Best Baby Bath Tub Ranking & Buying Guide (2020)

Best Baby Bath Tub Ranking & Buying Guide (2020)

Picking out a baby bath tub used to be so easy, right? All you would need was a plastic bucket or a plain old kitchen sink. But now, things aren’t that straightforward anymore — and that’s a good thing!

We now know most plastic buckets have harmful chemicals in them. We are also more careful about kitchen sinks since wet babies are slippery and sinks are very hard. Basically, a recipe for disaster.

Because of all this, there are now more baby bath tubs than ever before. They are not only easy to use but also safe for newborns and infants. As a plus, they look adorable!

When picking out your next baby bathtub, there are some things you need to look out for. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about bath tubs for babies of all ages. We will also show you the top rated products on the market and their pros and cons.

This ultimate buying guide and ranking list will make you see that bath time can be a lot of fun for the baby and easier for the mommy and daddy!

A baby takes a bath inside a bathtub while playing with his toys and smiling at someone outside the shot


What are baby bath tubs?

As the name suggests, a baby bathtub is used specifically for bathing young children. They are designed to maximize comfort and safety. After all, as we all know, babies are very fragile and need a lot of care.

It seems only fitting that they shouldn’t be bathed in a regular tub. Besides it not being safe, it wouldn’t be comfortable for the parent either. Can you imagine how much more tiring bath time would be?


How to use a baby bath tub?

If you already know all the ins and outs of baby bathing, using a bath tub for babies will be a breeze. They are designed to be easy to use by virtually anyone.

The first step is placing the bath in a safe place. Where that should be will depend on the model you are using. Leaving it on the floor with a mat or rug underneath works for inflatable tubs. A sink bather, on the other hand, should be installed on a kitchen or bathroom sink.

Secondly, you need to fill up the tub with the right amount of water. For very young babies, including newborns, fill the bath with only two inches of water. Older babies and young children can be bathed with water at waist level.

Then, you want to make sure you place your infant carefully in the designated place of the tub. Make sure they are well supported before you start to bathe them.

Lastly, when the baby is out of the tub, dry, and somewhere safe, it’s time to clean the tub. Some models have a valve at the bottom that, when opened, starts draining the water. Others, you have to manually dump out the water.

It’s never too late to note that babies should never be left unattended or unsupported in the bath. No matter how safe the tub looks, accidents can always happen.


When to use a baby bath tub?

Babies younger than four weeks should not be bathed in a tub. During this time period, only sponge baths are recommended.

Only when their umbilical cord has fallen off and the stump has healed should you start using a baby bathtub. For the first months of their life, babies should not be bathed regularly. Two or three baths a week should be more than enough. This ensures their skin doesn’t get too dry and prevents it from developing rashes.

A mother applies body lotion to her baby inside a tub


Different types of baby tubs for different babies

Don’t forget that children at different life stages have different needs. There are tons of different models of tubs out there, so finding one that’s right for your child won’t be hard.


Newborn Baby Bath Tub

Newborn baby bath tubs are used to, well, bathe newborns! They can’t sit up straight, so it’s only logical that they need a special tub designed just for them. This model is also known as an infant bathtub.

These tubs offer all that newborns need in terms of support. Firstly, they offer added neck support. This crucial feature prevents any neck and head injuries. Secondly, they allow newborns to be bathed in a horizontal position. This way, there’s no need to worry about your child slipping and hurting themselves.


Basic Tubs

These child bath tub models are aimed at slightly older children. They let them recline and be bathed at an angle. If your child can already sort of sit up by themselves, then getting a basic tub is a good idea.

More often than not, these models have a bath mat at the bottom to prevent any slipping. This is a very important feature! They should also have soft, padded material around the edges to prevent any accidental injuries.


Convertible Tubs

If you are on a budget, investing in convertible baby bathtubs is best. These tubs grow alongside your child. They are designed in a way that makes them just as safe for newborns and for one- and two-year-olds alike. Since you can use them for years, you end up saving the money (and the hassle) of picking out a new, bigger tub for your growing child.


How to choose a baby bath tub?

