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Best Blenders 2020

Who doesn’t love a good smoothie? According to data from industry analysts, the global smoothies market is projected to reach $24 Billion by 2024. That’s a lot of fruit. But it is hardly surprising … smoothies are one of the most  effective ways at giving your body the recommended daily intake of fruits, vegetables, or both. And it doesn’t stop there. The best blenders are capable of not only creating the perfectly blended fruit beverage, but are also quite useful in the preparation of foods like salsa, hummus, and homemade salad dressing.

Choosing a blender can be a bit of a slog. With the many hundreds of well-reviewed machines on the market, it can feel at times impossible to tell one from another. As usual, our team is here to assist.

We’ve looked at dozens of the best-reviewed, highest selling, & most talked about blenders of the year, all in an effort to narrow it down to a list of the 10 of the best blenders. So sit back with a cup of your favorite kale-whey-apple-spinach breakfast smoothie and enjoy. Be sure to stick around after the countdown, as we will be going a bit deeper into the topic of blenders and how too choose one that is perfect for you.


Ninja Professional Series Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base, 72oz Total Crushing Pitcher

The Ninja Professional Series Countertop Blender is pictured over a field of white

It’s kind of crazy how fast the NINJA blender became so popular. Since the inception of the company some years ago, the Ninja brand has become one of the most trusted when it comes to kitchen appliances, especially blenders. With their bulky high-watt motors and reliable performance, Ninja blenders have been dominating the market for some time. It’s not a trend that looks like it is going to be bucked anytime soon.

The 1100-watt motor on the Ninja Countertop Blender is burly enough to handle even entire pitchers full of crush ice. Sure, it’s pretty loud when you turn it on, but it absolutely demolishes anything that you put into it without breaking a sweat. There are three blending speeds to help prevent over-blending (which can be a real problem with the bigger / stronger blenders).

Our favorite thing about this blender is that it doubles as a personal blender and a countertop blender. You can switch seamlessly between a massive 72 ounce pitcher or one of two 16 ounce NutriNinja to-go cups. This can be particularly handy for households with more that one smoothie lover. If one of you leaves early with the blender cup, there will still be another one in the cupboard ready to go.

Our only problem is that there has been some evidence of slight leaking around the lid when the blender is on full speed. The thing is just so darn powerful that it seems to be throwing some liquid in between the lid and the rim of the pitcher.

Key Specifications:

Watts: 1100

Juice Cup Capacity: 72 oz (OR 16ox Nutri Ninja To-go Cups (Included)

Speeds: 3x

Standout Feature: Includes both 72 oz pitcher and (2x) 16 oz to-go cups


AICOK Blender, Professional Countertop Durable Blender

The AICOK Blender is pictured over a field of white

1400 watts is about as burly as these motors come, so it is perhaps no surprise that the Countertop Blender from AICOK is one of the most powerful products on our list. It is so powerful, in fact, that the manufacturers claim that the blades actually create enough friction to warm a liquid to hot-soup levels within about six minutes. Now, when you are making smoothies, that excess heat doesn’t sound like much of a benefit at all. But for all-around food-service preparations, the ability to warm up a liquid with nothing but friction sounds pretty attractive indeed.

The self-cleaning nature of the Aicok is perhaps its best feature. Some warm water and a single drop of dish soap is all that you need to add before turning the thing on and letting it clean itself in a mere 30 to 60 seconds.  Of course, some rinsing will be required. But it’s far better than trying to rid yourself of the crusty 3-day-old smoothie remnants that are now about has hard as concrete.

A handy pulse button is what really seals this in as more of an all-around food processor than just a blender for smoothies. It is just as effective at making fresh salsa as it is at making a double blueberry smoothie with nut butters.

The only improvement that we might be able to suggest to the folks over at Aicok is to include a food tamper, like the ones that you get with Vitamix Professional machines. With such a large mixing cup, it is pretty easy for some portions to not be adequately blended without a few strokes of the tamper

Key Specifications:

Watts: 1400

Juice Cup Capacity: 70 oz

Speeds: Low, Middle, High, Dessert, Crush Ice, Smoothie

Standout Feature: High-friction blades can be used to warm up soup or other hot-served products


VECELO 2200 Watt Professional Countertop Blender

The VECELO 220 Watt Blender is pictures over a field of white

Seems like we are just going straight up the power charts as we move ahead with our best blenders review. The VECELO countertop blender utilizes a staggering 2200 watts, making it one of the most powerful prosumer blenders that money can buy. As an ice crusher, dry fruit pulverizer, or even as a coffee grinder, the Vecelo is sure to be able to get the job done.

