Acting Attorney Says Justice Department Will Not Defend Trump’s Immigration Order

The Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates on Monday issued a memo saying that the Justice Department Defense team would not make any case in regards to the immigration order issued by President Trump, which provisionally restricts refugees and citizens from the seven major Muslim countries from entering the US. Sally Yates in her memo reiterated that she was not persuaded that the order was in line with the law.

She said, given her position as the acting head of the Justice Department, she must with no doubt ascertain that the department’s stance on this matter must be in line with the law, and in agreement with the Justice Department’s oath to always pursue what is right in the eyes of the law.

She further stated, she’s not persuaded that the president’s order was legal nor did the immigration law fall in his docket to give an order in regards to it. She continued to say as long as she was the Acting Attorney General, no arguments would be made by her team, unless she’s given a reason beyond doubt, it was the right path to follow.

This decision by Yate might not come as a surprise to many. She was next in authority at the Justice Department during President’s Obama administration; thus occupying the temporary position of Acting Attorney General until the new attorney general gets appointed.  A voting exercise by the Senate Judiciary Committee is set to take place on Tuesday with the main agenda being President Trump’s choice for the attorney general position-Sen. Jeff Sessions.

Since its announcement, the immigration order has sparked massive criticism not only from Americans but from all over the world with President Trump standing firm on his decision.