The House Races we need to win

Here we go, posted a bit back on daily kos

Here is my analysis of the house races we need to win this fall. Details our best pickup chances this fall. It seems that our only seats that are very vulnerable are Bean's, Melancon, Marshall, Spratt's, Boswell and Strickland. The following are all Tier 1 races that we ought to pick up this november, or will be very competitive.

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Senate...2008 Prediction

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 Here it is again. With lots of focus on the 2006 senate races and 2008 presidential primary, i figured i would take a look at the 2008 senatorial races.  the reason for this is that barring a clean sweep of some longshot senatorial contests in 2006(AZ + TN for instance) we will not be taking the senate this go around. However, in 2008, we will be defending about half as many seats as the republicans, and most likely be around 52-47-1(Sanders). Here are my predictions after the flip

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