You will often see this blender being advertised with it’s “Japanese stainless steel blades”. They say that this particular steel is the source of the blender’s true crushing ability, but we suspect that it has a bit more to do with the blade shape than where the actual steel came from. After all, it’s not like we’re talking about chef’s knives here. These aren’t sharpened the way other knives are, so the particular type of steel is perhaps less relevant.

The 4x blades are slightly serrated, and this is why we think that they might have something to do with how well this thing crushes. A sturdy and relatively quiet base hides a tremendous amount of power, and the crimson red construction gives it a classic look that you don’t often find in blenders these days.

One thing to note about the Vecelo Countertop Blender is that the lid definitely needs to be held down if you are going to be operating at full speeds. Otherwise you are going to have an awful mess on your hands.

Key Specifications:

Watts: 2200

Juice Cup Capacity: 60 oz

Speeds: Variable Knob

Standout Feature: Sturdy & fashionable crimson-red metal base


Homgeek Professional Blender

The Homgeek Professional Blender is pictures over a field of white

It seems like the home appliance and tech brand HOMGEEK has been popping up in more and more of our reviews, and it is easy to see why. From electric milk frothers to countertop blenders and kitchen knives, Homgeek has been making a little bit of everything, distinguishing themselves as a versatile brand with consistent across-the-board quality. While their products are not really considered top-of-the-line, they have garnered some pretty impressive online reviews since their release. Perhaps the fact that they tend to be so affordable has helped propel them into their current popularity.

The Professional Blender by Homgeek features a respectable 1450 watts, which is more than enough to make easy work of even your densest ice cubes and nut butters. While there are certainly more powerful models out there, the Homgeek is reliable, easy to operate, and significantly quieter than some of its closest competition. The easy to clean nature of the juice up as well as the intelligent self-clean cycle make it one of the best all-around deals for the discerning home smoothie aficionado.

A 12 month quality warranty will help protect you from factory defects. Even more importantly, the customer service folks at Homgeek will be available to you as long as you have the product, and word on the street is that their customer service is actually pretty good.

It would be nice if they offered a compatible 16oz personal blender cup seeing as how the main cup is big enough for 3 to 4 people, but this is a nitpicky detail that doesn’t have anything to do with how well the blender itself operates.

Key Specifications:

Watts: 1450

Juice Cup Capacity: 68

Speeds: Variable 8-speed knob

Standout Feature: Easy to use on-board timer to prevent over-blending


NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

The NutriBullet is pictured over a field of white

If you type “blender” in to your browser’s search bar, chances are a product from NUTRIBULLET is going to come up. It might be because they have been absolutely killing it with the marketing game, getting their products featured in magazines, commercials, and websites everywhere for what seems like decades now. The truth is, they are a bit more new than that, but in their short existence they have managed to become one of the most popular personal blenders on the market. Now, they are right up there with Ninja in terms of popularity, as this Nutribullet vs. Ninja side by side comparison does a good job of explaining.

So what’s all the fuss about NutriBullet? Well for one, they were one of the very first companies to offer the “blend-in-a-cup” style of blender, in which the actual blending vessel doubles as the drinking vessel. That might seem like a pretty standard feature now, but it didn’t previously exist before NutriBullet came along.

The NBR-1201 is perhaps the flagship NutriBullet model. If nothing else, it is one of the highest selling home appliances on Amazon, and it doesn’t seem to be waning in popularity even in the slightest. The sleek and compact design has made this a popular option for a lot of home kitchens, and the super affordable price has certainly got something to do with just how many of these we see around.

The biggest drawback to a blender with a motor this small is that it cannot handle continuous operation, so there is a built-in timer that will de-activate the motor if it starts getting too hot. So if you are trying to make smoothies for a room full of people, this might not be the right unit for you.

Key Specifications:

Watts: 600

Juice Cup Capacity: 18oz cup (1x), 24 ox cup (1x)

Speeds: 1

Standout Feature: Great blade design leads to thorough blending even with a smaller motor


Breville The Super Q 68 Ounce Blender

The Breville Super Q Blender is pictured over a field of white

On the other end of the price spectrum lies an entirely different class of blender … machines that were manufactured with all the care and specialty materials that you would find in a commercial blender, except it can fit nicely on your kitchen counter.

