Zhejiang Yiwu "Taobao University": "diamond", "crown" capable of reaching credits

Now , you yiwu want to venture into increasing the threshold College , Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College freshmen only after the founder of Taobao , meet monthly income of less than 8,000 yuan or credit rating four drill two conditions in order to become entrepreneurial college a ."Double 11 , is expected to My Lynx -store sales can be increased five -fold ," Peng Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College , a junior , his other identity Yiwu Amanda is three shop boss."I have two Taobao Crown stores , a monopoly canvas belt , double crown. Monopoly hat another store , a single crown. Days cat shop just opened three months ago , this year's sales target one million yuan ."Three years ago, the college entrance examination did not test well 90 Lianyungang [ -0.92 % funding research report ] guy, when entering into the vocational colleges , the idea is only "mixed Zhang diploma , returned home to find a building site , inherited father engaged in the project . " Peng is just a representative of this particular school , the entire Yiwu Business School , with Yiwuamanda nearly 2,000 students in Taobao open shop " 4 Diamond " is the entrepreneurial college students graduate school prerequisites " 1 -diamond to arrive two credits . " Last year, the first batch of 120 college graduates leave school with an average monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan .When the employment of graduates face the hardest season , " e-commerce " professional inclusion in 2013 by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the low employment rate warning professional when Yiwu Amanda Import & Export Co., Ltd. more than 200 kilometers away , Yiwu Business School These relative " low-scoring candidates ," but in constant production campus making the rich mythology . Double 11 before reporters with curiosity and questions, come to this "Taobao university" student army electricity supplier .In order to purchase a car junior primary" Entrepreneurship Academy Xuefeng floor where ? "" The door is that big lorry parked ."Yiwu Xuefeng Business School 's building is the oldest four-storey teaching building , the school is now a large concentration camp shop , in front of Yiwu agent the playground two years ago, was transformed into a parking lot , "a lot of juniors are bought vehicles , mainly for the arrival . "

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