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    Think its bad here? It's worse on the DailyKos. That's why I've fled to here in the last couple of weeks. Compared to the DailyKos, this place is a sanctuary. I can't write a comment on the Kos without getting a comment that I'm stupid, on drugs or am poor. (Unfortunately, some people think all poor people are dumb and hope they will vote Republican).

    But I'm here, and hopefully this site can attract more bloggers who want to have a good conversation about the election and the problems this world and country face.

  • The key word is "and" not "or". Of course, that's just my opinion what Clinton should do.

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    Clinton should not drop out until at least half of the Florida and Michigan delgates are counted, and when she has virtually no chance of winning the nomination.

    I think giving Florida and Michigan a one-half say, as prescribed by Democratic Party rules adopted in 2006, is worth the fight, and thus, Clinton should keep fighting on.

  • I agree with the gist of this story. Barack Obama should start talking about "America's Story." Storytelling is a great communication device, but people want to know more about what will happen to the economy if he should be elected president.

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    Democrats have to frame taxes as more health care, better bridges and roads, better schools etc... People have to be shown that taxes are used to promote the general welfare of the people, which in turn promotes the welfare of the taxpayer.

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    Obama blocking revote attempts in Florida and Michigan is also very divisive. Imagine if Hillary comes close enough to Barack in pledged delegates and popular vote such that Florida and Michigan would have pulled her over the top on both pledged delegates and popular vote.

  • I agree that failing to count Michigan and Florida will make Clinton supporters feel that he did not win the nomination legitimately. Failing to let Florida and Michigan count will make Obama appear to be a divider and not a uniter. While Obama reminds me in many ways like McGovern, he also reminds me of Jimmy Carter. In my opinion, Jimmy Carter's inexperience led to the rise of Ronald Reagan and a generation of conservative rule.

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    Actually, the more Obama insist that there be no revote and no seating of the Florida and Michigan delegates, the more resolve that Hillary will become to fight this out at the convention floor. Not seating the Michigan and Florida delegates is devisive and Obama will be percieved as a divider and not a uniter.

  • Hey, then may be McCain wins the Democratic Primary as a write in candidate! The Democrats split there vote, and McCain wins all of the Republicans!

    Allowing Repulicans to vote whose vote already has counted is like having a rule saying that everyone can vote twice, once in the Democratic Primary or caucus and once in the Republican primary or caucus. If that were to happen, you'd get nonsensical results. Gravel or may be McCain himself would be the front runners for the Democratic Party nomination.

    Without a revote in Michigan and Florida, the Democrat Party will split in half, and it will be much worse than in 1968.

    Splitting the delegates in half will give no more legitimacy to the popular vote than now. Hillary should include the Florida popular vote in her arguments anyway.

    The bottom line is that Obama is afraid that if a revote were to occur in Michigan and Florida, Clinton would surpass him in the popular vote total and be able to make a case that superdelegates should vote for her. Both Michigan and Florida demographically are pro-Clinton states. A high turn out primary could very well put Clinton over the top in the nationwide popular vote total.

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    Go to the DailyKos and you'll find out that criticisms of Obama on this site is rather tame compared to criticism of Clinton on the Kos. I thank MyDD for making it against the rules to criticize other diarists. At the Kos, if you support Clinton they will lecture you on how stupid you are.

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    Once Michigan and Florida blows up at the national convention, Obama's ability to be a uniting force will be tested. If he can't unite the Democratic Party, he cannot unite the country and his candidacy will go down in flames. If he unites the Democratic Party, then the odds are that he wins the general election.

    Last month I would have said that the Democratic Party nominee was going to win in the fall. Now, I think the election is totally up for grabs. Not only will Obama's support in Michigan take a dive (He doesn't have much chance to win Florida, anyway), but nationally Clinton supporters will feel that he won unfairly. If Clinton convinces the Superdelegates to nominate her, then Obama supporters will feel cheated. Right now, unfortunately I have to say that McCain is the odds on favorite to be our next president. It's a shame especially since the Republicans stole the 2000 election.  I think that after the general election, major reforms in the Democratic Party nominating process is in order.

  • Also we forget that when Florida moved up their primary date, the rules stated that a state breaking the timing rules would be stripped of one-half of their delegates, not all of their delegates.

    Notice that the Republicans never had any trouble dealing with the five states that violated their timing rules. Stripping one-half of the delegates was a proportionate and fair punishment against states that violated the rules. The DNC deciding to strip all of the delegates was an overreaction that may doom the Democrats in November.

  • Obama will lose more than just Michigan and Florida. He will lose votes from Clinton supporters who feel that Obama is just another politician who cheated their candidate a fair chance to win the national popular vote. Actually, Obama is afraid that if Florida and Michigan are allowed to vote, he will lose the national popular vote, and subsequently the votes from the superdelegates.

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    Bad Judgement on Obama's part to block revoting plans. If he had gone along with the revote, he would have won some goodwill among the people and might have actually won the Michigan primary in a revote. Now, he will be remembered as helping disenfranchise voters from two big states. Not only will he lose Florida and Michigan in the fall, but many Clinton supporters will feel cheated and stay home, or vote for McCain or Nader in the general election.


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