3 More People Dead From Yellow Fever In Brazil

SAO PAULO – With the yellow fever outbreak in Brazil on the rise, officials have again confirmed more deaths with the latest number being three people succumbing to the illness.

The officials reported that the most affected area is the Southeastern state of the Minas Gerais where 109 cases have been reported which includes the death of 40 people. On Monday, the Sao Paulo Health Department said that it had received six cases in its environs. Four of the patients died from the fever, and it’s is said that they had gotten infected in Minas Gerais.

Another area is the Espirito Santo state which has received only one case of the disease. In an official statement made by the Brazilian Health Ministry, it was stated that the number of suspected cases tally at 568 nationwide. 107 of these cases have been confirmed to be true whereas 430 of the cases are still under investigation.

Brazil has never experienced as big of an outbreak like this since 2000 which indicates that major states in Brazil are at high risk of contracting the deadly disease. Predictions have been made by the World Health Organization of the disease escalating to even more states given the internal movement of people, infected monkeys and the low level of vaccination coverage in areas previously not considered to have low-risk chances of the transmission of yellow fever.

Some of the areas that have been predicted to experience these cases include Bahia State and the Rio de Janeiro State. Travelers planning to visit areas in Brazil prone to the yellow fever transmission have been advised to take vaccinations against yellow fever ten days before they travel and to take the necessary measures to protect themselves by avoiding mosquito bites and being aware of signs and symptoms of the fever.