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    conceding to your opponent in an election is NOT legally binding. this means that if in the end, after all the votes were counted and by some miracle KERRY were to emerge the victor, he would be president, despite whether or not he conceded.

    KERRY has been in politics for many years and is a smart man. he wouldn't have conceded if he thought he still had a chance. we're talking about the highest office in the land here, not senior class president.

    and finally, his conceding early sent a powerful message. his actions basically said to me "elections are decided at the polls and not in the supreme court". if the tables were turned do you think BUSH would have conceded so quickly?

  • i agree. while KERRY perhaps outlined his message from the stump, he failed to do so on a national level (TV, radio). everyone knew he "had a plan", but what the hell was it?
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    i have to agree that one of the major problem in this country is the mainstream media. does JOHN KERRY oppose same-sex marriage? yes. does he oppose abortion? he supports the views of the supreme court, so yes and no.

    many evangelical christians made one startling false correlation..."massachusetts was the first state to legalize gay marriage...JOHN KERRY is from massachusetts..." you see where i'm going.

    although i think KARL ROVE may be even more evil than GWB, but you have to give him credit...he is the real reason the republicans won. he saw a need for votes, and he found it in evangelical christians and he pursued it with victorious results.

    perhaps JOHN KERRY'S loss was not all his fault.

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    actually, i guess ORRIN HATCH is pretty damn old.

    i heard some grumblings yesterday that GWB might appoint HATCH as attorney general. as we know now, he's not.

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    i live in utah and your comments about us here are pretty much dead on.

    last tuesday utah went 78% for BUSH, the highest percentage of any state in the union. the republicans could run MICKEY MOUSE and the people here would vote for him.

    BUSH appointed our governor MIKE LEAVITT (who is as big a moron as you could expect) to head the EPA. what does he do? he reverses legislation that makes gasoline burn cleaner, thereby harming the environment. good job.

    i don't think ORRIN HATCH will retire in 2006. he's not quite that old.

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    perhaps, but i chuckled, so it's all good.

    cheers.  : )

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    violent crimes in america are down by 30%, but i wouldn't proclaim "mission accomplished"...um, far from it. that statement only shows how far from reality MR. ASHCROFT dwells.

    definitely quote of the day.

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    i don't think so. sometimes my bad spelling catches up with me.
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    it seems to me that anyone who is still crying 'freud' is holding on to some glimmer of hope that doesn't exist. do i think voter freud occurred? to a small degree, yes. i'm sure it happens every election in varying degrees from both left and right. is there anything we can do about at this point? no. if there was a large voter freud scandal, it would have broken on the media by now.

    our time at this point is far better spent trying to fix what might have gone wrong last tuesday for 2008 and find a way to win big both in 2006 and 2008.

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    i don't know if i should consider this a good thing or a bad thing.
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    i think CLINTON running in 2008 is a big mistake. not that i don't think she could handle it or do a good job.

    last week the general concern in middle america was 'moral values'. BILL cheated on her, and she's still with him. i think we will see even more 'moral' voters turn out in 2008 simply because of this fact. do you remember a republican senate seeking to impeach BILL over this?

    to me, BILL lying about getting his knob polished in the oval office is not that big of a deal. people either love CLINTON or hate her, and i think the haters will be out in record numbers.

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    you're right, and it just keeps worsening with each passing day. just today, the major Sunni political party (The Iraqi Islamic Party) pulled out of the new Iraqi interim government due to our recent actions in Fallujah.

    The influential Sunni group, Association of Muslim Scholars, issued an edict warning Iraqi soldiers not to take part in the invasion. The edict read in part "Beware of being deceived that you are fighting terrorists from outside the country, because by God you are fighting the townspeople and targeting its men, women and children and history will record every drop of blood you spill in oppressing the people of your nation."

    also, at least 200 Iraqi soldiers have gone AWOL...but in light of what I just told you, wouldn't you?

  • although i have only been reading this sight for about a week, i can definitively say this: the intellectual banter that takes place here on this blog is far more intelligent, thought provoking, and well, newsworthy than anything i have ever seen in the mainstream media. FOX, CNN, you name it.

    although it may be true that sometimes people "shoot from the hip", it's still a lot more informative.

    why is the mainstream media so afraid to run anything relating to voter fraud? it's obvious that it happened in some places, but for the most part, the aging, bloated mainstream has chosen to almost ignore it entirely. why?

    and i agree with you, john kerry and company have been way too quiet over the last week.

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    it has been proven the BUSH supporters and KERRY supporters live in two separate realities. BUSH supporters believe that not only did iraq have large quantities of WMD, but that we've found them. they also believe that there is a direct link between saddam hussein and al-quida, despite the fact that the BUSH administration has declared that there is not. these are indisputable facts, so how did it slip past these people?

    does this prove that BUSH supporters are dumb? i don't know. does it prove that they are apathetic? absolutely.

    as for moral values, since when was that a political issue? here are my simple questions regarding these so-called moral values:

    does gays getting the right to marry mean i'm going to lose my job are take a pay decrease? NO.

    does it mean my health care premiums are going to go up? NO.

    does it mean the terrorists are more likely to strike american interests? NO.

    does it mean we will lose the war in iraq? NO.

    to be honest, what do i care if a two men love each other and want to get married? it doesn't matter to me one bit. making it illegal for them to get married isn't going to make them not gay.

    so, in closing, i feel your pain. take care.


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