• "That's $50 worth of circus tickets."

    "I'm a blind man who happens to like cocaine and is appointed governor of a state: my life is an actual plot from a Richard Pryor movie."

    Q: What do you have against New Jersey?

    A: A southern border!

  • I couldn't agree more.

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    I have conservative friends, and they see things way, way differently than I do in terms of Obama's performance, optimism for the future, etc., etc.

    It's amazing to me.

    One of my conservative friends, in fact, compared the state of the nation right now to the nation during the Civil War period, i.e. split.

    When you confront conservatives and ask, "Weren't the last eight years a lot like a split nation?", they say that Bush was trying to do the best he can, and that--actually, yes, I've heard this--that Bush was a moderate and was trying to slow down the coming recession.

    I'm astounded right now. If you don't have conservative friends, just turn on Bill-o and Glenn Beck. They'll learn ya!

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    Per Taegan Goddard's Political Wire.

    Is Vitter going to lose his vaunted status as the first Republican senator from LA since Reconstruction?

    I don't think the Dems were angling heavy for his seat, but he continues to make it so easy....

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    Mr. Steele may soon find himself hosting a show on CNN or what have you!

  • If they lose NY-20, and the NJ and Virginia's governor's races, he's out....

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    What "core holding"?

    I don't get you!

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    It's been said that marriage is a contract.

    Because marriage in this nation has a Biblical derivative, the parameters of said contract must involve a man and a woman who are of legal age and are said to love each other.

    Therefore, the institution of marriage constitutes a privileged state, not a fundamental right.

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    Y'all keep using words like "rights" and "minority".

    I fundamentally disagree, and there's the rub.

    Gays and lesbians, to me, are a special interest group, not a minority. I was born black. There's a verifiable history of anti-black bigotry and terrorism in this nation. There's nothing (NOTHING!) comparable with gays and lesbians in terms of that level of prejudice. So laws protecting black people and their social welfare make sense to me.

    Marriage is not a right. It's a privilege. Again, there's a difference in our nomenclature on this issue.

    Gays and lesbians deserve special protections under our laws but extending the privilege of marriage to them does not constitute such protection under the law.

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    Your argument is typical of Prop. 8 foes: all bluster and no real legal opinion.

    Prop. 8 passed.

    The Court overstepped its boundaries to begin with.

    Let's get over it, and start shoring up the benefits of domestic partnerships.

    Let's overturn the Federal DOMA.

    But Prop. 8 passed by 600,000 votes, and it was carried by LA County, among other various and diverse places.

    It is the will of the people. Period.

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    But f*ck them. Look what they did to Clinton's nominees.

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    Answer this: if DC has no "statehood" legitimacy, then why does it continue to cast three electors for the Presidency?

  • I would run but since Open Primaries in California aren't yet possible, this conservative Dem wouldn't stand a chance....

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    I actually say "Keep The Rule."

    If it weren't for the 2/3's rule, we would have had the 12-cent gas tax increase. I'm sure we have had a number of other tax increases which, again-because of Prop 13--protect older homeowners in California and overburden the average consumer....

    Income tax is going to increase here.

    The sales tax is going to increase, and when you factor in Measure R that recently passed here in LA County to fund mass transit, the sales tax will end up being north of 10% (going up from 8.25%).

    Prop 13 should be repealed by the people. Period.


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