Author: Jimmy


Trump May Walk Away From The Paris Climate Agreement

If certain powerful individuals in the Trump administration are to have their way, the US could be doing away with a trillion-dollar opportunity. According to two global energy agency reports, $19 trillion is set to get injected into the economy facilitated by the Paris Climate Agreement within the next three […]


F.B.I Director James B. Comey Confirms Russia Investigation

Monday marked the announcement of James B. Comey-FBI Director saying that investigations by the agency were underway in connection to President Trump’s team as to whether they colluded with Russia to impact the 2016 election. The FBI Director’s appearance before the House Intelligence Committee made a dent on Trump’s political […]


Trump’s Wiretapping Allegations Escalate To Foreign Allies

Allegations leveled against the former president by his successor President Donald Trump about the wiretapping of Trump Tower before the election, on Friday sparked a cemented path towards political instability with Trump dragging allies from two foreign nations into his claims regarding the issue, stating that he’s right. During a […]


Snapchat’s Millionaires and Billionaires

The people who early recognized Snapchat’s potential are in for some great returns from it as it’s now valued at more than $30 billion besides the early notion of it being a sexting app. In its public market launch on Thursday, the parent company-SNAP announced the stock opening at $24, […]