•      I would want to know about the losing party nominees in those gubernatorial races. 49 people is such a small sample (really two samples, 29 and 20) that it is hard to draw any conclusions. Maybe if you included other statewide officeholders and the other party's nominees you would get a clearer picture. My state has an old white dude as Governor but our others include two female Senators as well as women as AG and SoS. Incredibly there are no Latinos in statewide office right now but two Asians and a Black person (double counting Kamala Harris as both Indian and African American). All of these are Democrats.

        The difference in the parties is obvious in the House delegation: The Greedy Old Party has 19 seats with 18 white dudes and one white widow. The closest they come to diversity is one Portuguese-American and a Lebanese-American. Meanwhile the Democratic delegation has among its 34 members over a dozen women and several Latinos, 4 Black women, and at least two Asians. We even have a Portuguese dude to match theirs (though Dennis Cardoza is retiring after this term).

         Looking at just the sitting Governors is too narrow a focus, I believe.





  • starting off with the commentators ability to mispronounce the names of the CA counties. Tulare is pronounced like "To Larry". Mono rhymes with Yoko Ono; they said it like a disease or a record player with one speaker.

       Then I realized that this is the Young Turks, but the woman has an Armenian name. OK, then...

        Of course this split will never happen; if the state did split up it would not be on the basis of this GOP gerrymander.

  • comment on a post Sarah Palin, The Gift that Keeps on Giving over 4 years ago

    Maybe Sarah is supporting Carly because they are both buffoons. Carly at least made the campaign a little interesting with her ridiculous ads (gotta love those Demon Sheep). If Carly is the nominee she will reinforce the trend in the CA Greedy Old Party this year of running rich amateurs whose outsized egos are matched by the size of their wallets. Of course I would prefer Chuck "Q: Is He Not Man? A: He is" DEVOre because then Babs would be totally safe, but that is not realistic (because DeVore is both a buffoon and has no money).  Carly is wacky and a bit stupid while the Demon Sheep (Tom Campbell) is more qualified for the job and comes off as reasonable (though his positions on most of the issues are way too rightwing for CA.)  Even if Campbell is the nominee Boxer probably wins, but it will take more effort and is less of a sure thing.

          The California economy still sucks, but one bright spot has to be TV advertising revenues what with all the deep-pocketed campaigns spending wildly. 

  • on a comment on Bus Rapid Transit Systems over 4 years ago

       Part of the reason the Orange line busway was possible and is successful is that the right of way already was there going across parts of the San Fernando Valley. There used to be streetcars and other rail lines in some of those places. While the busway (and bike lane and walking trail) had to be built, they had a head start from the old days. The other thing is that the Orange Line connects to the Red Line subway which then can take you from the SFV to Hollywood and Downtown L.A. I was skeptical when it was being built but it has grown a large ridership. I don't ride it because I live along the Ventura Blvd corridor farther south. We have express buses which go to the subway station near Universal City. The Rapid Bus is good except when traffic gets real slow on the Boulevard. There is the advantage of a dedicated busway; those buses on the Orange Line don't get stuck in traffic.

  •    In 2008 Ralph ran on whatever line he could get state-by-state. In California he ran as the Peace and Freedom Party candidate. The P and F are a party that started as an antiwar party in 1967 and later became a more left oriented coalition. Nader didn't seem an especially good fit for them, but the Greens were supporting Cynthia McKinney (who at least was willing to actually join their party), so the only other option would be getting on by petitioning which would be costly and difficult.

  • comment on a post seats up for grabs: 8, 15, 20, more? over 4 years ago

       I can imagining her being vulnerable, but not to either of the buffoons who are running in the Greedy Old Party primary. You have a random rich lady who is an occasional voter (Carly Fiorina) running on her success in business who was not successful and was fired by her company. Or if the Repubs reject her they will have a far right Assemblymember who is not much known outside his Orange County district and hasn't shown much ability to fundraise (Chuck DeVore). Maybe if Tom Campbell were running for Senator instead of Governor, and could be nominated by the GOP primary voters (which is a stretch) she could lose. But even with CA unemployment over 12% she won't likely lose. I think she will win with a higher percentage than our candidate for Governor.

