A village courier Taobao double eleven: This year, Yiwu express orders to go to Shanghai to link it?

Four yiwu years ago , the "double eleven " For the bachelor Dingxian Yi , the only bachelor .And now, for him to have his girlfriend , and express only relevant .Ding Xianyi , Anhui, 26 years old, of medium build, thin one , wearing black-rimmed glasses , place of work of College Road in Yiwu Jiangdong STO segment .Previously, he was working yiwu china in the office , the monthly salary of only 1,000 yuan, now do express, breaking million has become a commonplace."Not yet , only ranked second in the company ." Dingxian Yi said that last year made more than 200 million business , this year may be better, " last month, breaking the 300,000 yuan ."Yesterday 9:00 , he began to pick up pieces from the business point of College Road , Yamaguchi village to Yiwu Jiangdong Street , walk two kilometers , riding a small Yiwu Amanda Import & Export Co., Ltd. battery car rain or shine.Morning go and see how to business customersThe annual " double eleven ," Ding Xianyi are busy."Last year, more than busy until 3:00 the next day to go home , as early as this year is estimated not ."Yesterday morning, Ding Xianyi to customers online shops rolled , look at the business how.Read the situation, his heart a little excited. "One client , one hour to pick up 1000 single , as well as yiwu amanda a customer , one day down , courier items is estimated to be broken million ."Network operators business is good , and his business is also just fine.Yamaguchi road leading to the village just repaired last year, muddy road to Ding Xianyi trouble." A sunny land , wet mud ." Ding Xianyi a home knocking on cooperation , one year down , peers gave him a nickname " village ."Yamaguchi village just after the transformation of old villages , the village of 170 new house. " Last year, the influx of a large number of amandaiec network operators , is now estimated to have more than 300 ."

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