LIVE HEARING Right Now on Domestic Spying

on c-span (11 a.m. ET)

Democratic Congressmen lead by John Conyers said they have repeatedly asked for hearings about Bush's wiretapping and not using FISA. Repugs
have ignored them.  

So they are holding their own--it can't be called a 'hearing' because it's not sponsored by leadership.  

They are hitting hard on Bush claiming that Congress approved this as part of the War Powers they gave him. And Bush's claim that he has the right anyway as President.

Right now Congressman Wexler is speaking about how appalled he is that this was done without legality, how peace groups have been spyed upon.

He is calling it not only a violation of our civil liberties, it is a tremendous waste and diversion of intelligence on 'wild goose chases'.

Several congressman have stated that Bush should have come to them if there was a problem with FISA, rather than 'declare by fiat' and in secret that they can do whatever they want.

They (President) prey on a culture of fear to destroy Civil Liberties. "Terrorists hate our freedoms" the president said.

Wexler says "So why is our President circumventing the most basic of OUR freedoms?"

Watch it, publicize it and give them your support.


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You call the GOP 'leadership'?
Perhaps 'criminal conspiracy' might be more appropriate in light of the facts on how BushCorp lobbied to change the law on domestic spying.. failed, and then it turned out that all the time, they were breaking that same law..

So, I guess, basically, they think they are above the law and democracy is just a big joke.. on us..

ha ha.. we lose..

game over...

by ultraworld 2006-01-20 09:50PM | 0 recs


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