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    Actually, she should be treated as the yokel that she is.
    She's a horrible person as far as i'm concerned, from a strip mall town  of almost all white people. She wants polar bears off the ES list. She kills wolves. She is for corporate rural sprawl.
    You're helping the narrative by giving her credence.
    Stop it.
    She's a butthole.
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    So , you like a VP who's a creationist?
    You like a VP who's against gay rights?
    You like a VP who's all for killing wolves from heleicopters and even cubs in their den?
    You like a VP who sued to have Polar bears removed from the Endangered Species list?

    She's a horrible person. stop throwing a single bone.

    She'd have the government  controlling your ovaries for christ at the drop of a hat.

    Don't pander to evil.

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    " Palin, like about 60 percent of Alaska voters, favors drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Her environmental credentials are, at best, mixed. She favors what we in Alaska call "predator control," including, gif necessary, the hunting of wolves from the air. Just recently her Dept. of Fish and Game pulled some wolf cubs from their den and shot them as part of a program to improve moose survival.

    She also opposes the listing of the polar bear as an endangered species."

    She's not the least bit cool. She's an asshole.

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    Jerome, after years of lurking and commenting occasionally, i've decided that you aren't a very good political analyst.
    Here's the perception that will prevail:
    Palin is like "She's the Sheriff" on steroids. She has an air of small town sensibility that plays well to rural ideals, but she will be seen as a local yokel jokel on an international stage.
    Sending a creationist around Europe to mend fences? That's what VP's do. Put her next to Biden? She doesn't even know what the duties entail!
    Ted Stevens is her buddy!
    How does one care for a Down's syndrome child when one is busy
    campaigning to be Creepy VP?
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    Pumas are Republicans anyway. Just boot them the phuque out of here.

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    Ok. I'm seeing people completely abuse the hide rating here waay to much . It's turned into a little piss fest.
    Abolish the hide rating. It should only be done by moderators, if ever.
    I'm seeing completely allowable statements censored.
    This is abuse.
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    Joe Biden coddling up to Roberts is all I can think of. It made me ill. He's a cheeseball. Obama is fucking up.
    Just waiting for the Kennedy/Nixon moment when you get McCain and Obama on a televised debate stage within 5 feet of one another and  the creepy old warhawk iconography begins  to sear it's way into the fickle mayfly that is the modern voter's brain.
    If that moment doesn't kill Mccain's poll numbers, then we're in some trouble.
    Please don't let this be a McGovern moment.
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    This story
    should be getting a lot of play in the next few days.
    http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/con tent/article/2008/08/14/AR2008081403348. html

    Obama is getting more cash from our fighting folks.

    Game over.

  • "I'm so tired of hearing complaints about the erosion of our 4th amendment rights."
    Thats what i'm hearing from the "HUSH And Get In Line!" crowd
    I just threw up in my soul a little bit there.
    Yum,  I can taste soul bile.
  • wow, my very first negatively rated comment. I'm no longer a virgin. i'm running to the mirror to see if my eyes look different.

  • Watch the cultists swoop in with their protests to your "vicious divisive attack that undermines our chances for a progressive presidency".
    Seeing people defend Obama on FISA is like observing GOP excuses for Lil" Bush circa 2003.
    And all of them can go F%&* themselves, I'm still voting for his triangulating ass, whilst holding my nose.
    I hate politics more than ever now.
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    "Bicyclists are just as much a menace as any motorist when they violate the law and create dangerous situations for everyone."

    So, a one ton hunk of metal driven at up to 5 times the speed of a bicycle is equivalent?

    This thread has bullshit all over it.

    Could take your story about the mad bike woman and repeat it a thousand-fold if it were referring to cars.
    Yeah, use the douchebag messenger culture, a tiny , tiny sliver of the cycling population, and have them represent bicyclists as a behavior model for your agenda.

  • No, you're speculating.
    You are the most insistent idiot i've seen on a thread in a while. (The last insistent idiot was someone who asserted that the modern evangelical had a nuanced view of homosexuality.)
    You're also completely full of shit.
    Your main assertion is based on an unfounded claim of styrofoam helmets decreasing audio awareness. This is baseless.  Almost trollish.
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    KMR1964 needs to take that shit back to Redstate.

    Seriously. someone squelch this ass.

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    Just a word for all you motorists bothered by bicycles on YOUR
    streets during rush hour.
    You're in a giant metal box on fire that is spewing filth into the air
    propelled by fuel  purchased from oppressive theocracies as well as funding  wahabis in Pakistan. I drive more than i  bicycle these days due to injury, but that's about to change soon.
    As i drive, i never lose the perspective  of how detrimental my mode of transport is, and I happily yield to fellow  bicyclists. Every single combustion engine one can take off the streets is a victory on a daily basis.
    You should be grateful for  every bicycist you see, even if in front of your bourgie ass in rush hour traffic taking the lane.
    He/She has to choke on the fumes from your firebox on wheels.
    Doesn't seem a fair tradeoff.

    Doesn't matter, your car is going the way of a dodo soon, only the wealthy will drive.

    Go vegan, by the way. (flame on)


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