Author: Jimmy


The Surface Clones We Have Are More Than Enough

Back in 2012 when Microsoft introduced the Surface line to the market, the combination of the keyboard and tablet merging seamlessly with a smart kickstand was just brilliant. With the introduction of the line in the rather stale market (for Windows tablets and Windows laptops) at the time, they were […]


Conway Benched After A Series Of Controversies

According to the CNN report on Wednesday, counselor Kellyanne Conway has been barred by the White House from television appearance, after making multiple live statements disputing the Trump administration’s official standpoint. Conway, who not long ago was a frequent fixture on television news hasn’t shown up for any live interview […]


7 Earth-Size Planets Are Orbiting Dwarf Star According To NASA

Seven planets, with the size similar to that of the earth, have been discovered, revolving around a tiny star named Trappist-1, that’s 235 trillion miles away. This provides the first realistic chance for the search of existence outside of the solar system. In cosmic terms, the distance from the dwarf […]


Bespoke Supercar Revealed By Italdesign

The first creation from Italdesign Giugiaro has been revealed from its Automobili Speciali road vehicle division. Slated to first make an appearance at the Geneva Auto Show next year, the beauty is dubbed as the Special Car. The car might seem to have a slight resemblance to the Lamborghini Veneno, […]