Norville morphs into Pat Buchanan

Very few liberals saw beyond Deborah Norville's ultra feminine persona to realize that the woman not only had a good brain
but guts that most news people don't have these days.

It's a shame MSNBC killed the show.  but it was inevitable.  She stepped on too many right wing toes

This diary has a link to a transcript of one of her shows that you
might enjoy reading.

There's been a lot of female bashing on the blogs that has accelerated lately.
"I hate Hillary" "I despise Judy Woodruff" "She is a whore" etc etc etc.
Without a doubt right wing Trolls have penetrated bigtime.

Kerry Trounces Rice

Kerry did an outstanding job giving Rice the cold sweats just now.

Why are we putting 300 billion dollars into a country with no wmd and putting on the backburner locating and securing
nuclear materials worldwide, that could easily end up annihilating us?  Why were we dealing with this more in the 2 years before 9/11 and then in the years after 9/11.

Rice gave well-rehearsed, bureaucratic answers.

She can't think out of the tank.  She doesn't hve any contact with reality.

It is heart rending to watch Kerry, and think of how much better off this country and the world would be with a Kerry/Edwards administration.

Rice's answers make you realize how we are moving more and more into a dark ages and facing god knows what kind of catastrophe .

Of one thing we can be sure of:  it will all be Bill Clinton's fault.

Al Franken's Take on the election

Normally, I would frown on diaries that just past links to other diaries.

But this is absolutely the best commentary that I have seen on our election debacle.  In fact, it is a classic:

We Are Boycotting Target ?!!

I clicked on the our Money = Their Power.
(That big red ad to your left.).  What a discovery!
They provide a great service by showing us which companies
are blue and which are red.

You're just a click away from  boycotting the
stinking Republicans out of business!

My first stop: News Corp.  (Fox News et al)
Hey, it looks like Fox News IS fair an balanced!
According to the cobb site, they actually favor dems!

 Woah!  And here I was all set to go in for the kill.  
Hannity,- A double salute to you sir!  O'Reilly, you're
the MAN!
Hats off to our friends at Fox News!

Next stop:  Target.  Unlike Walmart, they have a great reputation
as an employer. . .
Uh Oh.  .  .
A little bitty blue the size of a cigarette filter, and red the
stretching out as long as a Virginia Slim.

But aren't the Wingnuts boycotting Target?  
That's the storethat wouldn't let the Salvation Army on the premises because
of their intolerance to gays.
Oh well.  Guess us and the wingers can all join hands and put
the Target bastards out of business!
(Thank god for those Cobb people!)

I'm a Mac guy.  Or at least WAS till I checked on this Cobb site.

Looks like that old hippy Steve Jobs dived in a vat of red paint.
And Al Gore on the board of Apple too.  MacRumors reported
that Jobs and his wife gave Howard Dean a nice donation
when he was a candidate.
Thanks to Cobb24.Com I can say  Good riddance Apple.

The movement is getting national attention, too.  I hear
CNN did a story on BuyBlue last week and so all of America can
can boycott right along with us savvy bloggers.

Show your appreciation folks.  Like the site says:
DONATE.  Tell your friends!  Let's keep this fine service
doing it's thing.


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