Best Electric Shaver for Women

Finding the perfect electric shaver for your legs can prove to be quite the quest.

Let’s face it – as a woman, a razor is a key aspect of your routine and life, and having an electric shaver can nicely speed up this aspect of your shaving routine!

If you’re all about finding the most suitable electric shaver to meet your legs needs, you’ll find this list of best electric shavers for women helpful, as it highlights the top eleven to date, with unique contrasts and varying price ranges.

11. Eunon Women’s Shaver Bikini Trimmer, Body Hair Removal for Legs and Underarms, Rechargeable

This Eunon women’s wet dry shaver comes with three high-speed blades that are perfect for the armpits, legs, and bikini area, a travel pouch, and it even comes with an extra replacement head.

For those that have sensitive skin, the blades on this one are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel, not nickel-free blades, but heck – they are a great choice if you’re looking for the next best thing. This comes with three blades- a straight blade, floating foil, and a curved blade –  So, pick an area to shave and choose what edge you’d like to use. They all give you a clean, custom shave in a matter of minutes.

A neat feature of this shaver is that it comes with an LED light to make it easier to see those blind spots. It’s also waterproof, and can be used for wet or dry shaving.

Once charged, this shaver will last for about an hour before it needs to be plugged in again.


A women's razor that features hypoallergenic blades

10. Srocker Electric Lady Shaver, 3 in 1 Bikini Trimmer, Body Hair Removal, USB Rechargeable with LED light

This select electric shaver for women, Srocker offers a USB rechargeable, three-in-one bikini trimmer and electric razor that can be used in all the sensitive areas and more on your body.

A feature of this product is the rounded pearl-tip trimmers in front of and behind the shaving foil, and the safety bars behind the trimmer that ensure no scrapes or nicks while shaving.

One slight con is that some reviewers say it takes a long time to use. Well, this depends on how much body hair you have and how long you’ve ‘let it go’ for – so, take this with a grain of salt.

One of the electric shavers for women that won't result in nicks or cuts

Top Features:

  • Gentle, close shave
  • Can be used for facial hair
  • A single charge lasts for one hour of use
  • Ergonomic design
  • LED light to illuminate your body hairs

9. Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver, 3-Blade, Cordless, Women’s Electric Razor with Pop-up Trimmer

One of the best electric shavers that features both foils and a hypoallergenic three-blade system for those with sensitive skin, Panasonic offers an uncontentable shaving experience. But, of course, this electric shaver is suitable for those of all skin types, not just for you sensitive folk!

If you like to travel, this brand compacts nicely, and is also cordless. Reviewers comment that this Panasonic is very easy to clean, if you’re running low on time!

One slight downfall is that sometimes you have to run the razor back and forth a few times to really get all of the hairs, but you won’t be left with any bumps or ingrown hairs, according to Amazon reviewers. If you have long hair, just use the trimmer that this razor comes with first, before using the electric razor.

Panasonic electric shaver for women that's easy to clean

Top Features:

  • Sleek, ergonomic design for maximum shave control
  • Can use wet and dry
  • Three-blade system to glide with the female body’s contours
  • Hypoallergenic razor blades
  • Pop-up bikini trimmer included

8. Philips SatinShave Essential Women’s Electric Shaver for Legs, Cordless HP6306

This cordless electric shaver for women by Philips is great for those with sensitive skin that want a smooth shave, with its hypoallergenic foil feature, and this razor quickly removes all of those hairs you don’t want.

This is a perfect electric shaver for even a “first-time” shaver for young girls and for teenagers, but equally appealing for adults needs as well.

Users comment that the batteries last quite a while, for those of you that don’t want to be concerned constantly with charging it. Reviewers also state that they never have to deal with cuts or nicks of any sort when using this brand of electric shaver.

One minor con is that you can’t use this on the face- can’t win ’em all!

Satinshave Panasonic electric razor for first-time shavers

Top Features:

  • Comes with two AA batteries, a travel cap, and a cleaning brush
  • Compact design for easy travel
  • Hypoallergenic foil feature that protects against sensitive skin/cuts
  • Easy one-speed function
  • Works great in the bathtub or shower, per what reviewers say

7. Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver, 4- Blade Cordless, Electric Razor with Bikini Attachment and Pop-Up Trimmer

This Panasonic electric shaver for women works great for all parts of the body, in either wet or dry conditions, so with or without water, foam, soap, and all that foofy stuff.

Do charge for twenty-four hours before you first use this one.

