Another Fiscal Cliff Approaches

Six months have passed since the last post on this blog. Last time we were talking about the fiscal cliff, today another fiscal cliff looms.

Radicals in the GOP are emboldened that they think Obama will blink. They see Obama's pull back in bombing Syria and allowing negotiations over chemical weapons as a sign of weakness. Thus, they are confident that threatening government shutdown and national default will lead Obama to give up on the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

If the GOP miscalulates, economic catastrophe could occur. A default on the national debt would lead to financial panic and economic collapse. But many radical Republicans are alot like the Taliban. They believe that in order to save the village, you must burn the village. Other Republicans are worried that Obama, being the first black president, may go down in history as a great president. They are eager to prevent this by letting America burn.



All Era's Come to an End: The Conservative Tide Recedes

Two years ago, I wrote an article entitled "All Eras Come to an End: The Anne Frank Tree." I reported that the Amsterdam City Council had just announced that the Anne Frank Chestnut tree will have to be cut down due to a fungal infection. As Anne Frank wrote in her diary on Wednesday, February 23rd, 1944 (the 597th day of her imprisonment in the Annex, and the 3rd year, 9th month and 9th day of the German occupation of Holland):

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