articles of clothing for compression to wear under dresses or under whatever you want, for that matter.

Some reviewers do say that Camellia’s can run a bit small, so you might want to buy a size bigger than normal.

This selection is also available in many different colors and sizes. It’s also pretty affordable and quick to arrive.


  • 3 layer construction to help with weight loss
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Can be worn beneath clothes
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Great for postpartum recovery


  • Some say the thong part is uncomfortable – to each their own
  • Some users say it’s a tight fit, so you may want to consider going up a size

Whatever your intentions are behind purchasing an article of womens shapewear, you’re sure to find the right one to meet your needs with a bit of research. Just consider your body type and your goals, and go from there.

Whether you’re looking to burn fat quickly, use the body shaper as a waist cincher, or for postpartum recovery, the right full body shaper is out there for you that not only gets the job done, but that’s also comfortable to wear.

Of course, body shapers are only a temporary solution to these first world problems, so know that these things take work and will not be magically cured overnight.

How We Ranked

We included women’s shapewear ranging from spanks to waist cinchers, to full body suits, and only included the options with the best quality fabric, ease of wearing beneath clothes, firm control, durability, and overall function.

We also considered how established the brand is, and the number of reviews there are on major consumer sites on the web. We didn’t include any that had negative reviews from users. Regardless of what the company claims the product to be, customers have the finals say in its effectiveness.

In the end, we wanted to verify the products we featured are safe, easy to use, comfortable to wear, and mask those spots where you have excess body fat or pudge.


What should I buy if I want full body shaping?

You might buy a full body suit for maximum coverage. This saves you the time of having to go through multiple separate pieces to find ones that match.

What type of fabric is the most breathable?

If you want to opt for the most airflow in your shapewear possible, you may elect for cotton, as it works well for moisture absorption and offers breathability.

Which women’s body shapewear is best for me?

This depends on your needs, what type of fabric you want, and what part of your body you’re trying to use the shapewear on.

Do the research and decide for yourself.