So, how can you choose the best baby bathtub for your child? There are some factors to take into consideration. These are absolute musts for any tub. Keeping them in mind will make the whole buying process so much easier!

A happy baby smiles at someone outside the shot while covered in soap during his bath


Comfort and Support

The goal of a bath tub for babies is to make bath time easier and more. Therefore, comfort and support are a clear priority.

All newborn bath tubs should offer maximum support and stability. Young children should feel as though they are resting on a soft bed. When they’re older and can sit up straight, they will need a tub that allows them to rest their legs and arms comfortably. Thus, the goal is to find a tub with an ergonomic design that is also padded for extra comfort.



Obviously, safety is a key point we need to mention. Children can act unpredictably and, so, baths can become dangerous. Several decades ago, baby bathing would just happen in the sink. Hard surfaces and slippery babies who can’t support their body weight? Ouch…

Thus, it’s crucial to look for tubs with soft padding to minimize the consequences of any slipping. A toddler bath mat or a non-slip surface treatment is ideal.

High side walls are also a good safety feature. Even if your kids get a little curious and want to peek out the sides when you’re not looking, there won’t be as big of a risk of them falling out.



Practicality is also a factor to take into consideration. Is the tub easy to stow away when you’re not using it? Does it fit your regular tub or your sink?

If you don’t have much storage space, we recommend getting a baby bath tub for small spaces. The foldable or the inflatable models come in handy in these situations.

On top of that, if you are on the move constantly, then a travel bathtub would be a good investment. Especially if you are vacationing and taking your bundle of joy with you.


Easy of Use

Since you will be baby bathing regularly, it’s essential to get a tub that is easy to use. The simpler the better. Being a parent is already time consuming enough!

Think of how easy it will be to get your kid cleaned. Can you reach their back easily? Does the tub skid around while you’re bathing them? How easy is it to dump out the water and get the bathtub cleaned after you’re done?

These may not sound like very pressing matters, but when you have a kid who doesn’t love baths and cries every time they’re put in the tub, the last thing you want is a futuristic and difficult-to-use bathtub.


Added Features

There are some added features that make baths better for both the baby and the parent. They are mostly tied to points we have already brought up, but it’s important to recap.

Firstly, the ability to fold your child bath tub is useful for small apartments with not a lot of storage space.

Secondly, padding is crucial to prevent your baby from getting hurt accidentally. A non-skid bath mat at the bottom of the tub is also important and serves the same purpose.

Drain plugs are useful to dump out the dirty water. This way, you won’t need to manually dump up a heavy tub full of water.

Temperature indicators are also a nice addition to child bath tubs. If you find it hard to find a good temperature for your young child, then this is definitely a feature you will want.

Some less important features include a handle to make transporting the tub from one room to another easier and a hook to help you store the tub vertically. Granted they’re not necessary, but they are always a nice touch!


Materials Used

Don’t forget to check what materials are used in your baby’s tub. When using a plastic bathtub, always stick to BPA-free products. If it is PVC-free, even better!

The dangers of plastic are becoming more well known and we know young children should definitely not be exposed to these chemicals.


The 10 Top Rated Baby Bath Tubs

Looking for advice on which baby bath tub to buy? We have made your life easier by choosing only the best products in the market.

We took into consideration all the factors we have just mentioned above. Then, we looking into real customer feedback and chose the ones with the highest ratings. Lastly, we prioritized best sellers, as they show parents and babies are satisfied with them.


1) Primo Eurobath

A woman bathes her child in the Euro Primobath baby bath tub

Besides being one of the largest tubs on the market, the Primo Eurobath is also incredibly versatile.

It has a unique internal molding that caters to all babies. It supports them in a reclining position when they’re infants (0-6 months). When they’re toddlers (from 6-24+ months), they can sit upright for baths. The molding offers all the comfort they need.

The tub is 36 inches long, 21 inches wide, and 9 inches deep. It is roomy enough for children as old as two. Smaller infants can also use the tub without their safety being compromised. Simply place a cloth or towel on the mold and adjust it to your child’s body. On the other hand, finding a place to stow the tub after the bath may be tricky if you’re strapped for space, though.

