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New Westminster Creates its First Urban Solar Garden

Among all the types of clean energy out there, one type taking the lead is solar energy which is used for virtually anything from providing home electricity, to powering outdoor lights, to charging smart phones. But what exactly is clean energy? A source of power that places little to no […]

Trump's Trade War

9 Biggest Trade Wars in History

Wars on trade are a common topic in world history – especially with news going around regarding trade wars under the Trump administration. In fact, President Donald Trump stated, “Trade wars are good and easy to win.” While there are pros and cons to economic conflicts, most would agree that […]

Wind Turbines And Renewable Energy

7 Most Efficient Types of Clean Energy

Within the past few decades, the amount of U.S. electricity generated by various clean, efficient energy sources has be rapidly increasing and still continues to. Wind, solar, and biofuels are a few of the main types of efficient types of energy frequently used in our nation today. Within the global […]