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    How do you thank the man that fooled a nation into thinking you're doing a good job? Give him a cabinet position!
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    DEAN'S gonna draw fire no matter what he does. honestly, i hope he stays as feisty as he did in the primaries. rarely do you see such excitement in a politician. plus, that party as a whole needs a good shake down, and i don't think there's anyone better than Screamin' Dean.

    PS: when i saw Joe Lieberman lean in and kiss GWB after the State of the Union I just wanted to climb through my TV and smash his face in. the reason i bring it up is because we should all be on the same message....Joe looks like he's ready to switch party's.

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    you're right. we need to continue on our current course because it's been so successful over the last four years.
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    this is great news. it's time to start shaking stuff up!
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    as a resident of utah i guess it's fair to say that i have my work cut out for me.
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    BUSH lying about something? that's not new. hell, his whole administration is built on lies. i too wish the media would grow some balls and call him out on this.

    the thing i don't get is most people these days set up their own retirement fund aside from social security. is there anyone out there that's planning to rely solely on social security when they retire?

  • no matter how many articles i read, i will never fully understand why this happened. it just boggles my mind.
  • i just got done watching the rebroadcast on CSPAN and i have to say the two people who stood out for me were of course HOWARD DEAN, and WELLINGTON WEBB. none of the others impressed me very much.
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    i just emailed senator kennedy and thanked him for taking a stand.

    i agree that a full withdraw is not possible or smart, however, i think we need to greatly reduce the number of troops currently stationed there. we don't need 150,000 troops there to train their army. that's just ridiculous.

    most of the violence over there is happening because we are there. many of the iraqis who opposed the election did so because they saw it as happening under US occupation. if we had reduced the number of troops before the election, much of that violence wouldn't have happened (attacks on polling stations, etc.).

    i think it's time we hand iraq back to it's people.

  • condi rice and alberto gonzales: proof that lying is not only acceptable in the bush administration, but it's also cause for promotion.
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    I totally identify with you here. i've always thought the term "freedom" used in the BUSH agenda seems too vague. i mean, what does he really mean when he says we are going to "bring freedom to all nations of the world"? how do you define that? if anything, i think Iraq has become less free since we sought to bring them freedom through military action...
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    i'm here in utah and i'm a bit surprised and honored to see a utahan endorse DEAN.

    FYI: not everyone in utah is a gun-toting, religious-fundamentalist republican.

    also, in case you forgot, PETER CORROON, howard dean's cousin won his election as mayor of salt lake county.

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    Dubya's gonna need Baghdad Bob or Joseph Goebbels if things in Iraq continue like this.

    Spin away...

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    i've heard rumors from a few places that the pope believes that GWB might be satan himself. those were just rumors and i haven't seen any evidence to substantiate that claim.
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    don't get your hopes up too high about UTAH. jim matheson was able to win because of two main factors:

    1. the main county (salt lake) he ran in is largely liberal (notice i said county).

    2. his opponent, john swallow ran one of the most negative campaigns i have ever seen. i think that people's distaste for swallow's negative energy won in the end.

    don't expect UTAH to turn blue anytime soon.


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