There is no question that the higher price point of the Super Q blender by BREVILLE might disqualify it from many people’s wish list. The fact of the matter is that you are getting a truly professional quality machine, not just an expensive piece of metal that is masquerading as something special. Still, one must wonder if prices like these are actually worth it. Even with the highly recognized brand name it can be difficult to justify spending this much on a blender. But We know that there exists a certain class of food and drink enthusiasts who recognize the real value of a professional-grade machine.

For one, Breville makes replacement parts for its blenders, meaning that you can repair your blender as often as you need to simply by replacing the necessary part. However it is worth mentioning that we seriously doubt that you will be replacing anything anytime soon.

The best part of this blender is the burly and attractive stainless steel case. Not only is it tough and remarkably easy to clean, but it provides thick walls for the powerful motor, which leads to an impressively quiet operation. It outperforms even the highly respected Vitamix Professional Series, which is no small feat.

Key Specifications:

Watts: 1800

Juice Cup Capacity: 16 oz or 68 oz

Speeds: 5x

Standout Feature: Gorgeous, quiet, & easy to clean brushed stainless steel construction


Oster Versa Blender

The Oster Versa Blender is pictured over a field of white

Falling somewhere in between the budget models and the high-end models, the OSTER Vera Blender is a good mid-range quality blender that can perform admirably against fruits, vegetables, and ice while not completely breaking the bank with an expensive price tag. The real benefit of getting a prosumer-level blender like this one is to take advantage of the incredible power and durability of metal-to-metal mechanics. In other words, the powerful motor to blade mechanism is 100% stainless steel, which means that you won’t likely see this thing break anytime soon.

Oster has joined a number of other blender manufacturers in offering a pretty generous warranty. Though we doubt that you will ever need it, if anything breaks within the first 12 months of ownership then you are covered for repairs and/or a replacement depending on that damage. That’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask us.

The lid to this blender is not as tight as we would like it to be. If you are blending on full power then it is necessary to hold the lid in place in order to prevent unnecessary spillage or leakage. This isn’t a huge hassle, but it does make us wonder what it would take for one of the manufacturers to go ahead and make a properly fitting lid. But perhaps I am dreaming.

Key Specifications:

Watts: 1400

Juice Cup Capacity: 64 oz

Speeds: Variable speed control with 3 programmed settings

Standout Feature: Great warranty program


NUWAVE MOXIE High-Performance Digital Vacuum Blender with BPA-Free 64ounce jar

The Nuwave Moxie blender is pictured over a field of white

We have to admit that thus far our team has not had the pleasure of looking at any Vacuum Blenders, though we have been hearing plenty about this quirky and potentially game-changing type of blender. It turns out that by removing some of the excess air from the juice chamber, it is possible to increase the emulsification factor and achieve a smoother, harder-to-separate consistency. Not only does this mean more long-lasting flavor, but also a reduced nutrient loss and reduced foam as a result of the lower oxygen levels.

The smoothie and juice connoisseur should jump at the chance to have this level of professional blending at their fingertips. While the price of the Moxie by NUWAVE is somewhat elevated compared to some of the items towards the beginning of our list, what you are getting here is a real-life NSF-Certified blending machine that has all the power and certification of a commercial unit without all the excess size and pretension.

Smoothies and juices are really just the beginning with a blender like this. Everything from nut butters to homemade flour is possible with the Moxie, and it doesn’t stop there. Sturdy stainless steel blades will last years even against hot liquid and soups. In fact, the Moxie is particularly well-suited for blended soups, as the all-metal motor construction is capable of absorbing more heat than other models that utilize more plastic.

Key Specifications:

Watts: 1800

Juice Cup Capacity: 64 oz

Speeds: Variable

Standout Feature: Vacuum seal makes for a smoother, more consistent beverage blend


Black + Decker PowerCrush Multi-Function Blender with Quadpro Blades

The Black & Decker PowerCrush is pictured over a field of white

Enough of those snooty super-blenders for now. Sometimes, all you need is a reliable blender that can handle making your average everyday smoothie without causing a fuss or costing too much. Well, you can thank BLACK + DECKER for this one. The PowerCrush multi-function blender is not only one of the most affordable blender models that we could find, but it also happens to be a decidedly well-made blender with way more power than you would think it would have for a blender of this size and price range.

Whether you are looking for a blended drink or to make a big ol’ batch of cookie crumbs, the PowerCrush probably has the right blend setting for you. While 4 total blend speeds is not a lot for blenders these days, it is all that you really need to create any number of drinks, dishes, or soups. The stainless blades don’t create as much friction as they would on some of the more expensive models, and it is safe to assume that the blender would not stand up to hot liquids as well as some other models.

