Aurora Connects With Alexa: Nanoleaf Acquires Amazon Echo Controls

“Switch on the wall, Alexa.” Some years ago, uttering that statement loudly while at home alone could make you appear like a mad person, but not anymore. With the advancement in technology, voice-activated intelligent home controls are now wide-spread, as a result of the instant rise of the Amazon Echo speaker, and Alexa, an intelligent personal assistant.

Several other services and devices are joining Alexa’s trend (quite a handful were released at the CES event). Amongst the newest is Nanoleaf, a flawlessly designed, ultra energy efficient LED lighting, renowned for its Aurora smart lighting panels. Now, you can control the Nanoleaf with Alexa command. You can also request the Amazon’s Alexa to dim the Aurora panels, turn them on and off, or switch on your preprogrammed color scenes – something like, “Alexa, switch to party mode,” as an example.

Another notable thing is that Nanoleaf’s smarter series products are Homekit-accredited for voice command with Siri and is configured into iPhones and iPads. It allows you to control the lights in a room, or the entire home using your voice. This feature sets Nanoleaf on top for buyers who are fascinated in voice command, yet uncertain of which assistant they should use to support their smart home structure.

The Alexa controls extend to Nanoleaf Ivy smarter kits and Nanoleaf Aurora wall panels. These Ivy bulbs allow you to control lights with your voice through your Smartphone, yet providing an attractive 3D-printed jigsaw-assembly that places light-emitting diodes on the outside. Similar to Aurora panels, they started with Siri as an anchor but now also provide Alexa commands.

To utilize the latest Alexa control, you’ll need to install the Nanoleaf skill in the Alexa app. You can then ask Alexa to find new devices, and after a quick search, all your Nanoleaf lights will be added to Alexa’s menu of supported gadgets, and you can control them according to how you named them in Nanoleaf app.

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