• I assure you that there is more Clinton fatigue than you give credit to.  Hillary has her supporters in the Democratic party but she has serious detractors as well.  She is not well liked in the more libertarian West, where I live.  She carries little weight in much of the midwest and outside of Arkansas, is massively despised in the south.  

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    I think it's fair to say that Jerome has been shipped off to the remote foreign desk of the blogosphere.  His comments on domestic politics are now completely irrational and do nothing anymore to promote Democratic candidates or ideas.  A shame really because I remember when he co-authored a decent book.  

  • You assume that coal is only being contemplated for electricity production, but it is just as well being considered for use in cars and for heating oil.  That's what companies working on liquification are trying to develop.

  • One of two Federal leadership positions controlled by Democrats belongs to a woman, Nancy Pelosi.  In Blue States, women generally  have no trouble getting elected to both the House, governorships and Senate.  My own state, California, has two female senators.  Frankly, there is very little to complain about in terms of representation.  

    It would be more interesting to me, actually, if you were concerned about women's issues and who was a fair representative of those issues no matter their genitals.  For example, I propose that Olympia Snowe and Elizabeth Dole are poorer representatives of Democratic women's issues than, say, Barack Obama or  Dick Durbin.

  • "Wright was/is Obama's problem, not all of the AA's"

    Everybody in the AA community is one degree of separation from a "crazy black preacher" and every one has at some point in their lives heard or been involved with Louis Farrakhan or the NOI.  The hope is that white people, particularly progressive white people, can be judicious about such associations in the way that black people have looked past associations with communist law firms.  I assure you that many AAs would have been more vocal about their opposition to sexism if more Hillary supporters had been vocal about their opposition to racism.

  • Lin, my fiancee just trundled off to New Mexico for the program.  By her count it's about 60/40% male to female.  

  • You have a pretty black heart.  You should be a Republican.

  • It is not like some big mystery that Hillary's team set out to cast Obama as a "black" candidate.  Why reference Louis Farrakhan at all in a nationally televised debate?  He's not any closer to Obama than Hillary is to Joseph Mengele.  

    This does not mean that the Clintons are racist.  It means that there was a strategy that they employed that sought to curry favor with people who might have been scared by Farrakhan.  That is what casting him as the black candidate does.

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    Countrywide's VIP program was a mortgage loan refinancing program available to people with excellent credit and substantial equity.  If Dodd and Conrad took advantage of this program, it was because they were good credit risks.  This program was available to the general public including sitting senators.

    You need to remove this diary or lose any credibility.

  • I am not Clinton's gynecologist, but I think it's fair to assume that Hillary is beyond "periods" at this stage of her life.  This argument is bogus.

  • There is no doubt that Hillary was trying to cast Obama as the "black" candidate.  It is the reason that we heard about Obama with Louis Farrakhan in debates.  It is the reason that we saw pictures of Obama in African garb.  It was the reason that Hillary left open discussion about Rev. Wright and muslim connections and so forth.  

    As far as I saw, there was never a conscious effort on the part of the Obama campaign to cast Hillary as  a female candidate, with any related stereotypical vices and affectations.  It just never happened.  

    Perhaps you can say that Obama should have been more vocal about sexism in the way that Edwards was.  Short of that, Obama is pretty blameless.

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    The answer is BOTH.  And both are possible because McCain moves his policy positions almost daily.  In addition, by selecting both, we can cast him as entirely unreliable.

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    We don't run the MSM.  Many of us use blogs because we specifically don't like the talking heads, their message or their biases.  But, we also don't control their content.  

    You might also have to contend with the fact that some people, particularly on the blogs, didn't like Clinton for entirely different reasons than her gender.  Some people didn't like her war votes and hawkishness.  Some people didn't like her pandering and triangulation.  Some people didn't like the cast of assholes she assembled around herself.  Some didn't like the DLC connections.  Some people didn't like the way she tried to cast Obama as the "black" candidate.  Enough of those "somes" decided the election no matter how juvenile and pernicious Chris Matthews was.

  • Lori, why don't you try his first book, "Dreams of my Father."  His story is amazing.

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    Seriously, is it possible to even find a Senator who is less presidential than this guy?  He can't speak extemporaneously.  He can't read from a teleprompter.  His ideas suck.  Hes not sure whether  he's more or less like Bush.  He has no identity.

    He is there because the fight between the social conservatives (Huckabee) and fiscal conservatives (Romney) ended in a draw.  He is liked by neither side.  

    We should be able to beat this guy back to the stone age.  


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