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    And for that matter, I really dont care whether he gets reelected.


    And I don't really care what you think.

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    The bill is already dead!  Haven't you been paying attention the last few days?  It's going nowhere, the writing is on the wall.


    Going after Blumenauer now is just an exercise in vanity.  F*ck that.


    Jane and FDL are going to get exactly what they want, they killed the bill.  I hope they are happy with the result.  I sure as hell am not.

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  • Bush's speech before the Knesset was an attack on all of his political opponents.  They were especially focussed on Obama, as Bush's aides admitted, but they could have easily been read as an attack on Clinton as well.

    I wasn't someone who was howling.  I was glad that she did respond.  However, I don't think her speaking out against that is very comparable to what we are talking about here.  It was a defense of the Democratic party more than it was a defense of Obama specifically.

    I remember some howling here myself (some by people who are posting in this very thread), but it was about how Bush never mentioned Obama by name.  Therefore Obama was "jumping the gun" or some nonsense.
    http://www.mydd.com/comments/2008/5/16/1 6229/8619/88#88

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    Obama stopped a revote. It will come out in books so why deny reality.

    It will only come out that way in history books if people like you succeed in spreading that misinformation.  That is why I'm pushing back against this now.  Last time I checked, Gov. Crist was not in the legislature.

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    that you are spitting in her face by doing so.

    If that's fine with you, by all means...

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    If Obama had fought every day for a revote or if he had opposed it every day it would not have made a difference either way.  The Republicans in the MI and FL legislatures were never going to let a revote happen.  It was far too advantageous for them to let us all fight about it like you continue to do.

    There are several reasons that a DNC sanctioned election did not happen in MI and FL.  The 'supposed' opposition to the idea by Obama is not one of those reasons.

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    I am too.  But I realized that that I was disenfranchised way back in 2007 when the RBC voted almost unanimously to strip the delegates from my state.  I knew then that I would not get a fair say in choosing the nominee.

    I was upset about that.  I am more upset however by people trying to game the system to their advantage after the voting began.  I was told repeatedly that the election in my state would not count for anything.  Allocating delegates for an unfair election after the fact does not enfranchise me, it doubly disenfranchises me.

    You don't get to play the victim here.  There are other perspectives besides yours.

  • have never been uttered.

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    I find the comment threads here much more interesting.  I do like most of the front page posts and recommended diaries over at dkos.

    I rarely read the comments there though.

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    have had less time to post here because the GE campaign is starting up and I've been working to beat McCain.  Living here in MI there wasn't a lot to do before given the situation in the primary.

    Not that you were talking about me specifically.  Many others might well be doing the same though.

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    I don't particularly like slogans, but this one is fitting here.

    No blood for oil.

  • I did once, a while ago, add a pretty snarky tag to a diary.  I personally thought it was a very trollish diary though.

    Then, recently, I noticed that I could no longer add tags.  So I am curious.  Am I being punished, or does nobody have that privilege anymore?

    Not that I care too much, I think I only added a tag that one time.  I don't have any overwhelming desire to do so.


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