What the Hell is Wrong with the USA?

Poll Sees Divide Between Bush's Goal & Voters' Priorities

A new Associated Press has shown that despite President Bush's victory last week, the majority of voters disagree with major portions of Bush's priorities for the next four years. The vast majority said Bush should cut the country's enormous deficit rather than slash taxes. The majority also said they back the nomination of Supreme Court judges who would preserve abortion rights. And more than a quarter of the voters polled said Iraq should be the country's top priority. Only 2 percent said reforming the country's tax code was a top priority. For the past week backers of the Bush administration have attempted to describe last week's election as a major victory for Bush that gave the president a political mandate. In fact, it was one of the closest presidential races of the past century. The election would have turned if only 70,000 Bush supporters in Ohio had switched to John Kerry. Bush won by 24 electoral votes, the second closest electoral margin since 1916. Only the 2000 race was closer. And while losing, John Kerry received more votes than any previous winning presidential candidate ever has - including Presidents Clinton and Reagan.


is this Republicans saying "maybe we screwed up"?

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Buyer's remorse?
So, basically, the people elected GWB in the hope that his second-term agenda will be completely different from his first-term agenda.  Makes sense to me.
by KTinOhio 2004-11-09 09:03AM | 0 recs
Americans are used to the idea
that in a representative democracy,
their government will represent them.
After a couple of centuries like this,
that's understandable.

It may take Americans another term
to fully understand that this ruling party
intends to manipulate campaigns,
elections, and government itself to
its own ideological ends, and this
ruling party could care less about
representing the people of this country.

I think they'll wake up, and when they do,
the Republicans will have hell to pay.

by Woody 2004-11-09 09:36AM | 0 recs
The final step: who do you like?
Boobus Americanus (Boobi Americani?) ultimately votes for the guy they like, irrespective of policy. That's the winning margin. Democrats actually found a nominee less likeable than GWB. Amazing but true. We went through a long primary season only to end up with a guy less stiff than Gore, but a stiff nonetheless. Message: the boobs in the bleachers also have to LIKE the candidate in addition to the candidate's positions. It was a close election because voters saw the correctness of the Democratic positions. They just did not think much of the candidate. Hell, I didn't and I voted for Kerry, made calls for him, etc. But he was not the strongest candidate and I hope he does not run again.
by Jacko 2004-11-09 09:40AM | 0 recs


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