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Today we learned that the Sierra Club is endorsing Lincoln Chafee in Rhode Island despite his 20% rating on their scorecard in 2004.   There is only one feasible reason for them to do this: fundraising.  The Sierra Club wants Republican who admit that global warming is a catastrophe in the making to contribute to them.  

Appropriately, Kos and Jerome point out that the way to help the environment is for Republicans to lose control of the government.  This endorsement of Chafee, and the Sierra Club's offer of volunteer help, is clearly counterproductive to this goal.  The most important thing any Senator can do is vote for the Majority Leader.  We all know this.

This makes me wonder what the true motivations of the Sierra Club are.  As a result, I offer this simple test to any politician, non-profit, or other major player on the political scene.

Ask yourself (or if you're an organization, your decision-makers) what your number-one professional priority is.  If the answer cannot be summarized at the basic level with "To help ___", then quit.  And if the blank there is "myself" or "my family", then quit; there are plenty of ways to make a buck.  And yet again, if the blank there is your party, but you prioritize party over people, you may also quit.  You're making things worse.  Find something else to do.

Tom DeLay may have come into Washington with a vision of helping rid the little guy from the tentacles of government.  It's utterly possible.  But when his motivation became power and prestige, he started blatantly hurting the country.  

The Sierra Club's stated goals are to help the environment.  But if they are working for Lincoln Chafee, they are no longer working to help the environment.  Whatever their goals -- money, prestige, a veneer of bipartisanship -- helping the environment can no longer be considered their top priority.

I am involved in politics because I saw Republicans endangering my country and my world, and I wanted to help Democrats kick their asses out of power.  I say that not out of love for the Democratic Party but out of love for my country, love for my planet, and immense hatred towards those who are actively working to hurt it.

We all have tough decisions to make.  I am not in any way advocating, like John Avarosis' nemeses, that you shouldn't be properly compensated for working in politics.  What I am saying is that if you are involved in politics and your top priority is power, money, or anything other than serving your area, state, country, or world, then go do something else with your life.

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