Slit-leggings at American Apparel and Current Climate Policy in Canada

I can't stand either. (Read: Major gaps existing in otherwise quite good material and design.) Among the most important memos of the 21st century (aside from 'It's highly respected to still know all the words to New Kids on the Block's 'Step by Step'and 'No, it's not okay to wear tights as pants, especially the slitted ones from American Apparel' is: 'All other governments in the developed world are doing way more on climate change than Canada'. Memos are what they are. Pop culture stands strong, fads fade (or are imagined) and the ambition of politicians tends to fall out of their pockets unnoticeably as they run down the halls of Parliament to their next meeting. Turns out, losing ambition also means losing cred as a country that used to pride itself on environmental leadership - perhaps one of the biggest slip-ups of our time. Continue reading post here...

Tags: Bill C-311, Canada, Climate change, law, policy, political culture, Politics, satire (all tags)


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