One slight con is that there is not a battery meter to notify you of when the razor is getting close to being on its last limb of battery life. So, you just kind of have to judge it by how often you use it, and then gauge when you think you should recharge it. Better to be overcharged than undercharged, some might say.

This Panasonic electric razor works with your curves

Top Features:

  • A flexible head that pivots to match the contour of your body
  • Wet/dry electric shaver and trimmer all-in-one
  • It’s stainless steel blades are hypoallergenic
  • Clean-up time is a matter of seconds, and it only takes an hour to charge
  • Slim, cordless design

6. Lavany Women’s Electric Razor Rechargeable Ladies Electric Shaver for Legs and Underarms

One of the electric shavers for women’s legs that is easy to use, Lavany electric razor allows you to trim within every nook and cranny of your corps!

This electric shaver will not leave you with any shaving bumps or skin inflammation, and will give you a lovely, close shave. Whew!

When using this razor, no shaving cream is necessary, but you can use it if you are so inclined. If your leg hair can sometimes be unruly, some reviewers say this brand even works nicely on thicker leg hair.

One disadvantage is that the charge light does not have a way of notifying you of when it’s fully charged. It’s just best to go by the instruction manual’s guidance and unplug it after about twelve hours.

Note this product comes with a storage pouch and a cleaning brush.

An electric shaver for women that can be used wet or dry

Top Features:

  • Built-in light so you can see the tiniest of hairs
  • Eight hours of use after one hour of charging
  • Works well on arms, legs, bikini line, and underarms
  •  Waterproof
  • The company offers a one-year satisfaction guarantee

5. Remington WSF4810 Women’s Travel Foil Shaver

This cordless Remington ladies shaver features a special design that lifts and manages flat-lying, stubborn hairs for uniform results, and works especially well for the bikini line.

This electric shaver for women is great for quick touch-ups and for if you want to pack it in your purse for a weekend away. It also prevents cuts and scratches, with its smooth trim and easy to use shave process.

One slight con is that a few of the electric shaver for women reviews comment that this razor could give a closer shave. But, this depends on your individual expectations. It’s nothing a full charge can’t handle!

An electric shaver for women that is compact for travel

Top Features:

  • Battery-run on two AAA batteries
  • Compact for easy travel
  • Angled head for a quick shave
  • Excellent for bikini line
  • Three-blade shave

4. Kakusii Women’s Shaver Multi-Function Waterproof Rechargeable Electric Razor with Bikini Trimmer, Facial Cleansing Brush, and Facial Massager

A best electric shaver for women, this Kakusii women’s electric shaver comes in a three-in-one kit, complete with a shaver head, facial cleansing brush for a deep facial scrub, and face massage head for any sore parts of your body you’d like massaged. The electric shaver works for not only the legs, but also for the armpits and bikini line.

It comes in a cute design with a sleek color scheme, and also comes with a carrying case if you want to take it with you on-the-go. If you’re the type to be in a hurry and not have time to get your legs wet and lather them up with shaving cream, this one can be used as a dry shaver.

One particular highlight of this electric razor is that it’s waterproof, so feel free to use it in the steamy shower without a worry!

According to some users, you can even use the pivoting head on the facial massage attachment on your shoulders if they’re needing some extra love.

One downfall of this brand is that some reviewers state it can be louder than other competing razors. So, if you have sensitive ears – perhaps play a song on your phone so you focus on that instead of the razor sound.

A best waterproof electric shaver for women

Top Features:

  • Comes with stress-free warranty
  • Rechargeable- three hours of charging lasts one hour
  • Comes with a bikini trimmer
  • 3-in-one foil-shaver head to smoothly eliminate hairs
  • Can use the massage attachment on your shoulders in the shower

3. Women’s Electric Razor Shaver Trimmer by Earthen Beauty Naturals

Earthen Beauty Naturals offers this great electric shaver for women that is small but powerful, and built to withstand time. Its ergonomic design has been made especially for a woman’s body, and promises a close, smooth silky shave, perfect for those sultry, glossy legs that look good freshly-shaven at all times of the year!

A good choice if you’d like to be able to charge this on-the-go, this rechargeable shaver comes with a USB charging cable, and also a cleaning brush. Since it doesn’t require a charging stand, it takes up minimal space.

The cool part about this lady shaver is that this one comes with a trimmer for removing those pesky longer hairs, and a shaving foil for shorter hair that might air more on the coarse side of the spectrum.

If you want that all-day leg glow, you might consider lathering on some almond oil to those sexy legs!

