SCOTUS: Bush Tribunals not allowed

The SCOTUS came out and said today that the Bushies are not allowed to perform the illegally created tribunals we have been hearing about for the last 3 plus years.  While this is the right decision, of equal interest to me was the makeup of the vote...  5-3 with Roberts recused.  Of course, Roberts would have voted with the dissenters, since he handled the case earlier and that was his vote (hence the recusal).  He would have joined Scalia, Alito and Thomas (The four Stooges), just as he has pretty much sided with them so far in his tenure.  

Basically, it is coming more and more obvious that the fears of most of us about Alito and Roberts were true.  The stakes in 2006 and 2008 are becoming even higher, because if we can't get a Progressive nominating the Justices OR a Congress to put the kibosh on the Alito's at the very least, then many of the progressive changes over the last 100 years could be destroyed by the Judicial Activism of the right wing judges who feel the need to legislate from the bench instead of following the feelings and intentions of the Constition.  This could mean a return of Prayer in School, the reversal of R v W, the errosion of the implicit right of privacy, the further persecution of gays, etc.  

Also the health and willingness of Kennedy and Stevens becomes more important... Stevens is getting long in the tooth and if he leaves R v W is as good as gone.  Kennedy is a moderate and sides with both groups, but if he leaves we are in even further trouble.  Given that 3 of the 4 wingnuts are under 60 while the Progressives are all over 66, the chances of one of ours leaving first is more than one of theirs.  

So when eagerly bashing other dems after Primaries or when they are not up for election instead of going after the gop, worrying about second tier issues designed to divide and infuriate the public and basically sucumbing to the distraction strategy SO mastered by the GOP, remember what is potentially at stake and why we must fight hard in November to win Congress and Win the Governorships and Sec of State elections so we can avoid a complete destruction of the Constitution by the Wing Nuts.

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