Reviewing Best Deodorant for Women

You’ve probably been using deodorant since you hit puberty, and nothing seems easier than walking down an aisle in the pharmacy or grocery store and picking out the same kind that you have been using for years. But consider that if something is such a regular part of your daily hygiene routine, and that it dramatically improves your quality of life (who wants to walk around with pit stink?), then you probably should put some serious thought into it. Maybe you are simply fed up with the type of deodorant you’ve been using and want to try something new, but what is the best deodorant?

Different Kinds of Deodorants for Women

Regular Deodorant. Regular deodorant is the kind that you buy and don’t even think about. They may be advertised on television and can usually be purchased quite cheaply – from less than $1 per container to around $15 for the more quality stuff. These types of women’s deodorants control body odor, usually with a small amount of aluminum, and may be either lightly scented or fragrance free. Some regular deodorants are aluminum free, for people who are concerned about the effects of aluminum on their bodies. They may have a mild antiperspirant action, which also helps stop sweating. If you have always used regular deodorant and never had a problem with it, there is probably no reason to change.

Antiperspirant deodorant. Sweating is a normal, healthy process. The body uses it to cool itself off and to purge itself of impurities. One of the main places that you sweat is under your arms, which can be uncomfortable for people but is usually remedied by a basic, regular deodorant with a mild antiperspirant. Some people, however, sweat a lot. They may sweat after a heavy workout, but on a more extreme end, some people sweat so heavily on a daily basis that the sweat can be seen all the way down the sides of their clothes. People in this situation may need to use an antiperspirant.

Antiperspirants, in addition to preventing body odor, eliminate or significantly reduce underarm sweating, usually with a high aluminum concentration (10 to 15%). Antiperspirants should be used in moderation, because again, sweating is a normal, healthy function, and preventing your body from carrying it out can cause health problems. This notion is a primary difference between antiperspirant and deodorant.

Clinical deodorant. Most people have a pretty regular amount of body odor that needs to be controlled and some sweating, but some people have them so seriously that it impacts their quality of life. Clinical deodorants have a very high aluminum concentration – 20 to 25% – to help eliminate both in people who need something stronger. Contrary to what the name suggests, you don’t need a prescription for clinical deodorant. If you need to use a clinical deodorant, you should apply it in the evening instead of in the morning so that it can work better.

Hypoallergenic deodorant. Some people have sensitive skin that may break out in a rash from using regular deodorants. The fragrance usually causes this, but it can also be due to another component. Hypoallergenic deodorants are not scented and are formulated with ingredients specific for different types of skin.

Although knowing different types of deodorants is helpful, you still need to discover the best women’s deodorant. In order to do so, you need to understand the various forms.

Different Forms of Deodorant

Spray. Spray deodorants come in an aerosol can and do not require direct skin contact in order to be used. The downsides are the environmental impact of aerosols and the strong scent that can fill the room. However, if you are in a position in which you have to share deodorant with someone, like a sibling, you probably want to go with a spray because there is no direct skin contact.

Roll on. Roll on deodorant is in liquid form. The container has a ball on top, and when you shake the bottle, the ball gets coated with the liquid deodorant. You can then rub it under your arms. Don’t ever share this kind of deodorant.

Solid. Solid deodorants are probably the most common. The deodorant comes in a container as a creamy bar. You turn a dial to push up the bar and apply it to your underarms; it quickly melts. These deodorants do tend to get onto your clothes, so make sure you find one that doesn’t cause this problem. Another downside is that in a hot environment, the bar may melt.

Gel. Gel deodorants come in a container similar to solids but are in a gel form. The dial pushes the gel up through a filter, and it can then be applied. This kind tends to be better for sensitive skin and doesn’t leave the same residue on clothes.

Other kinds include crystals, patches (similar to nicotine patches), and pastes. However, these are much less common.

Additional Things to Understand Regarding the Best Women’s Deodorant

There are significant differences between chemical deodorants and natural deodorants. Chemical deodorants are very effective at eliminating odors and excessive perspiration, but they do so by using industrial chemicals. Natural deodorants use only products found in nature (usually organic versions), but they are generally not effective at reducing perspiration. If you want to switch from a chemical deodorant to a natural one, be aware that there will be a transition period, as your body will not to shed the chemical toxins and adjust its pH. Some people report rashes or increased body odor upon changing to natural deodorants, but these problems can usually be alleviated through a “pit detox.”

Evidence does suggest that using deodorant that inhibits underarm perspiration entirely can increase the risk for breast cancer, as the toxins that accumulate in the lymph nodes near the underarms are not able to escape. Unless you need a powerful antiperspirant for sweating that is out of control, try to stick with something that will allow you to sweat some, at least at night. Many people opt for natural deodorants because they can help clear out the lymph nodes through their natural ingredients and ability to normalize the body’s pH.

Many people look for the best deodorants that are free of both aluminum and baking soda. Aluminum has been implicated as a cause for Alzheimer’s disease, and baking soda can cause irritation and rashes in people who are sensitive to it. If you are trying to avoid any particular ingredients, make sure you read the list of ingredients before purchasing.

