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    TPM's on it --

    They're gonna have the video shortly - say it's difficult to tell, but definitely open for interpretation.

    Frankly, McCain can act like a sore loser all he wants.  I couldn't care less whether he's sore or not, so long as he's the loser.

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    Obama.... by a lot.

    I didn't think that was close - I thought Obama came off much stronger.  Hey - perhaps I'm overly influenced by the CNN insta-tracker, but I thought Obama won this one easily.

    McCain didn't so much lose (though I thought he was off, even for grumpy John) - Obama was just flat out better.

    This was a very plus debate for Obama.  He's never gonna be Bill Clinton, but he doesn't need to be.

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    By a mile.

    Not close at all.

    Going back to the primaries, I've never felt Obama did better in a debate than he did in this one.

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    I think he's winning this easily.

    I was mildly surprised to see the debate 1 snap polls - I thought Obama won, but that it was closer.

    This time?

    I'll be shocked if Obama doesn't win by better than 2 to 1.

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    That's the new friendly McCain - the grumpy McCain would have that thing.

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    9:42 PM ... Exactly. A Medicare Closing Commission.

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    I thought the first debate was closer to a toss-up, but I'm not seeing this one as close at all.

    McCain looks wobbly, Obama looks strong.

    McCain is desperate and pleading, Obama is decisive and strong.

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    insta-tracker on the bottom of the screen is crap, but man...

    Mccain is dying, Obama is rocking.

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    If this was a boxing match, I'd say Obama is almost toying with him.

    jab jab jab jab

    Just waiting for McCain to get pissed, over commit, and trying throwing a roundhouse.

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    Who knows.

    Honestly, I don't think it's necessarily a matter of McCain having a bad economic policy; it's that he has NO economic policy.

    His health care plan is off-the-rack AEI nonsense, meaningless piffle - present only because one has to "have" a health care plan.

    McCain doesn't give a crap about the economy - he'd happily turn the economy over to folks like Gramm.

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    Obama is needling the shit out of McCain.

    Obama has really come out strong.  He's hit McCain, but hasn't hit him dirty.

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    Perhaps McCain wishes to devote more time and resources to cutting Iowa to a 10 pt margin?

    The strategy out of camp McCain has been stunningly bad...

    What's next -- he's going to California?

  • Neither Reagan nor Bush were ever THIS vapid - there's a difference between platitudes, cliches, and ideological parroting, and not even being able to string together platitudes, cliches, and parrot ideological talking points.

  • This isn't American Idol where we can all feel bad for the runner-up, this is heartbeat away from leader of the free world.

    Had Sarah Palin run in the GOP primary -- hell, in the Constitution Party primary -- she'd never had made it past the first state.

    A Presidential candidate has a greater responsibility than simply selecting a running mate that "helps the ticket" - I refuse to feel sorry for the man that made this awful mistake nor the woman who refuses to acknowledge she IS a mistake on the ticket.

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    Breathtaking, hilarious, and frightening - all rolled into one.

    This isn't Quayle territory or Stockdale territory - it's something entirely new.   It's as if you took the vapid cupie dollness of Quayle and paired with the Stockdale inability to discuss any policy issue publicly.

    I mean, at this point, it's Eagleton territory without being dropped.


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