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    The Omaha World-Herald now reports that Obama is favored to win Omaha's one electoral vote. Although McCain still leads in the district, because most of the ballots still uncounted is from early voting, they expect Obama to overtake McCain in the Omaha congressional district.

  • The Omaha World-Herald is projecting that Obama will carry the Omaha congressional district and steal one electoral vote from Nebraska.

    Reagan won 50 percent of the vote, and by 9 percentage points. Democrats retained control of the House of Representatives. Reagan had a mandate. A seven point victory, which included one electoral vote from Omaha, is a big enough mandate if the Democrats have courage.

    Of course it will help if Obama can persuade some Republicans to go along with his policies.

  • But Obama needs to come out of the box on Jan. 20th strong. Big things need to get done by next summer. He can be another Roosevelt, or he can become another Carter. That will depend how ready he will be on Jan. 20th.

    The economic nightmare is actually provides a great opportunity for Obama to become a great president. It also raises the stakes for his presidency.

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    The economic report today is once again dismal. Hundreds of thousands of more jobs will probably be lost even before Obama is sworn as president. America faces a crisis of confidence in its government, and it isn't going to be over until Obama proves that he can get things done.

    The fat lady hasn't sung yet.

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    For change to occur Obama needs to end the war in Iraq and get some legislation through congress that will rebuild our institutions and economy. Then if good things happen, the Democrat majority in this country will become permnanent.

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    Let's get 60!

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    It's probably over now.

  • For the last 40 years we have lived in a conservative era. Since 1968, Republicans won all three open seat elections. Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan twice, and George Bush won in historical landslides. Jimmy Carter was the only Democrat to reach 50% of the vote. The two Democrats that won were Southern Centrist Democrats.

    A Barack Obama win would be historic. Democrats have lost the last eight of nine open seat elections. The last time a non-southerner Democrat won a presidential election was 48 years ago. Did I leave out any other firsts out?

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    I think you're right. The Aunt is an illegal alien story was suppose to be the October Surprise. The Republicans were hoping that this would have a similar effect as the DUI story about Bush just before the 2000 election. The problem is that Obama doesn't know her half-aunt will and this election is about big issues not trivial issues.

  • It was either CNN or MSNBC, but he was making the case for Obama.

  • McCain appears to be closing the gap, thus we can't become too complacent. We have to work hard in the next six days. On November 5th we can sleep in.

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    That's going to become a crisis, too. Default rates are up, and student loan companies are losing money. Congress also amended the bankruptcy laws (I believe in the 90's) so that student loans cannot be forgiven by bankruptcy.

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    Democrats especially hate losers. Republicans will nominate candidates that got second place in the nomination race, but not candidates who do worse. Democrats don't nominate candidates that lose a presidential race in the primaries or general election ever since the modern primary system began in 1972. (McGovern did put his name in nomination in 1968, but I don't really consider it a run).

    So in order for Palin to get on the Republican Party pecking order, she'll have to get second place in the primaries. Then she'll have a chance in 2016. Look for Romney to be the next Republican nominee. But of course, in the event that McCain does score a big upset win, then Palin will become the first woman president.

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    Obama will win with about 310 electoral votes. The Democrats will hold 58 senate seats and 252 house seats.

    Because of gerrymandering, it will be difficult for the Democrats to get above 260 seats in the House. But they will win the total popular vote by a very large margin, a much bigger margin than Obama's margin over McCain.


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