The only real problem with this machine is how loud it is. The plastic base and body are not thick enough to provide any real noise insulation for the motor. This is something to be expected with a blender in this price range, and chances are, if you are making frozen drinks, then the volume of the blender isn’t exactly going to be the first thing on your mind.

Key Specifications:

Watts: 700

Juice Cup Capacity: 48 oz

Speeds: 4x

Standout Feature: Very affordable considering the out-of-the-box quality


Hamilton Beach 54221 Wave Crusher Blender

The Hamilton beach WaveCrusher Blender is pictured over a field of white

In the same price range as the Black + Decker PowerCrush, the HAMILTON BEACH Wave Crusher Blender is one of the most affordable options when considering a new blender. The Wave Crusher also happens to offer a pretty impressive set of blending programs for the price. There are 14 blending functions in all, each one of them linked to one of the big classic-style buttons that live on the front panel of the blender.

The body has a stainless steel look to it, though it is no doubt a cheaper aluminum or tin. While this isn’t going to affect the performance of the blender, it might mean that staining and denting will become more common as time goes on. However, as long as you aren’t tossing your blender haphazardly around the room, you likely are not going to need to worry about this.

This is absolutely the blender you want to go for if you just need something to whip-up a batch of frozen drinks like margaritas from time to time, however, the cheaper materials make it a less ideal option for the professional setting or for anyone who requires a more well-defined consistency in their blended products.

Still, you can’t beat that price.

Key Specifications:

Watts: 700

Juice Cup Capacity: 40 oz

Speeds: 14

Standout Feature: 14 different built-in blending functions

Best Blenders Buyers Guide: How to Select the Perfect Blender

There is one critical step that we need to talk about before we proceed with the educational guide. This step is the realization and acceptance of a specific purpose for your blender, or in other words, the WHY of why you’re buying a blender.

Maybe you are a health-warrior on a mission to maximize your nutrient intake, or perhaps you are a chef-to-be looking to perfect their hummus recipe. Either way, you are going to need a good food processor / blender in order to get the job done. The difference, however, is what exactly you are going to be using the blender for

Only when you know the why will you understand the what.

Q: What kind of blender do I need?

The answer to this question lies in your preferred beverage or food product of choice:

  • Fruit Smoothies usually require a decent amount of ice, which means that you are going to want a set of stainless steel sharp blades that are up to the task of pulverizing your ice cubes into smaller, manageable chunks. Alternatively, adding a small amount of liquid to improve the blending performance is not at all uncommon. Either way, the most important thing to remember is that most fruit will need either ice, juice, water, or milk added to the main juicer compartment in order to create a truly drinkable and marketable product.
  • Warm or Hot Soup can only be prepared in blenders that can handle the high heat that comes with fresh, piping soup. Some blenders even generate their own heat towards the base of the blades. They spin so rapidly in fact that they can actually heat liquid products up considerably. If you are looking for blender than can handle hot soup, then you should be looking for something with mostly metal components, especially in the motor to blade assembly. Plastic parts in this area can swell with extreme temperatures and can damage certain machines.
  • Food Processing & Preparation can be done in most blenders, but if you are making a serious amount of food and need it done quickly, then there is nothing like a professional level blender with a big motor, lots of watts, and high RPM to help you along the way. Whether you are making homemade hummus or a blended vinaigrette, it can be quite helpful to have not only variable motor speed control, but also a “pulse” button that can turn the motor on for short bursts. This can help prevent over-blending, which can really ruin a dish.
  • Coffee Grinding is sometimes advertised as a possible use for some of the more powerful blenders. While the sharpened stainless steel blades of a good blender can indeed pulverize coffee beans pretty well, they are not nearly as effective as specialized products designed solely for that purpose. If you are serious about good coffee, then you are going to want to start looking for a good burr Coffee Grinder.

Watts, RPM, & Power

For out review, we decided to stick with watts as a measurement of how much power the blender is using, as it can usually be directly correlated with how “strong” the blender is. However, this is a bit of a simplification in that watts are only a single measurement in a group of variables that come together to determine not only how powerful the sharp blades are, but how much blending action they can perform within a certain period of time.

RPM, or revolutions per minute, is a measure of how many time the blades go in a complete circle with a single minute. While this is often determined by the amount of watts being fed into the machine, it can also be either limited or boosted by the size of motor as well as the specific configuration of the motor to blade assembly. The bottom line? Look for blenders with higher RPM, as they are usually more effective and blending things down fast.

