• I think this helps Reid with conservative-independent voters in NV. His "Negro" comment underlines the fact that Reid wasn't necessarily "dazzled," per se, by Obama in the initial stages and that his view of Obama was very much influenced by his upbringing in Searchlight (anachronistic views of blacks in a "trailer park" town, e.g., the "Negro" term). It highlights that Reid hasn't really changed all that much since coming to Washington. The conservative-independents will appreciate that because their constant refrain of disgust with Washington politicans is that elected officials change once they get to Washington. There are plenty of conservatives who are not hardened against Reid to the point where they are looking for anything--such as this controversy--to discredit him. These conservatives just want good, honest leadership. And I think Reid's comment and his handling of the fallout have actually helped him here.

    The liberal "machine" base in Las Vegas will support Reid no matter what because there is no alternative.

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    Brown was dead even in the polls with Villaraigosa among LA city voters....  I think the older voters and even some of the middle-aged peeps remember Brown.

    The thing that surprises me here is that Charles thinks Whitman will win the GOP closed primary versus um-what's-name....

    I guess the fact that I can't remember his name means he's doomed.

    State Insurance Commissioner...

    Tip of my tongue, Steve Poizer.

    There we go, that was a little painful to pull out.

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    I was looking at the SSP chart, and because King's district went for Gore in 2000, I can only assume that 9/11 had an effect on the voting habits of the district....

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    I read this too, and I thought they were reaching....

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    You incorporated my question, and he answered it.

    He wasn't offensive when he basically said that he expects that people like me may be turned off from him even considering his progressive stances on health care and education vis-a-vis his very proud and loud "marriage equality" stance. That that's the kind of person he is.

    I appreciate that.

    Something to think about....

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    Sure, but rich people still give away more money than everyone else.

    But I do agree with you re: poor people. And they are duly rewarded.

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    Does Mayor Newsom regret, "Whether you like it or not," considering that it was featured in one of the most effective CA campaign ads in a generation?

    Also, I view everyone with suspicion on here and Daily Kos (including Markos) who keep insisting we need a ConCon here in CA. It's a ruse to get Prop. 8 repealed.

    The only prop. that needs repealing with the quickness is Prop. 13.

    Mayor Newsom should say that, but every good CA politican knows they'd be immediately drummed out of politics....

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    My polling place at El Sereno Middle School was empty; one poll worker was on her cell phone, and the other lady was older and said she was "tired."

    I also voted Yes on all the Props.

    And I voted against the City Councilman incumbent running for City Attorney.

  • This is your best analysis yet, Senate Guru.

    I'm nitpicking here, but avoid the double spaces after each sentence because the Internets mess up the formatting on a line return.

  • They need the help.

    My "car tax" (vehicle reg renewal) was $200 and some change after the increase, so I think we all have to do our part if we have the resources available to do so.

    Prop. 13 is draining the coffers. Two people living in Venice Beach should not be paying $6,000 difference in property taxes because the one of them has been living in their house since 1967.

    As far as the initiatives to roll back the state subsidies for mental health and child services, I voted for neither in the first place.

    Also, I live in CD-32, and I've NEVER seen anything like what's going on here. I've gotten at least 30 (THIRTY) mailers total from all interested parties, and when I went camping over the weekend and turned on my phone last night, all my messages were either made by the congressional candidates themselves or some associated PAC.

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    Congratulations, Todd!

    Although I never got to personally meet you here in LA, I wish the best, and I grant you success in the May 19 special here in El Sereno (CA CD-32).

    But--isn't Gillibrand rather conservative for you? I mean, she might even be against gay marriage!

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    Jonathan and David were as close as friends can get, but they were not lovers. Do not misinterpret Scripture to fit your point.

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    bruh3, I personally am appalled that you think you have the moral highground on every subject.

    First, debate me on any Christian topic, and I will bury you in two minutes.

    Secondly, the Constitution does not apply to marriage because is a privilege, not a right.

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    I would tell you to go find a different country to live in, but it looks like you're already there.



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