Governor, I know Hillary Clinton.

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Well, today has brought an interesting selection of a Vice Presidential nominee. John McBush went out on a limb and selected Governor Sarah "Panderbear" Palin as his Vice Presidential candidate, citing her as the running mate who can "best help him shake up Washington".

Or she could be the running mate that "best helps him pander in an intellectually dishonest way" to disillusioned Hillary voters. Sarah went right to work on that today, of course, comparing herself to Hillary and Geraldine Ferraro as a "groundbreaker" and telling us how she's going to finish Hillary's job and break the glass celing that has 18 million cracks in it.

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Gone, but Not Forgotten

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Today, the Democratic Party lost a true lionness. But more importantly, the world lost a champion for those not spoken for, for voters rights, for human rights, and a wonderful woman who can never be replaced.

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Obama to Clintonistas: "Get Over It"

Disclaimer: Yea, this isn't going to help party unity. I don't really care. These things need to be called out and noted if we want things to change. I will still be voting for Barack Obama in November, but I tend to think this type of behavior is unacceptable, and I would think that if it was the other way around as well

It appears that we have yet another bungling of party unity. The article is somewhat old but it seems to draw my frustrations about the way Clinton supporters have been treated. The "taking for granted", for the most part, has happened. Minus a few kind words and a spot on the website, the Obama campaign and DNC has been off-putting and disingenuous towards Hillary Clinton supporters.

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Do the moderators actually read things before they delete them here?

As many of you know, I've defended the moderation here on MyDD fairly consistently, even through the "questionable" moves that they have made on this website, such as front page diaries bashing the Democratic nominee for "preening", taking away rec privliges from Obama supporters en masse during the Democratic Primary.

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Bill Clinton

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These are apparently the words that many purity trolls and Obama supporters would have wanted the Big Dog to say in his GMA interview.

At the risk of restarting the "primary war", there was an interesting diary on MyDD about the Big Dog's interview on GMA.

Apparently, Bill is now aligning with McCain, because of his response about accusations of racism:

When asked, "Do you personally have any regrets about what you did, campaigning for your wife?" Clinton, at first, answered, "Yes, but not the ones you think. And it would be counterproductive for me to talk about."

But then he added, "There are things that I wish I'd urged her to do. Things I wish I'd said. Things I wish I hadn't said.

"But I am not a racist," he continued. "I've never made a racist comment and I never attacked him [Obama] personally."

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The reason why we care...

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This diary entry is going to be a little more personal than I normally do; some may even question if it's topical to a politically related website, but I think one of the main reasons we all care about politics is because of how it affects us, our family, etc. Given the special significance of today for myself, I felt pressed to write this diary.

Exactly one year ago today, July 30th, 2007, my mother passed away at 49. We never felt pressed to find the exact reason of death; but she suffered from extreme cases of lupus and fibro, which caused her pain beyond what most of us could never imagine physically.

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The GOP and John McCain: Doing what they do best

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It appears that good ole Johnny McCain and the GOP are back to doing one of the few things that they are good at: using the Latino community in a vapid attempt to get votes, and trying to hide the party's rather disgusting background of racist rhetoric towards the community in the process.

Indeed, Senator McCain seems to "flopping with the wind" on his immigration proposals. Take the DREAM Act, which would provide citizenship and amnestly to millions of illegal immigrants under the age of 16, many who have not spent even one minute in Mexico, many who don't even speak Spanish, yet are not considered "American" by the Republican Party. d=23059

McCain, who lost most conservatives when he supported the president's immigration reform proposals, confirmed that he did not support the DREAM Act, which was stopped in the Senate Wednesday by a vote of 52-44. The DREAM Act would provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who came to America when under the age of 16. It would also
give green cards to illegal aliens residing in America for five years and attending college or performing military service.