Some smaller blenders do not have motors that are large enough to support extended blending. Products like the NutriBullet or some of the smaller portable blenders are equipped with automatic turn-off mechanisms that shut down the motor automatically after a per-determined period of time. This helps prevent overheating on the motor which can seriously mess things up if it gets out of hand.

Blending Speeds

While you might assume that the best blenders on the market are the ones with the most blending speed settings, that isn’t exactly true. The amount of speed settings on a blender can vary wildly between 3 and 14 according to our own observations, and we have not seen a direct correlation between price and the number of settings that are available.

Choosing the right blending speed is essential to achieving the perfect texture for what you are trying to make. Because the speed settings will determine the RPM of the motor while in operation, they can be used to control just how well-blended everything is within a certain period of time.

Variable Speed Switches utilize a round dial that can turn the RPM up or down based on which way you turn it. The advantage here is that you have some pretty finely detailed control over the speed. However some users aren’t a big fan of variable speed switched because it can be difficult to achieve the exact same speed twice. We don’t really subscribe to this notion, as most of these dials have printed markings that you can use to achieve the right setting.

What is more common is pre-programmed speed switches that go to a specific RPM and/or run time with the press of a single button. As an example, you might see one button marked “smoothie”, one marked “liquify”, and another for “ice crush”. These are three different tasks that will require different motor speeds to pull off perfectly, so the manufacturers have done the heavy lifting by programming those settings right into your blender.

Volume & Size

Blenders these days can range from anywhere between 2 cups and 15 cups. Choosing an appropriately sized blender is the first step in ensuring that you aren’t spending unnecessary cash on a machine that is either too big or not big enough.

For instance, if you are shopping for the best blender for your family so you can make them all a round of fresh smoothies every morning, then you are going to want to go pretty big. The considerable 68 ounces offered by the Breville Super Q takes the cake for the largest blender on our list, and it certainly wont have trouble making enough smoothies for everyone in the house.

However, if you are looking for a personal blender that can follow you to the office or gym, then you are obviously going to be looking for something that is more compact in both the juice cup and overall motor size. Since you are likely only going to be making one smoothie or beverage at a time, you should be fine going with something closer to 16 ounces. Models like the Ninja series of smoothie blenders utilize specially sized to-go blending cups that are perfect for the personal serving of fruit and veggies, and you can drink straight from the blending cup.

Add On Upgrades & Attachments

Just like any good toy for adults, the most popular blenders on the market tend to be the ones that can be customized through the installation of additional components. Here are some of the extras that you can look for when shopping for your next blender:

  • Personal juice cups are small, to-go blending cups that double as drinking cups. Some blenders might include a personal sized juice cup with the base unit, and other models only use personal sized juicer cups. In most cases, extra cups are available as a separate purchase.
  • Food processing attachments are not very common but are available on some models. These attachments might either be a bit wider to allow for the easier tamping and manipulation of the food product. They might also feature thinner and sharper blades which are more effective at chopping things like vegetables and greens without liquefying them.
  • Coffee & spice grinding attachments are available to make some blenders even more effective at grinding coffee beans. While most blenders can do an adequate job of chopping dry coffee beans down, most of them are pretty bad at achieving a really consistent grind (which is absolutely required to achieve that perfect cup of coffee). A specialized attachment will utilize differently shaped blades to help with this consistency issue.

Wrapping it Up: What we Think is the Best Blender

If you’ve been paying attention, then it might already be obvious to you that selecting only one blender as the “best of the year” is going to be pretty difficult when you consider the staggering variation in price, size, power, and purpose. A blender that suits me perfectly might be too small for you, for instance.

When it comes to all-around guaranteed performance at a good price and value, we are going to go ahead and recommend the Homgeek Professional Series Blender. It is the latest in a long line of kitchen and home products from Homgeek that emulate the performance of top-of-the-line models without the heavy price tag. It’s not the most affordable blender on our list by any means, but considering the massive 68oz blender capacity and the impressively quiet operation, it’s not likely to be beat out by any of those budget models, and it is particularly well suited for more than just crushing ice.

But let’s be honest. There are some upper-level professional blenders on our list that can do some amazing things, and the price tag will be absolutely worth it to some consumers. For this reason we are also going to name a “Best Splurge” option, and give that title to the Breville Super Q. This is one of the most reliable and well-performing blenders that we have ever researched, and the stainless steel body and components also make it one of the most stylish. While considerably more expensive than the competition, it is a machine that you will likely have for the rest of your life.


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