Aston Martin CEO Says Their Priority Right Now Is Cybersecurity

Aston Martin’s boss- Dr. Andy Palmer on Thursday during the introduction of the AM-RB 001 Aston Martin had some comments to put across in regards to the autonomous creations, which might have come as a surprise to some given that the company he works for is dedicated to making drivers’ experience a thrill.

In regards to the autonomous car, Palmer stated it’s “no longer a question of if, but when.” Simply put he doesn’t fancy the autonomous path at the moment; and he used an anecdote from his life giving an example of his children not placing identity or personal value on cars as they get these things from other sources like mobile devices, apps, and social networks.

Palmer stated when you combine that with the right investment and the latest tech in car automation, then you have the right ingredients to head down towards the autonomous driving path. However, he added that full autonomy isn’t at the top of their bucket list right now and that it’s still ways off.

All that said, he still believes autonomy might come in handy in the near future with features such as safety setups and driver assist. Even though he presented Aston Martin’s plans for the creation of the autonomous Lagonda, he reiterated that the focus right now should be on the basics such as cyber attacks.

He urged all automakers to understand the technology behind the cars before beta testing their customers. He also said that Aston Martin would address all these fundamental concerns before they venture into the autonomous world.

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