2 Army Bases Close Down Child Care Programs As A Result Of The Federal Hiring Freeze By Trump

A number of child care programs have had to get shut down by two big army bases due to the Executive’s federal hire freeze order. Army families that had their children go to US Army Garrison Wiesbaden situated in Germany and Fort Knox child development center programs in Kentucky, were a week ago made aware of the program suspension and that also there would be no more admission of new families.

Fort Knox-based families were informed on February 17th of the shutdown. A letter commissioned by the Garrison Commander in Fort Knox stated, “Effective as soon as possible, no more new admissions of children at CDC.” The letter got posted on Military.com. The letter further said that the base would withdraw their part day programs and hourly care indefinitely. Germany-based military families were given a six-day notice prior to the shutdown. According to a letter making rounds on the internet on Wednesday, February 28th would be the last day for the part-day programs.

As per the Military.com findings, child care programs take a huge chunk of the Military’s budget every year which amounts to $ 1.1 billion. The federal hire freeze order on January 23rd is one of the president’s fulfillment of the many promises he made during his campaign. However, the military is exempted from this freeze. The freeze is likely to extend until the Office of Budget and Management formulates a long-term plan to tone down Federal Government’s involvement through attrition; this is according to Trump’s Administration.

Source: The Hill