Best Women’s Deodorant for Odor: Geranium Flower Sensitive Skin Deodorant Stick

This deodorant is probably the best in several categories, as it is designed for sensitive skin (though it does have a fragrance, so it isn’t hypoallergenic), contains no aluminum, and is vegan and cruelty free. It uses a natural formula (things like coconut oil and arrowroot top the ingredients list) that utilizes magnesium instead of aluminum and scented with essential oils, that are also anti inflammatory. For those who aren’t partial to the rosy geranium scent, the same line contains other fragrances, as well. If you are looking for the best deodorant for women’s body odor, this is a top contender.


• Doesn’t cause streaking on clothes
• Smooth texture glides on easily
• Can be used by both men and women
• Free of baking soda (important if baking soda gives you a rash)


• Prevents odor but not sweat (useful if you don’t want an antiperspirant)
• Not for people who are allergic to fragrances
• May cause white clothing to turn yellow
• May need to reapply throughout the day

Best Deodorant for Women Who Sweat a Lot: Tom’s of Maine Women’s Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

Tom’s of Maine has a reputation for creating high quality, ethical products that give back to the environment and the communities from which they are sourced. This antiperspirant deodorant uses natural ingredients, including olive leaf extract, to help control both odor and excessive sweating. There are various scents in this line of deodorant. Be aware that it does contain aluminum and palm oil, both of which some people try to avoid. However, it doesn’t include the heavy chemicals that many other deodorants have. It is also vegan and does not use animal testing.

Be aware that this product does contain alcohol, so if you abstain for religious purposes, avoid this product.


• Prevents both body odor and sweating
• Can be used on sensitive skin (be careful if you need hypoallergenic deodorant)
• Can be used by both men and women


• May leave white marks and a chalky residue on your underarms and clothes
• Not for people who are heavy sweaters and need something clinical strength

Best Smelling Deodorant for Women: Primal Pit Paste All-Natural Lavender Deodorant

A lot of scented deodorants smell just like that: scented deodorants. This one is different. It has a lavender scent that will help you avoid not only unpleasant body odors but also smell great. It is made with entirely natural ingredients, like shea butter and arrowroot, most of which are organic and all of which are free of GMOs. With this scented women’s deodorant, you won’t be just avoiding bad chemicals, but you’ll be daily applying nourishing compounds on your skin.


• Same strength as chemical based deodorants
• Natural scent instead of harsh chemical smell
• Rubs on easily
• Only need to apply once per day
• Great for sensitive skin (but you may want to opt for a variety with less scent)


• If you are switching from a chemical deodorant, you will need to do a “pit detox,” or else this deodorant could make you smell worse and cause a rash
• May leave a residue on your clothing

Best Spray Deodorant for Women: Weleda Sage 12-Hour Deodorant Spray

Most conventional spray deodorants use aerosol, which has harmful environmental effects and can cause a cloying scent, especially in a steamy bathroom. Weleda Sage 12-hour deodorant spray comes in a non-aerosol bottle and is scented with essential oils rather than harsh chemicals. It is also free of aluminum, something that many people try to avoid in their deodorants. The result is that it helps to purify your body while causing less damage to the environment. The herbal sage scent is more “gender neutral” than other fragrances, so it is ideal for both men and women. It is cruelty free and doesn’t use any animal ingredients.

Be aware that this product has a high alcohol content.


• Won’t leave a residue on your clothes
• Suitable for sensitive skin, but be careful if you need hypoallergenic deodorant
• The natural scent remains throughout the day
• Can be shared by everyone in the family


• Works best on people who have mild body odor and sweat
• If you are switching from a chemical deodorant, you will need to do a “pit detox,” or else this deodorant could make you smell worse and cause a rash
• May need to reapply throughout the day

Best Aluminum Free Deodorant for Women: Kaiame Naturals Best Natural Deodorant with Activated Charcoal Powder

Many people try to avoid aluminum because it has been implicated in Alzheimer’s disease, and it can also cause chalky residue in deodorant. Finding an aluminum free deodorant that actually works can be tough because it is the leading ingredient in fighting body odor and perspiration. Kaiame Naturals uses activated charcoal instead of aluminum to achieve the same results, as activated charcoal can absorb 1000% its own weight in moisture and naturally fights the bacteria that cause body odor. As one of the best deodorants for women, it uses all natural and organic ingredients, no animal ingredients, and is cruelty free. You do need to read the ingredient list to determine if you are allergic to any of the natural elements. The components may separate during shipping, so you may have to stir it together.

Be aware that this product does contain alcohol (vodka).