A great fact about this bathtub is that it is made from PVC- and BPA-free plastic. It is also manufactured entirely in the United States.

Although the unique internal molding will most likely keep your baby in the same position, we still would have liked to see padding in some parts of this hard plastic tub.



– Made from safe materials

– Grows with your child

– Offers good support


– No padding or anti-skid material

– Due to its size, it can be hard to store


2) First Year Sure Comfort Deluxe Baby Bath

A young baby is bathed by the mother in her First Years Sure Deluxe Baby Tub

Another versatile product is the First Year Deluxe Baby. It grows alongside your child, meaning that you won’t need to invest in another baby bather.

The mesh sling that is attached to the bathtub makes newborn baby bathing an easier task. While it doesn’t offer the solid comfort a plastic mold would, it makes your baby feel like they are resting in their own bed. The Deluxe Baby Bath is a great feature for smaller babies, especially.

Once your child is able to roll over by themselves (at around three months of age), it’s time to remove the sling. There is a molding on the inside of the tub to ensure no toddler slips down while reclined. Once they outgrow that molding, simply flip the tub around and have them sit on the baby bath seat.

Cleaning the Deluxe Baby Tub is also a breeze. The sling can be machine washed, which prevents it from developing mildew. The bath also has a draining plug to help you get rid of the soapy water.

Lastly, all the plastic sourced is PVC-free, thus you can rest assured about the tub’s safety.



– Adapts to your baby’s needs

– Newborn sling has padded headrest

– Easy clean-up model


– Some parents complain of the sling’s lack of support

– Not a travel bathtub due to its size


3) Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

A small child looks at the camera and smiles while sitting inside their Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub for babies

The Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub is perfect for babies who can already sit upright by themselves (usually older than six months of age).

Its adorable style and design make it hard to resist for babies. If your munchkin doesn’t love being bathed, from now on they will!

The tub itself fits inside an adult-sized bathtub. It is also big enough to bathe two babies at once. On top of that, the non-skid bath mat bottom is a great addition, too. It ensures your little one doesn’t slip down even when you’re not holding their body.

Another great feature is the built-in temperature sensor. When you fill the tub up, the sensor will turn red if the water is too hot. Once cleaning time is up, open the drain plug to let the soapy water flow out.

When the weather gets hot enough, you can also use the Duck Tub as an outdoor baby pool. Let your little one splash around and have a grand ol’ time — but always under adult supervision!



– Fun-looking design children love

– Can double as an outdoor baby pool

– The non-skid bottom keeps your child safe


– It can only be used by toddlers who can sit upright


4) Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub

The Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling n Seat Tub is shown to the camera alongside its extra accessories

While the Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling n Seat Tub is one of the more expensive bath tubs for toddlers on the market, it is versatile and durable.

There are four ways of using this bathtub. The first is using the sling, perfect for newborns. When they grow older, they can relax in a reclined position. Unsteady sitters can sit in the green insert that supports them in place. Lastly, old toddlers will have a roomy tub all for themselves.

The extra products that come with the tub are also a nice bonus. The squeeze bottle and the whale scoop make baths easier, for the parent (who can use it to gently wash their little one’s body) and for the baby (who can play with them).

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of padded material. Several parents have complained about how flimsy the sling was and how thin the green headrest material are. Other than that, the drainage plug is not conveniently placed.

However, the built-in hook allows you to hang the tub to dry after the bath.



– Incredibly versatile for all baby stages

– Added products for parents and babies

– Handy hook for drying purposes.


– Green seat insert is hard to remove

– Padding may not be cushy enough


5) Blooming Bath Lotus

A young baby smiles at the camera while their mother washes their head in the Blooming Bath Flower Lotus sink bather

The Blooming Bath Lotus is the perfect baby bath tub for a sink. It’s a sink insert tub with an adorable design.

The main selling point of this tub is how easy and uncomplicated it is to use. All you have to do is insert it into your kitchen or restroom sink and make sure it’s secure. Your baby then lays on the eye of the flower and that’s that!