Looks like the Maverick's "straight talk express" got derailed in the face of Republican pressure to cave in. Of course, I wonder what Latinos thought of this right leaning pandering? 008/06/17/1148076.aspx

In addition to our recent NBC/WSJ poll, which showed Hispanics breaking for Obama 62%-28%, a new survey of 800 Latino voters from 21 states finds that 60% of them plan to vote for Obama versus 23% for McCain.

Looks like the Republican brand of race baiting towards Hispanics and stalling immigration reform didn't go over too well with Latino voters, who are now answering in unison that they are sick of GOP games that involve playing with Latino voters, hoping they won't notice immigrant bashing from the GOP in general, especally people like Tom Tancredo: dll/article?AID=/20071118/NEWS01/7111803 14

Immigration is Tancredo's signature issue. Last night, he attempted to tie immigration to the threat posed by "radical Islam," and described the "grand experiment we call America" as rooted in "Judeo-Christian principles."

In a recent television ad in Iowa, Tancredo, a Colorado congressman, went even further. A voiceover in that ad warns viewers that "there are consequences to open border beyond the 20 million aliens who have come to take our jobs. Islamic terrorists now freely roam U.S. soil, Jihadists who froth with hate here to do as they have in London, Spain, Russia," according to Tancredo's campaign website.

Wow, in addition to scary brown people, there's going to be other scary brown people coming in, AND THEY'RE GOING TO KILL US ALL!!!

Soooo apparently, Latinos don't like this rhetoric, and that's reflected in polling numbers. So what does the "Maverick Straight Talk Viagra Contraceptive Express" think about this? 50/455 (The video's here)

From one minority to another, we can all appreciate how often, minorities are played around with as political pawns. However, no party and no canidate like John McCain has ever had the brashness to do it on such a full scale, in response to troubling polling numbers. Let's join with the Latino community, Hillary, and Barack, and reject John McCain's flip flopping ala Bush on the issue of Illegal Immigration.

What to do now?
Read Barack's comprehensive immigration plan

DONATE to Barack Obama

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She's voting for Barack--why aren't you, again?

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I've been paying alot of attention to the recent "PUMAs" that have rejoined us here at MyDD, and a question has continued to cross my mind about what it will take to get these people to embrace Senator Obama. I never really understood why someone would want to vote for John McCain. But I do have someone we might consider a supposed "prototypical" deadender in my family. But before we go into, that, I'd like you to meet us:

First, myself:

But most importantly, the person this diary is about, my Grandmother:
(She'd kill me if I ever posted THAT picture of her; but it's the only one I have on my computer)

follow me after the flap...

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Zogby: Obama leads in ARIZONA

An interesting (if not a bit questionable poll) from Zogby is out, and the results are mildly surprising: lection08/articles/2008/07/10/20080710mc cainpoll0710.html

The poll conducted by Zogby International, an independent polling firm, showed Democrat Obama with 42 percent to Republican McCain's 39 percent. Libertarian Bob Barr was at 7 percent.

I expect Barr to poll well here; but I don't know how since he's not terribly well known. Arizona Rethugs have a libertarian streak in them; and with all that "wild west" bullshit don't particularly take to people like McCain too well. In fact, McCain failed to even reach 50% in the Feb. GOP primary here, primarily due to social conservatives and the large mormon population backing Mittens Romney.

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Hillary votes NO on FISA---Statement inside

I have to say that I'm extremely proud of Hillary today---she made the correct choice on the FISA vote. Here's her statement (and an exerpt) from her Senate office: s/details.cfm?id=300338&&

While this legislation does strengthen oversight of the administration's surveillance activities over previous drafts, in many respects, the oversight in the bill continues to come up short. For instance, while the bill nominally calls for increased oversight by the FISA Court, its ability to serve as a meaningful check on the President's power is debatable. The clearest example of this is the limited power given to the FISA Court to review the government's targeting and minimization procedures.

I've been reading the general reaction on this from the "Netroots" community, and unfortunatley, it seems that something that Sricki predicted about what would happen with Hillary's no vote came true:

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