  • comment on a post SUB-ROSA NEWS (fake) over 4 years ago

        It didn't help DeDe Scozzafava's campaign to be heavy. Maybe it only works for fat guys like Christie Christie...

  • on a comment on DiFi Pondering over 4 years ago

       I think DiFi is just pretending to be pondering. She likes the attention she is getting being asked about it, but that is all. At one time she wanted to be Governor, but that was twenty years ago. She is entrenched and powerful in the Senate. Why give that up to deal with the mess that is state government? The only advantage would be the shorter commute from S.F. to Sacto.

      Ahhnold isn't even pretending to ponder running for Senate, is he? Why would he want to run for Senate with the likelihood of either getting Scozzafavaed in the primary or embarrassed in the general election in this Democratic leaning state? Besides, his wife probably wouldn't allow him to run...

  • on a comment on But What About New York 23? over 4 years ago

       which is why I no longer buy the Almanac of American Politics. I have the 2002 and 2004 editions and while it can be a useful reference source for things like election results and birth dates of politicians its analysis is suspect, at best.

  • on a comment on 1871 Baby 1871 over 4 years ago

      Here in CA I would probably have been a Repub until the New Deal. Hiram Johnson was the progressive Republican Governor and later Senator in the first half of the 20th century. Whenever anyone asks if I would ever vote for a Republican I respond only Abe Lincoln or Hiram Johnson.

  • comment on a post CA-10 Election Thread over 4 years ago

       Congratulations to Representative John Garamendi. He will be an excellent Representative and will have no trouble getting reelected. Definitely an upgrade from Ellen Tauscher.

  • on a comment on 1871 Baby 1871 over 4 years ago

      In a couple of those counties the last Democrat to win must have beaten a Whig (or a Free Soiler) rather than a Republican (since the Greedy Old Party was not founded until 1854.) Of course this time the second place finisher wasn't a Republican either.  This was an interesting race.

       The Democrats won both House seats today; Two cheers for Representative John Garamendi (D-CA-10). Now we have the vacant Lieutenant Governor seat in CA but I'd rather have him as a Representative than as Lt Guv.

  •     That line "You will jog for the Master Race,
          And always wear a Happy Face" always kills me.  Later on Jello Biafra (singer/songwriter of the Dead Kennedys) wrote an updated version for the Reagan presidential years and I think he even did a newer one for the Califuehrer (aka Governator Ahhhnold) though I haven't heard that one. Now it is back to Jerry, so he might start re-revising it.

       Sure is weird that the first Governor I voted for will be back again. I supported Jerry's reelection in 1978 and even his sister's hopeless campaign for Gov in 1994 against Pete Wilson. I wish I could have voted for Pat Brown (Edmund G Brown Sr, their father) in 1966 against Ronald Reagan; if Brown had been reelected it would have saved the state and country a lot of hassles. Pat was the best of the family but I was too young to vote then.

  •    Parts of the district have not elected a Democrat since 1850, shortly after upstate New Yorker Millard Fillmore became President (upon the death of my namesake Zack Taylor that July). That means that the last Democratic Representative from those counties beat a Whig, not a Republican (as the GOP wasn't founded until 1854)!

       I don't think you can extrapolate a trend from one relatively low-turnout special election. It is all about who gets out their vote, which depends in part on the qualities of the candidates and their organizations.

       I am on the other side of the country so I don't know anything other people don't know but I think that the Democrat will win because the more reputable pollsters show him ahead and both of the others have serious problems. Hoffman doesn't know or care about the local issues (and doesn't even live in the damn district!) while Scozzafava isn't acceptable to the wingers on social issues and maybe isn't conservative enough on taxes/labor/etc because she actually had to make decisions and work with others in the NY Legislature.

       All in all, pretty goddamn amusing to watch, and the best result is likely to occur: Owens wins with Hoffman second. Meanwhile my favorite candidate will win the CA-10 special election; if Garamendi somehow loses then I will be scared...


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