The Liberals Have Spoken

To: All Liberals, Some Independents and Other Message Senders

From: The Powers That Be

RE: Senator Barack Obama's Historic Win

Your message re: Obama's win has been received. Thank you for your remarks. The Powers That Be wish to acknowledge your fervent participation in the caucusing process. We look forward to hearing again from you in the future.

Our concern, however, lies in the fact of your true motivations for promoting the candidacy of a man with the least experience in the entire field of candidates. Also, The Powers That Be wish to express our sneaking suspicion that your vote was more of anti-establishment message than a true vote for the candidate himself. We ask that you elaborate in New Hampshire.

Also, we ask that you broaden your base of participants. We ask that you involve the working-class, the non-whites, the non-educated, the true blue rank-and-file members of your group. Do not leave these people out because their opinion counts, too. Finally, The Powers That Be wishes to express our appreciation of your inclusion of younger voters.


The Powers That Be, et al.

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Webb for VP

Clinton will win the nomination, but if she doesn't pick Jim Webb for VP the future of our party will be seriously imperiled.  Time and again, the Democratic Party chickens out and goes with the "safe" choice for VP.  In 2000, it was Lieberman instead of Edwards.  In 2004, it was Edwards instead of Dean.  In eight years, Webb will be what Reagan was in 1980.

Sure, Webb is rough and ready.  And his wife is Asian American.  Let's think about the revolutionary aspect of his vice presidential candidacy.  Let's think about the fact that his stable moral values, along with his tough stances on defense and security, and finally his demands for economic fairness, make him the perfect Democratic leader.

He's been married three times, sure, but Webb for VP along with Wesley Clark for Defense Secretary and Joe Biden for Secretary of State is our best bet for respect from both parties.  Let's not chicken out on this.  Bayh and Warner don't exude strength.  They exude genius.  We don't need genius.  Look at Bush.  The electorate admires strength, not genius.  And Webb fits the mold.

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