• Does not leave a residue
• Spreads easily and absorbs into the skin
• Does not need to be reapplied throughout the day (unless you do heavy work)
• Does not leave white marks


• If you are switching from a chemical deodorant to a natural deodorant, you may need to do a “pit detox” to prevent itching and increased body odor
• Does not prevent sweat
• Comes in a paste, which many people are not familiar with

Best Cruelty Free Deodorant for Women: Sandalwood Magnesium Deodorant

Many people are concerned about animal testing in products that they use as part of their beauty routine. Out of all the best deodorants, this deodorant is not only free of aluminum, baking soda, phthalates, triclosan, parabens, and alcohol, but it is also free of any animal products and animal testing. It uses magnesium instead of aluminum so avoids the harmful effects of aluminum while still providing optimal protection against body odor. It is a must-have for anyone who is trying to implement a cruelty free daily beauty routine. It uses plant-based, natural ingredients to achieve optimal prevention of body odor. If you find that one type of deodorant in this line doesn’t work for you, try another scent, as it uses different essential oils and may work better with your body.


• Contains no alcohol (perfect for people who abstain for religious purposes)
• Great for people who have sensitive skin (be careful if you need something that is hypoallergenic)
• Rubs on smoothly and easily
• Only need to use once per day
• The light fragrance remains throughout the day


• Doesn’t prevent sweating (not an antiperspirant)
• If you have never used a natural deodorant before, you may need to do a “pit detox” first.
• May stain white clothing

Best Vegan Deodorant for Women: Sam’s Natural Deodorant Stick

If you are a vegan, you know that you have to be hyperaware of more than the food that you eat; you also have to be aware of animal products in the things that you use every day. Regarding deodorants, the good news is that many are already vegan. That said, if you are looking for a vegan deodorant, try Sam’s Natural Deodorant Stick. It isn’t just free of animal products and animal testing; it is environmentally friendly on all fronts and is even made in small batches at the base of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. It is free of aluminum, and the plastic container is 100% recyclable. The deodorant is formulated with natural ingredients, like arrowroot and coconut oil, and scented with lavender and sage essential oils, so you can feel like you are getting back to nature without smelling like nature.


• You only need to apply one or two passes once per day
• Lightly scented with a fragrance that lasts all day
• Suitable for both men and women
• More effective than chemical based deodorant


• You may have to go through a “pit detox” before getting the full benefits of this deodorant
• It contains baking soda, which some people try to avoid
• May cause light yellow staining on white clothes
• May leave behind a white residue, which is washable

Best Hypoallergenic Deodorant for Women: Vanicream Antiperspirant/Deodorant

Vanicream Antiperspirant Deodorant is both an antiperspirant and deodorant with clinical strength, so it is ideal for anyone with excessive sweating or irritated skin. Some people have a problem with any botanical ingredients, and this one doesn’t have any. It is also free of fragrances, formaldehyde, lanolin, dyes, parabens, ethanol, and some of the other harsh chemicals found in deodorants, as well as talc, baking soda, and other allergens. It would be an ideal addition to your beauty routine if you struggle with underarm rashes from regular deodorant and have found that nothing, really nothing, works. This deodorant holds up on the hottest, sweatiest days when other hypoallergenic deodorants stop working. Additionally, the company that produces it does not engage in animal testing.


• Rolls on smoothly
• Lasts for 24 hours, sometimes for two to three days
• Makes underarms smooth
• The clear gel doesn’t leave a residue


• Contains aluminum, which some people try to avoid
• May still perspire some after application
• May “clump” in the underarms

Best Natural Deodorant for Women: Explore Naturals

This all natural, organic deodorant is made by a team of women entrepreneurs and is hand poured at a small facility in Austin, Texas. It uses no chemicals and is free of aluminum; the unscented version is also free of baking soda, so this line is ideal for people who have irritated skin. Scents include clementine, sweet grapefruit, and vanilla, and they are created by essential oils rather than by harsh chemicals.


• Doesn’t stain clothing
• Only needs to be applied once per day (unless you are working out)
• Light fragrance lasts all day


• You may need to go through a “pit detox” before using this effectively
• Needs to “warm up” before it can be applied effectively

Best Plastic Free Deodorant: Stick Up Organic Natural Deodorant

After David Atterborough woke the world up to the plastic crisis that we are currently in, more and more people have committed themselves to not only recycling but also significantly reducing, if not eliminating, the plastic that they consume. Many beauty products are now plastic free or zero packaging to help address the plastic crisis.

This deodorant comes in a cardboard tube instead of a plastic container. The cardboard tube works much the same way: the bottom functions as a dial to push the deodorant up so that you can easily apply it. It uses magnesium and zinc oxide instead of aluminum, so instead of just avoiding bad ingredients, your body gets a boost of magnesium. It also uses bentonite clay and arrowroot, both of which help to balance your body’s natural pH, to fight excessive odors. Activated charcoal absorbs wetness to help control excessive moisture while still allowing your body to eliminate toxins naturally. One of the best deodorants, the formula is concentrated, so you don’t have to use as much to get superb results. On top of that, there is no plastic footprint for wildlife and future generations to have to deal with.


• Provides an antiperspirant effect in addition to fighting odors
• Concentrated formula lasts all day
• Doesn’t stain clothes
• Doesn’t leave a residue if applied correctly


• You may have to go through a “pit detox” for this deodorant to be fully effective
• You have to rub in the deodorant until the color goes away
• Needs to be pre warmed or else it may get crumbly on application