2 US Basketball Players Are Not Sure If They Can Return To Their Team In Iran

Eric Fleisher, the agent representing both Joseph Jones and J.P Prince, is hopeful that the two professional basketballers will be allowed back into Iran to complete their season. President’s Trump order temporarily banning citizens from seven major Muslim countries sparked retaliation from Iran which is one of the nations affected by the ban. Officials in Iran issued a warning to the US government that included restricting visas to citizens of the US who wanted to access Iran.

Eric Fleisher stated on Monday that according to his interpretation, US citizens with approved visas would be allowed access to Iran; however, both Jones’ and Prince’s visas are not valid. The agent said the blame falls on the team as they didn’t follow due process in the renewal of the players’ visas, and the million dollar question remains to be whether they’ll have their visas renewed or not.

The two players’ belongings are still in Iran, and in case the visa renewal fails, they won’t return to Iran to finish the season with the basketball club. If the visa renewal comes through, then it’s okay, but the agent is skeptical as to the fate of the two players. The agent further said, he didn’t understand why the club didn’t renew the visas for the whole season, which has led to the expiration of their visas causing them to get into the current predicament. He continued to say that it’s always the club’s mandate to attend to all players’ visa issues.

On Monday Prince posted video and images of himself in Dubai, saying that he might get back to Iran. The agent reported that both the players have had an amazing experience in Iran and would like to go back. He also stated that the club-Azhad University Tehran is in talks with the Iranian officials to come up with a solution. In case they don’t reach an agreement, the two players will have to find ways in which they can retrieve their belongings in Iran, and also the payments that they’re most likely not to get.

Eric Fleisher further reiterated that he hopes an exception can be made for their case; for the two players to be allowed back into Iran. However, if this is not the case, then contractual aspects would have to get addressed regarding the remainder of the season.

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