The petals are surprisingly soft and offer lots of comfort and support to young babies. You won’t have to worry about your munchkin being hurt by the hard plastic surfaces of traditional tubs.

That said, the Blooming Bath Lotus can only be used for young baby bathing. Toddlers older than six months will be too heavy for the product.

Cleaning this tub is easy, too. Since it is machine washable, you only need to read the washing instructions on the label.

Fortunately, storing it is also a breeze, as this is a foldable baby bath tub. Simply fold up the petals and you’ll be left with a small ball of fabric. It’s a perfect travel bathtub!



– Lots of padding to maximize comfort and support

– Easy to wash and easy to store

– Cute design for young infants


– Only works as a sink insert

– Infants older than six months of age can’t use this tub


6) Munchkin Clean Cradle Tub

A mother bathes her child with a cup full of water next to a kitchen sink using the Munchkin Clean Cradle Baby Bath Tub

The Munchkin Clean Cradle Tub is an awesome starting bathtub. The added features and the emphasis put on safety ease any newby parents’ worries.

Newborns and young infants are well looked after by the Munchkin tub. The reclined cradle makes any newborn baby comfortable. The no-slip feet support prevents them from sliding down, ensuring maximum safety.

There is a draining plug placed at the feet of the cradle. Thanks to this feature, you can place the tub at the edge of a counter and have the water flow directly into your sink. If your sink is too narrow for other infant bathtub models, you have found your match with this product. Alternatively, you can also place the bathtub in your normal tub.

Another awesome feature is its overfill-proof design. Because of the open drain and reclined cradle, you don’t need to worry about overfilling your baby’s tub. For first-time parents with little baby bathing experience, this is an awesome plus!

The downside of this product is that only some babies will fit. It’s a perfect tub for a newborn baby and an infant up to six months of age. But after that, it gets too tight.



– Extra security measures make this a safe tub for babies

– Ergonomic design promotes comfort and support

– Easy to store and clean


– Only works for young, small babies


7) Boon Soak 3-Stage Tub

A young child lays down in their blue Boon Soak 3-Stage Baby Tub placed inside a sink

If you’re a fan of double-sink tubs, then the Book Soak 3-Stage Tub offers bath support to babies from newborns to two-year-olds.

Installing this child bath tub is easy if you have a double sink. There is anti-skid bath mat padding on the bottom part of the tub so that even if your counters get wet, the bathtub doesn’t slide.

The 3-stage feature makes this an adjustable sink bather that grows with your child. As your child gets bigger and heavier, you can change how the blue bump at the bottom of the tub is positioned.

Our favorite feature is the anti-skid padding that covers most of the tub. It’s the best way of ensuring your child feels comfortable and supported during every bath of his first years!



– Plenty of comfort and support offered by the padding

– Grows alongside your child because of its adjustable bump

– Easy to clean


– Can only be used on double sinks


8) Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath

A young boy smiles at his mother while taking a bath in his blue Skip Hop Moby Baby Tub

Yet another 3-stage tub, the Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath stands out from the crowd because of its adorable and fun whale design.

This tub comes with an adjustable well-built sling. As the baby grows, the sling can be moved downwards to offer comfort in a seated position.

As a newborn, the sling will be all the way up to the point where it looks like a hammock. Once the child can sit upright by themselves, the sling can be taken out altogether, making this whale tub a baby bath chair.

There is a built-in non-skid bath mat lining the bottom of this child bath tub. Thus, you don’t need to worry about your bundle of joy slipping and accidentally hurting themselves.

The draining plug and built-in hook make cleaning, drying, and storing this whale tub a breeze.



– Grows with your baby

– Its ergonomic design make it comfortable

– Looks great in any home due to its fun design


– Bigger babies may not fit even if still young


9) Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub

A smiling mother bathes her young baby using the Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub

The Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub cares about parents’ comfort, hence why this baby infant bathtub is so elevated!

The height booster that comes with the tub gives parents’ backs a break. Having to bend over to bathe children can take a big toll on anyone’s back health. But when the tub measures 16 inches in height, there’s no need to bend over.

