Yiwu visit Taobao University 2000 graduate students online shop monthly income Wan

18:00 , express china wholesale orders deadline approaching , this is the busiest time of Xuefeng floor , corridor filled with big boxes , car or even a few boys pushing or pulling with a pull , to the first floor of 4 delivery point . In order to facilitate entrepreneurial college students to transfer express, school approved let tact, Shen china wholesalers Tong and three other courier companies set point in the school , specifically for students. Reporters after careful observation found that students bosses goods is very serious homogenization , shipping mainly slippers , nearly 10 , is almost the same style . Furthermore Leggings, portable package are also very common."We are all from the goods into the Yiwu International Trade City , Yiwu market to sell what we in Taobao , Lynx also sell anything ." Zhu Yingying said. Because the same sources , do better than others wholesale lots is good, can only fight the price and take part in the activities of manufacturing Taobao gimmick . Observer reporter found that these students boss of goods , there are few more than $ 50 a piece , though, because the online shopping market is huge , as long as diligent willing mindless, sales are still very impressive.Zhu Ying Ying showed reporters to see a product she is most wholesale proud of - a mini purse, like an ordinary belt thickness , but the Department of loading capacity at the waist is very alarming, " put an iphone handset is certainly no problem ." For such a urban road race and evening ride is very useful commodity, the purchase price low to reporters surprise , " this purse , I used to participate in the organization a few months ago Taobao 9 9 shipping activities for three consecutive days , every day sold over wholesaler one thousand . " " 9 9 shipping do not loose money ? "the reporter asked , grinning Angela Chu replied , " Everyone can earn nearly a dollar . "

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