One slight con is some reviewers contend that this shaver is not truly as waterproof as what is stated on the packaging.

If you decide it’s not to your liking when you receive it, the company offers a money-back guarantee.

An electric razor for women that's easy to take on-the-go

Top Features:

  • Battery- rechargeable
  • Pain-free no nicks or scratches
  • Lite touch glide technology that makes shaving a gentle experience
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied
  • LED light shows charge-level

2. Electric Razor for Women 3 in one ABS Waterproof Women Cordless, Rechargeable by Megainvo

This women’s electric shaver features a three-in-one sharp blade and has a reliable performance index that will get every last stubborn hair.

The company even offers a lifetime sale service if you have any questions or need any assistance.

It’s quick and easy to use, easily rinsing under running water afterward. You can use it on all areas of the body – the legs, face, underarms, and bikini line. Heck – you could even use it on your toes!

A con is that some reviewers say the electric shaver could cut closer to the root of the hair follicle, in addition to a thirty-day money back guarantee.

Womens electric shaver by Megainvo that's easy to use

Top Features:

  • 3-D Floating foil for painless hair removal
  • Rechargeable-battery operated
  • Waterproof- can be used wet or dry
  • Cute, modern style
  • Comes with a curved blade for armpits and a straight blade for legs and other areas

1. Remington Smooth & Silky Smooth Glide Rechargeable Shaver

It’s difficult to list a “number one,” as the razor you choose strictly depends on your preferences, needs, and price-range.

But we ranked this one at number one for its comfort and convenience – this Remington Smooth and Silky Smooth Glide Rechargeable Saver is worth every penny. It’s feasible for any sensitive area that needs to be shaved, and it’s almond oil strip eaves you with smooth-feeling skin afterward. Bye-bye, unwanted hair!  This beauty can also be used wet or dry, in case you’re in a hurry.

It’s even 100% waterproof, just in case you are a klutz and accidentally drop it in the bathtub! Also, some users say the battery charge lasts for roughly a week, so if you want to go on vacation and not have to worry about charging your shaver, you might consider this electric shaver for women.

One con is that replacement heads are not available for purchase on Amazon. So, if you want an extra, you may consider purchasing from the Remington website.

This Remington women's shaver provides a clean shave

Top Features:

  • Smooth glide-technology with open-blade  cutting system
  • Four blade shaver
  • Unique foil design that allows for even shaving of all hairs
  • Speedy with a smooth finish
  • Comes with almond oil strip to moisturize skin


Are electric shavers safe?

Yes, they are safe, provided you are responsible with them. As long as your electric shaver is waterproof, you can bring it in the shower or bath with you, but otherwise, it might not be the safest idea to do otherwise.

What is a top of the line electric shaver for women?

This depends on your needs. Do you prefer a battery-powered razor or a rechargeable one? Are you interested in taking your razor traveling with you? If so, you might prefer to buy a compact one. Do you care about how many blades there are? Do you have sensitive skin? These are all things to consider when purchasing a razor.

What is wet/dry razor technology?

With this technology, one is able to use the razor while in the shower with soap or foam, which minimizes irritation and razor bumps. Or, you can opt to shave outside of the shower with no water or soap. It’s your choice. So, if you’re in a hurry and don’t feel like taking time to shower, opt for the no-fuss option, whereas, if you have a leisurely evening to yourself, you might consider bathing and enjoying the process moreso.

How can an electric razor save me money in the long-run?

Making a one-time purchase of a rechargeable electric razor would prevent you from having to buy disposable razors throughout the year, and also from polluting landfills with extra garbage.

How can I extend the life of my electric shaver?

It’s a great idea to clean the razor after every use to extend razor life, and make sure to get out all of the tiny hairs out – using warm water if necessary. And, when not in use, store it in a dry environment.

To ensure the parts continue to run smoothly, typically you might want to consider applying a drop of shaver lubricating oil to reduce any friction that might occur. However, with electric razors, they are generally automatically endowed with all of the internal lubrication they need for a lifetime supply of use.

If any of your razor parts do need replacing, don’t wait until the last minute to replace them. Instead, replace them as soon as they need fixin’ so you don’t put any further strain on the motor than needed.

Should I consider the number of blades on the razor?

The more blades, the closer your shave will be. Oh, and the blades that pivot are nifty for getting the contours of your body.

What brand is the best?

Whether it be a Panasonic, Remington, or a Braun Series (that actually didn’t make this article but is an excellent brand), you get what you pay for. As always, this depends on your needs.