Gotta love Wedge Issues

This election was not about turning things around. It was about uninformed voters responding to a deluge of wedge issues, none of which had anything to do with their most pressing problems: rampant/terminal unemployment, shrinking wages, higher taxes for the poor and middle class, possible elimination of Social Security and Medicare. The Republicans won a majority in the House, but almost everyone of them ran away from or refused to talk about any of those issues in any meaningful way. Most of them took advantage of fear, like the senseless fear of muslims or not-so-senseless fear of illegal immigrants, to make themselves seem the lesser of two (or three) evils. 



Last night on Anderson Cooper's show on CNN, Michele Bachman (R-Minnesota) spewed out the Republicans' latest wedge issue in response to Cooper asking whether she would support cuts to Social Security and Medicare. She slammed the White House for the "over-the-top" cost of President Obama's upcoming trip to India. The message to voters: Republicans are all about eliminating overspending on presidential trips. Uninformed voters don't always make the connection that the Republicans are also about eliminating Social Security and Medicare, programs most of them rely on or will at some point in their lives. They understand the senseless, baseless fear of "Muslims are going to kill us all!" But, they don't always realize that Republicans want to eliminate unemployment compensation.

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