In reality, this is two tubs in just one. When your little one is just a newborn baby, the green ergonomic car-chair-like insert allows small babies to recline comfortably. When they’re older, however, you can use only the white part of the tub. It’s much roomier but offers just as much comfort and support!

Although it’s not a travel bathtub, it’s still compact enough to fit most sinks. If you have enough storage space in your home, this tub may be a good choice for you.



– Adjustable to your kids bath needs

– Can be used on a sink

– Offers plenty of comfort and support


– Too bulky for homes with little storage space


10) Fisher-Price Whale of a Tub Bathtub

The image shows the Fisher-Price Whale of a Tub Baby Bathtub already assembled

Fisher-Price is known for making high-quality baby products, and their Whale of a Tub is no exception!

It can be used by slightly older infants and by toddlers of up to two years of age. The white “tail” part offers small, young babies head and back support. Once they outgrow it, the whale’s tail can be removed from the tub, which leaves you with a roomy toddler tub.

There is a no-skid kids bath mat at the bottom of the tub for added safety. This way, your child can splash around and play in the bath all they want and not accidentally slip.

This product has been designed to work in most sinks. But, in reality, if yours is too narrow, you’ll have a problem fitting this somewhat-large kids bath tub. However, you’ll be able to easily place it inside any adult-sized tub and just use it there.



– The no-skid mat ensures your baby doesn’t slip and fall

– There is a conveniently placed drainage plug

– Comfortable for children aged 3-18+ months of age


– It’s not a portable bathtub due to its large size

– Can’t be used in all sinks


Final Words of Advice…

Choosing a kids bath tub that is safe and comfortable may seem like a daunting task. But, hopefully, our list of top rated child bath tub products will help you with your search. Always remember to prioritize safety over anything else! Added features are nice, but they don’t make up for a lack of support.

Fortunately, there is a wide, wide variety of baby bathtubs to choose from. We’re sure picking one won’t be too hard. Keep in mind the factors to look for that we have highlighted earlier in this shopping guide and you will be fine! You’ll see that baths don’t have to be intimidating and that it can actually be a lot of fun!


Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Bathtubs

How to clean a baby bath tub?

It’s important to clean a bath tub, but even more important to be mindful of the products used.

Stay away from harsh cleaning supplies such as bleach. There is a chance that they will come into contact with your child’s skin, which can lead to serious problems in the future.

Instead, opt for a gentle all-purpose cleaner. If you’re after a more natural solution, a mixture of lemon and salt will work. Also a cocktail of equal parts water and white vinegar work like a charm. Remember to always rinse the tub with warm water afterward, though.

Lastly, let the tub dry in a well-aired place. Following these steps will help you prevent any fungus or bacterial growth in your baby bath.


How to inflate a baby bath tub?

Inflating a tub for babies is easy and straightforward. Simply look for the mouthpiece, bite it gently, and breathe into it. You don’t need to completely blow it up, just 80% should be more than enough.


How to use a baby bathtub with a sling?

First, you need to safely install the sling on the infant bathtub. Every tub comes with a set of instructions, which you should follow. If the sling isn’t attached to the toddler tub securely, accidents can happen.

Once you have it all set up, it couldn’t be easier. Rest your baby on the bathtub sling just like instructed by the manufacturer. Then, all you need to do is gently dab at your newborn’s skin using a warm damp towel or a sponge. And that’s all there is to it!

After the bath, make sure to wash and dry the sling so that no mold or bacteria can grow.


Where to store a baby bathtub?

This truly depends on your home and available storage space. Tight quarters? An inflatable toddler tub can be stored pretty much anywhere — and the same can be said for foldable models. An infant bathtub that comes with a hook can be stored inside a closet, for example. It’s all about finding a place that works for your home.


What baby bathtub is best?

Only you can answer this question! Different children have different needs. Some are more skittish than others and hate staying still during their bath. Others barely move and very well behaved.

In the end, though, we recommend the Munchkin Clean Cradle Tub to new parents since it is a hassle- and stress-free kids bath tub that offers plenty of newborn bath support. If you are looking for a baby travel tub, then the Blooming Lotus Tub is the one to choose.